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    What are people looking at in regards to flights to Kazakhstan (I'm not 100% sure if I'll go, but I'm looking at the moment). Based on what I can see there's at least one stop in a third country for each airline: Aeroflot-Russian Airlines - Sheremetyevo International Airport, near Moscow LOT-Polish Airlines - Warsaw Chopin Airport Turkish Airlines - Istanbul Ataturk Airport Lufthansa - Frankfurt Airport Aeroflot are the cheapest from what I can see, but I've never heard of the airline.
  2. In regards to it being 'ultra vires', it would almost certainly end up in the Supreme Court, if it went down that route, and that's where the ultimate decision would be made as to whether it would be legal for Scotland to hold a pre-legislative referendum on the subject of independence. For the Section 30 order, I think that if the Supreme Court ruled legal the referendum being held without having the consent of Westminster, they would have political pressure to provide a Section 30 order prior to the referendum as otherwise it blow the entire 'union' concept out of the water, particularly internationally, and it wouldn't do the idea of 'British democracy' any good. Following a referendum, it would likely depend on outside pressures - but if you have the Germans and French (ultra hypothetically) coming out and saying that Scotland has voted for independence and we'd recognise Scottish independence even if the UK doesn't, then their hand will be forced. Also, it's worth pointing out that the UK would likely still be negotiating a trade deal with the EU at this point (it's currently only negotiating the withdrawal agreement) - which a single veto would kill. Malta could (again hypothetically) kill any trade deal between the UK and EU should it want to over something like this. It's worth pointing out that Quebec held two referenda without the consent of the Canadian Government - who never officially said they'd recognise the result of either, despite partaking in both (albeit never said no to a referendum either) - but the international pressures of a Yes vote, particularly from the French, could've created the momentum that would've forced Canada's hand.
  3. Glen Kamara completed his move to Rangers from Dundee, after agreeing a pre-contract deal with the club previously which would've seen him join in June.
  4. A Section 30 order gives the Scottish Parliament the right to legislate on normally reserved issues. A referendum is not legislating on reserved issues (ie. the constitution) as a referendum would not change anything in a legal sense; the Scottish Parliament would have to act on the referendum result to bring about a change to the constitutional situation. It is my understanding, therefore, that the Scottish Government could bring a referendum bill to Holyrood and hold a referendum without the consent of Westminster, but Westminster would have to agree on any constitutional change following said referendum - which is where the Section 30 order would be needed (although that Section 30 order could be provided at any point and many become politically impossible to deny if there's a Yes vote on a high turnout).
  5. It may make them more interested if it gets good ratings and sales on there, as it would prove that there's an audience for it.
  6. Clyde1998

    English FA cup

    Clubs our size do and I don't understand it. Thankfully, our last five or six managers haven't played weakened sides in the FA Cup, which is probably why we've reached the latter stages of the competition as often as we have in the past ten years or so. The only manger that I can recall playing a weakened side with us was Steve Coppell, which is very annoying as that side could've actually won the cup at the time.
  7. Clyde1998

    English FA cup

    It makes you wonder why those teams treat it with so little respect, given that they could potentially win the cup if they took it seriously. This. Reading drew Man Utd away in this year and I wasn't interested, yet I decided to go to Stevenage and Sheffield Wednesday (on a Friday night) in the cup last season. I decided to go to those games, but not Man Utd, because I felt that there would actually be two full strength sides turning up for them. Also it didn't help that the club were forced to subside tickets for that game to reduce them to £30, I think from £45, for a game on a Saturday lunchtime on TV (and that's without considering travel, food, drink, etc); just shows how money orientated the big English clubs are. Even if it had been £20, I probably wouldn't have gone. The fact that the big clubs play reserve sides in the cup kills it for me; Rangers played a strong (a few changes) at Cowdenbeath last night, you'd almost never get a similar situation in England now. Chelsea have about 40 players out on loan (and I'm not exaggerating), when most of those players would be first team players elsewhere, and many are sat in the reserves waiting for a game. The only way to really prevent this would be to have a cap on the number of professional players a club can have to maybe 30, but that'll never happen, stopping clubs from stockpiling and reducing the chance that they'd be able to play weakened sides in cup competitions. Even with us making the semi-finals a couple of years back, and a number of quarter-final appearances - I've found myself less and less interested in the FA Cup, not because of the competition itself, but because of the attitude of the bigger clubs to the competition.
  8. It's implied in our local media that it'll be a permanent* signing - with the other players included in the same quote from the Reading manager being players that would certainly be leaving permanently: "These players [Mannone, McNulty, Meyler] have been working in a different way since I arrived. I don’t know if they will move or not, but now I am not counting with them (in the squad)." *Depending on the finances, it may well be a loan with the option of a permanent. I imagine that if Hibs want him permanent, they'd get him on a permanent.
  9. Just because I think some people may find this useful, I'll be posting a list of football games that are going to be available on Freeview within the upcoming week for those who want to watch football but don't want to, or can't, pay for Sky or BT.
  10. Freeview matches this weekend: Friday 18th January 2019 Chaves v FC Porto (19:00) - Primeira Liga - FreeSports Vitoria Guimaraes v Benfica (21:15) - Primeira Liga - FreeSports Saturday 19th January 2019 Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United (12:15) - Scottish Cup 4th Round - BBC One Scotland Cardiff Metropolitan University v Cambrian & Clydach Vale (19:30) - Welsh League Cup Final - S4C Sunday 20th January 2019 Hearts v Livingston (14:30) - Scottish Cup 4th Round - BBC One Scotland
  11. Clyde1998

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    It's a different lad - Darren Campbell. Made a single appearance for the first team at the end of the 2002-03 season, but suffered a cruciate ligament injury in 2004 and was out for about a year before falling into the English lower leagues with Tamworth, Staines, Fleet and Camberley. Not sure how much impact that injury had on his development. but certainly not the best career trajectory.
  12. Clyde1998

    Bilingual ma arse...

    It was the federalist Liberals that enacted the legislation that made French Quebec's only official language, as opposed to the separatist Parti Quebecois, with Bill 22. It was expanded upon by the PQ's Bill 101, but started with the Liberals ironically.
  13. Defoe has always been a good finisher - usually technical skills are retained as players get older. Assuming that chances are created for him, I reckon that he'll be a good signing for Rangers and would provide much needed depth in that position. The last couple of seasons when he was playing regularly, at Sunderland, he scored fifteen goals in the Premier League with a very poor side. At worst, as you say, his experience would probably be very useful for Morelos to learn from.
  14. What is the purpose of this winter break anyway? We'll get to February and have a load of games called off for frozen pitches and cram all the games into the end of the season when they could've been more evenly spread out, with less postponed matches.
  15. Full-Time - Complete domination by Rangers today.
  16. Two more huge chances for Rangers at the start of the second half - I think they'll be punished for these missed chances eventually.
  17. Rangers deserve their lead here. Celtic have been really poor.
  18. Three massive chances for Rangers in about three minutes.
  19. Clyde1998

    2018 MVP

    But they're, like, totz awesome dude. Fucking kill me.
  20. Clyde1998

    No Confidence Vote?

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46416591 Labour are suggesting that they'll call a no confidence vote in the Government if the Brexit deal vote is lost by the Government. "Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, if the government loses a vote on a motion of no confidence it has 14 days to pass a second confidence motion, or Parliament is dissolved and a general election is called." I reckon this could backfire and swing MPs behind the Government deal.
  21. Clyde1998

    No Confidence Vote?

    That's true, but a simple majority is all that's required in a confidence vote to bring down a government and if no alternative government can be formed in 14 days, a general election is automatically triggered. So you can get an election without the 2/3rds majority.
  22. Clyde1998

    No Confidence Vote?

    My point being that if they wanted a general election, they'd go ahead with a confidence vote in the Government, which is binding, rather than the Prime Minister, which is non-binding. It'll be interesting to see what those Tory MPs do though, as this is a public vote and would be more of a statement than a private vote against her.
  23. Clyde1998

    No Confidence Vote?

    They don't want an election.