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  1. A group of us are discussing whether some of these Conservative MPs would vote against the government in a confidence vote in the Commons. Even two or three could tip the balance against the Government.
  2. That would imply that 70% of backbenchers were against her. That's not an endorsement of her leadership.
  3. 200-117 in favour of May.
  4. Clyde1998


    What are people looking at in regards to flights to Kazakhstan (I'm not 100% sure if I'll go, but I'm looking at the moment). Based on what I can see there's at least one stop in a third country for each airline: Aeroflot-Russian Airlines - Sheremetyevo International Airport, near Moscow LOT-Polish Airlines - Warsaw Chopin Airport Turkish Airlines - Istanbul Ataturk Airport Lufthansa - Frankfurt Airport Aeroflot are the cheapest from what I can see, but I've never heard of the airline.
  5. Clyde1998

    Leigh Griffiths

    I hope he pulls through this. It's a bad situation for anyone to deal with mental problems, particularly when you're in such a high profile occupation. It's important the he gets what ever help he needs and it's right that he's given time out of the game to do allow for that.
  6. I think she'll get north of 200 MPs to vote for her. The only thing that would take her out before Brexit would be defections - if the ERG form their own party for example. I doubt that would happen, but you never know.
  7. With Celtic's elimination from the Champions League, Scotland will not benefit from the additional country ranking point that it would receive from having a side in the group stages. This has, in recent years, kept Scotland from falling further behind comparable nations in the coefficient rankings - used to calculated the number of European places each country receives and what round they start. I said on one of the qualification threads that it was vital for Scotland to have a team in the Champions League group stages to benefit from these bonus points, but, after having a look at the calculation, I'm not so sure. It's possible that Celtic's earlier elimination from the Champions League will benefit Scotland's coefficient. Assuming Celtic beat the Baltic team that they will play in the play-off round of the Europa League, Scotland will have a minimum of 3.375 points going into the Europa League group stages. In the group stages, of both the CL & EL, countries (with four teams) receive 0.5 points for winning and 0.25 points for drawing matches. Therefore to make up the lost bonus point, they would have to win two matches. In the past two years, Celtic have obtained an average of 1.625 (for Scotland) from the CL group stages; three wins and a draw is required in the EL group stages to better this. Should Celtic reach the group stages of the Europa League, they will be in Pot 2*. This will mean that Celtic will avoid a number of the bigger sides in the competition, such as Milan, Marseille and Fenerbahce, increasing their chances of winning matches. A group of Anderlecht, Celtic, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Midtjylland (as an example) looks passable for Celtic, with all games winnable on paper, unlike any Champions League group Celtic could've received. It appears then, that our best chance of increasing the coefficient in future seasons will come from the Europa League - with our national champions' Champions League group stage appearances probably being a negative for our points. Of course, that's without even looking at Rangers and Hibernian, this season. Rangers are in a good position to progress to the play-off round and would play either Ufa or Progres, both of which are winnable games (unless they get Pedro back 😉). Hibs won't be favourites going into their game against Molde, but a clean sheet at home may be enough if they can get a goal. Their potential reward appears to be Dinamo Minsk (who are 4-0 up over Zenit - somehow?), which on paper seems winnable too. It's not currently, inconceivable that we could have three teams in the group stages of the Europa League, but it will be very unlikely to actually happen. Scotland's potential coefficient (2018-19 season) as of 15 August: At present: 3.125 (-0.125 on 2013-14) If Celtic reach group stage of EL: +0.250/+0.500 (min/max) If Rangers or Hibs reach group stage: +0.375/+0.750 (min/max) If all reach group stage: +1.000/+2.000 (min/max) *Celtic will be in Pot 1 if three of Sevilla, Zenit, Basel, Besiktas, Olympiacos, Ludogorets and Copenhagen fail to reach the group stage. Red Bull Salzburg and PSV Eindhoven are the only teams still in the Champions League qualifiers that have a higher coefficient than Celtic.
  8. My spreadsheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1thIAAcmXqreI529IccUBDJ57FtK4rkgDilAuD0-0itc/edit?usp=sharing Greece are on 27.000 points in total. Our points this season is 6.750 - which is the equivalent of a quarter of Greece's total. Greece still have two teams in the Europa League; both on whom are in the position to drop out of the competition. We won't reach 14th this season, but there's an outside chance that we could reach it next season.
  9. Well. This season maybe. But we've earned more points this season than Greece (14th) has earned in any of the past five. 14th would get us an extra Champions League spot, so it's a sign of progress being made.
  10. I believe it's a place in the second qualifying round of the Champions League, rather than the first.
  11. She'll survive the vote easily. I don't think there's enough support to oust her from Conservative MPs. It'll take over 100 MPs to vote against her for her to even consider resigning.
  12. Looks like the SNP may be about to test Labour's resolve: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17290449.snp-gives-jeremy-corbyn-until-end-of-day-to-file-no-confidence-motion "Ian Blackford has given Jeremy Corbyn until the end of the day to bring a motion of no confidence in Theresa May’s government before other opposition parties do it themselves."
  13. Clyde1998

    Andew Robertson

    Robertson has come on massively in the past few years - already played in a Champions League final. Tierney is younger; it would be nice to see him play in one of the top leagues, but if he can continue to grow at Celtic then I'm happy with that.
  14. EU membership may be an indirect reason for many 'No' voters, because of it's importance for trade, food prices, travel and international relations. The Brexit deal we get, if any, would affect all these things - hence why the worse the deal with EU, the more favourable people seem to be to independence. A lot of the scare stories on independence in the referendum seem to be more to do with EU membership than staying part of the UK, as we're now finding out. The currency and pensions were the two biggest single issues though, as you say. Pensions were, I think, the biggest factor as to why the 'No' vote was so large among older voters. The currency issue should've been really simple, an independent currency is much more credible than a currency union that the other side will just say no to during the campaign.
  15. Clyde1998

    2019 Women's World Cup Draw

    The draw for the Women's World Cup gets made at 5pm in Paris today. Pot 1: United States, Germany, France (hosts), England, Canada, Australia Pot 2: Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Spain, Norway Pot 3: South Korea, China, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Thailand Pot 4: Argentina, Chile, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Jamaica
  16. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-court-case-ecj-ruling-article-50-theresa-may-deal-uk-european-court-justice-latest-a8675541.html This is massive news. Almost certain that Parliament will vote on revoking Article 50 now; the fallout of revoking it would be very interesting though.
  17. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Celtic...

    The only other leagues that I can think of that have had the dominance of two teams over the years is Serbia and Ukraine. Ukraine has a population big enough to allow a couple of other sides to compete in Europe financially, whereas most Serbian sides outwith Partizan and Red Star are much like our sides outwith Celtic and (historically) Rangers. The lack of real competition hasn't done either of those leagues much good when compared to comparable leagues.
  18. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Aye. TV money could've been a great leveller in Scottish football, but all that money was kept for the top two in the SPL era - killing any chance of competition. I seriously believe that Hearts could've won the league in 2006(?), but their chances were murdered by Vladmir Romanov - aside from that I can't think of a year when one of the Old Firm has been seriously challenged for the title by an outsider. When you know which teams are going to be taking the European places and title at the start of the season - it really takes any enjoyment out of the game, which leads to decline - as we've seen.
  19. Clyde1998

    Article 50 can be unilaterally revoked

    No worries. There being clear way out of this now is important, the deal that's on the table isn't going to get through and the EU seem to be in no mood to negotiate anything else. It's essentially no deal or no Brexit now for the Government - and parliament may force their hand.
  20. Clyde1998

    French Protests

    The initial protests were nothing to do with the EU - it was a matter of French domestic policy. It's now turned into is a free-for-all - kind of like the riots in England a few years back, which ended up having nothing to do with the original premise. I think people's annoyance with the EU has nothing to do with what's happening in France.
  21. Clyde1998

    Get Kenny Miller back

    At the time he was playing in Canada, which probably contributed to his decision. He was certainly good enough at the time to carry on playing for Scotland, especially with the other options up top that we had.
  22. Just because I think some people may find this useful, I'll be posting a list of football games that are going to be available on Freeview within the upcoming week for those who want to watch football but don't want to, or can't, pay for Sky or BT.
  23. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Rangers

    No idea - was late, but not overly dangerous and not the last man. Great free-kick though.