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  1. It was most telling to me was the £1,500 (or whatever it was) per head figure Scotland would lose per person by voting Yes in 2014. During the EU referendum, the exact same figure came up in relation to the UK voting to leave the EU - implying the issue was always EU membership, not whether Scotland was part of the UK. I honestly believe we'll see companies moving to Scotland from the rUK with a Yes vote now, simply because Scotland would be an English-speaking EU country and has shown itself to be more open to outsiders.
  2. That's not great, but Armstrong and Christie will have no doubt come into the squad anyway - meaning Fleck probably wouldn't have featured regardless. The centre of midfield is the only position where I think we've got quite a bit of depth.
  3. Greg Taylor and David Turnbull now on for Celtic; Stephen Welsh off.
  4. Leigh Griffiths on for Celtic against Rangers.
  5. What's the record for number matches postponed in a season? We haven't got to winter yet...
  6. Great Rangers move and Goldson puts his second home at the second attempt. Celtic 0-2 Rangers.
  7. Rangers led - great free-kick by Tavernier and a flick header by Goldson to take it past Barkas.
  8. You can really tell now the players want to play for Scotland and for the team; there's a togetherness we haven't seen since the 2005-07 period. The very fact we've had three clean sheets in a row (no matter how lucky we may have been at times) with a very makeshift backline is a testament to that - if you were to have named our strongest back five before the start of this week's fixtures, probably only Robertson and Cooper would've been there out of those who played any part this week, however the players came in, gave their all and did a great job all things considered. Players like Gal
  9. Sorry - that would be correct: the 2021-22 Nations League would determine the seeding for the Euro 2024 qualifiers. By being in League A, we guarantee being at least in Pot 2 (and it may be possible to get Pot 1 therefore, depending on the group we get drawn into) - as opposed to guaranteeing Pot 2 by winning the group this time.
  10. The Nations League position would lock in our pot for the Euro 2024 qualifiers - win the group and it's Pot 2; anything other than being the one of the worst three last-placed teams (which isn't possible anyway now) would be Pot 3. --- In terms of the World Rankings, it's worth remembering last year(?) FIFA changed to an ELO based system - where teams directly take points off of each other, than an unconnected accumulation of points over a set time period. Both Serbia and Slovakia are above us in the rankings, so even drawing against them will take points off of them. Wins would
  11. 'On Target' is a bit deceptive. Sure, we've not had a large amount of attacking play, but we have hit the woodwork a number of times in the past few games, had chances going just wide/over, chances blocked and chances that never led to a shot. You could have ten shots on target in a game from firing them straight at the keeper from 30 yards and never come close to scoring. It's clear our tactics have been more about not conceding than scoring, but that means we only need to score once if we can hold out the opposition.
  12. Just realised McLean came on for Fraser - McGinn as the second striker now or formation change?
  13. Living very dangerously... McGinn did very well to block that.
  14. Information Wednesday 14th October 2020 (19:45) Match broadcast on Sky Sports Premier League Scotland Starting XI: Marshall, O'Donnell, Taylor, McTominay, Gallagher, Considine, Jack, McGregor, John McGinn, Fraser, Dykes Subs: McLaughlin, Robbie McCrorie, Jack, McBurnie, Paterson, McLean, Porteous, Hanlon, Ross McCrorie, Paul McGinn Slovakia Starting XI: Vaclik, Coufal, Kudela, Celustka, Boril, Soucek, Kral, Masopust, Darida, Provod, Vydra Subs: Kaderábek, Petrásek, Hovorka, Poznar, Sacek, Mateju, Sevcik, Malinsky, Nguyen, Rabusic, Novák, Ko
  15. At home, other than the seven they conceded against Croatia earlier in the campaign, they hadn't lost by the same or bigger margin since a 8-0 defeat to Germany nine years ago - so it's not a common occurance for them to ship seven at home. In the grand scheme of things, a 1-0 win would've been enough to night, but it's good to see some goals from our U21s tonight.
  16. Getting a favourable group from the sides in Pot 1 & 2, assuming we're in Pot 3, will be our best chance in the 2022 qualifiers. As it stands, Denmark are in Pot 1 and I think they're beatable, especially at home. Pot 2, right now, has nations like Wales and Slovakia - each of whom are beatable both home and away. On the flip side, Belgium and Switzerland from the top two pots would probably see us finishing third at best. Otherwise, hopefully by qualifying for Euro 2020 and winning our Nations League group, to ensure Pot 2 for Euro 2024's qualifiers, will give us a Pot 2 place f
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