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  1. Can’t agree with that tbh, McKenna has not shown anything over two games against very low ranked teams, in fact you could argue that the only real contribution he had to make was defending a 30 yard cross which be made a balls of. For a CH that is not good enough. Forget all the “McLeish” pish, that was indicative of the basic errors that many of the players were guilty of, not the managers fault imo.
  2. What has McLeish learned tonight? Well, that the likes of O’Donnell, McKenna, McClean, Paterson, Russell, McNulty are just not f...ing good enough for international football. WatchedWales today and the difference in attacking ability was stark, our players are petrified to take a chance and that is not all down to the manager or his tactics. I agree he has to go for us to improve but the ethos of the SPFL - sir in and spoil - plays a large part in where we are.
  3. Griffith's movement was very good but was also a result of better movement from the bulk of the team - he'll cringe every time he sees that miss though. He deserves a run as the main striker imo. I am no Martin fan but have to say his physicality made a difference and he played his part - best suited to being a late sub when we're in need of a change and a better option than Fletcher.
  4. Tulli

    Ni Fans

    Was at the game, and in the Clockwork before where there were a fair number of NI fans. I never saw anyone wearing Scottish club tops or heard any Scottish accents amongst the NI support. Some of their songs were aimed at provoking a reaction but also unnecessary, thankfully the majority of TA couldn't be arsed! Is booing GSTQ not just as unnecessary? To be fair the NI lads I met were good eggs and I have witnessed far worse behaviour from TA on trips. I don't suppose that view will go down well with those on here with an agenda but it was my experience.
  5. PM sent Scanner, thanks for all your effort.
  6. Another 2 Eva residents defo interested in the bus Scanner.
  7. As a Rangers fan I can understand the cynicism of non-OF fans about MacLeod's inclusion, we have all seen OF 'potential' crash and burn - although that is not limited to the OF players. However, it is logical that Rangers fans have seen more of the lad than most and I have seen enough to genuinely believe that he will develop into a Scotland regular. His temperament, vision and workrate are first class and his time with the squad will not be wasted. I hope those with Scotland's future interests don't pre-judge him on which club he plays for, I fear that the usual suspects are! Wee Gord knows what he is doing.
  8. Imagine: A collective of bigoted (defined ad infinitum) supporters, intolerant of others as a result of their political wish to remain part of a union/seek independance (delete as applicable). Their bigotted attitude results in insults, claims of ignorance and ultimately violence towards fellow countrymen. Sound familiar? - the Old Firm hatred for each other which many of the above posters, quite rightly in my opinion, denounce. No, this is now the attitude of many of these same 'Yes' voting Scotland fans against the people they would previously have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with several months ago, their cries that Religion and Politics should be kept out of sport now sound very hollow and they have lost all credibility! Scotland has long suffered from the Old Firm bigotry, the last thing it needs now is bigotry amongst ourselves based on how individuals voted in the referendum. I am proud to support my country in all sports, hugely proud of our history and heritage and also voted No because I believe the case wasn't made for Independance. If that case is made in the future I may well vote Yes - who knows? For the record, I will also sing FoS loud and proud to show my support for the team. It is a song based on a 700 year old historical event which is proudly remembered by us all, not a declaration of independence or war against England and definitely not the preserve of Yes voters. 'We can still rise now and be a nation again' but only if we get over the bigotry! Let's just leave the past behind and get back to doing what we do best, supporting Scotland.
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