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  1. better than their sun city gigs.......
  2. Newryrep

    SFA cut yer losses

    have you seen us lately ? I wouldn't bank on us to beat Andorra comfortably Georgia had something like 70% possession against us in Dublin
  3. I see the bridge from Scotland to ni is back on the agenda ffs though the s*n s geography is a bit out also a festival of GB and ni - you would never guess the dup support the tories
  4. Newryrep


    How has no one mentioned the Maritime Museum ? quite simply the best museum I have ever been in ( I have be in a few to not nerd like numbers) and I will still call in when I am in town , covers customs and excise , slavery, emigration, WW1, WW2 Titanic , rise and fall of the transatlantic liners, modern sea faring etc Stunning museum, also free in ( though they do suggest a £5 donation which you should do ) you will not be disappointed (Titanic in Belfast charges £18 for a series of videos ) As to eats and drinks , never had a bad meal in the Novotel in hanover street and always liked the fly in the loaf hardman street
  5. Newryrep


    headed there for our Poland friendly in Sept
  6. why are you expecting compensation ? it wasn't the airline fault It will either be refunded or alternative flight I would of thought
  7. I would of had the mrs in tow so couldn't rough it , and likely only for the 2 week s
  8. if we ( Ireland) had of got there I was budgeting on £100 a night but it needed to be half decent as I would of been with the mrs - ahh well wasn't meant to be, roll on euro 2024 in Germany . The euro euros is a joke and have no interest in Qatar if I am honest
  9. what was the average price of accommodation per night manageable of eye watering ?
  10. In other news Titanic sank All three series are very good they were on BBC 4 Sat nights a few years ago following on from The Killling if I remember rightly - they were on iplayer recently as i stumbled across them looking for something else , The Killing The Bridge, Spiral and the Danish Wallander all quality TV
  11. Newryrep

    luton to gatwick

    probably the bus to Luton parkway and plenty of the south bound trains Three Bridges, Brighton etc wil stop at Gatwick
  12. does it make you smile ?
  13. both sovereign independent countries not a region of the UK and La La land
  14. a pie of Desparate Dan proportions in a Montana sky, the fact that it was on the front of the News Letter is laughable , it might as well of been the Daily Sport Still it make the unionists think people on 'the mainland' give a toss about them so no harm done