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  1. Really? all the irish ? bit of a generalisation
  2. Except Ulster Scots ( as that’s not a language )
  3. Can also recommend ken burns American civil war series and his Vietnam one but especially the civil war one - both were on PBS America recently
  4. Newryrep


    great spot , went back as didn't really see too much of it during euro 2012. Decent steak joint near city centre - they done fried potatoes with onions ( instead of chips ) that tasted out of this world. - steaks werent bad either . Take the 'Spanish galleon out for a quick tour. Trek to the Westerplatte - supposedly the first shots in WW2 happen there . Sopot worth a short train journey or a bike ride to if weather is nice . Went to glyndia just because it was where the Wilhem Gustev crowded with soldiers refugees fleeing the Russians left port only to be torpedoed shortly after
  5. is that the one where the woman disappears from a service station, guy eventually tracks down the perpetrator but there is a serious twist at the end ?
  6. still being repeated on Yesterday , have all 26 episodes recorded
  7. God I remember that , I seem to recall topless girls frequently appeared in it which may have something to do with me remembering it His joke with Seinfeld in in CYE is a peach ( only seen it this morning for the first time )
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46528952 again to repeat myself and to paraphrase Bill Clinton 'Its the EU (you are negotiating with )stupid'
  9. Patels comments sum up in part the british attitude , unfortunately for them it is not the 1880's and they are negotiating with the EU not wee Ireland . ~Its a sad state of british politics when a double barrelled etonian toff son of former times editor is seen by some as a champion of the working class, you couldn't make it up
  10. have you seen us lately ? I wouldn't bank on us to beat Andorra comfortably Georgia had something like 70% possession against us in Dublin
  11. I see the bridge from Scotland to ni is back on the agenda ffs though the s*n s geography is a bit out also a festival of GB and ni - you would never guess the dup support the tories
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