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  1. Newryrep


    headed there for our Poland friendly in Sept
  2. why are you expecting compensation ? it wasn't the airline fault It will either be refunded or alternative flight I would of thought
  3. I would of had the mrs in tow so couldn't rough it , and likely only for the 2 week s
  4. if we ( Ireland) had of got there I was budgeting on £100 a night but it needed to be half decent as I would of been with the mrs - ahh well wasn't meant to be, roll on euro 2024 in Germany . The euro euros is a joke and have no interest in Qatar if I am honest
  5. what was the average price of accommodation per night manageable of eye watering ?
  6. In other news Titanic sank All three series are very good they were on BBC 4 Sat nights a few years ago following on from The Killling if I remember rightly - they were on iplayer recently as i stumbled across them looking for something else , The Killing The Bridge, Spiral and the Danish Wallander all quality TV
  7. Newryrep

    luton to gatwick

    probably the bus to Luton parkway and plenty of the south bound trains Three Bridges, Brighton etc wil stop at Gatwick
  8. does it make you smile ?
  9. both sovereign independent countries not a region of the UK and La La land
  10. a pie of Desparate Dan proportions in a Montana sky, the fact that it was on the front of the News Letter is laughable , it might as well of been the Daily Sport Still it make the unionists think people on 'the mainland' give a toss about them so no harm done
  11. would you like to buy some magic beans ?
  12. Yeah done something similar, taped All about Eve ( Davis) and Mildred Pierce ( Crawford) over xmas and watched them - enjoyed both Cracking line form Davis about Crawford re sleeping with all the male stars at MGM apart from Lassie
  13. step away from the bottle
  14. Must check it out - yes she has a seriously naughty look about her