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  1. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Plea for votes!

    Done, good luck!
  2. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Slovak Experience

    Cracking video. Interesting to see it from the away fans perspective.
  3. Well that's me fecked & mostly for working on a Sunday too.
  4. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Top joes

    You've probably seen it, but just in case.
  5. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Inverness Thistle

    Nothing to get too excited about. Amatuer league, playing the amatuer incarnation of Caledonian FC on the 9th of April https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1118718338160769&set=a.101663453199601.3942.100000678390604&type=3&theater You can fill your boots listening to old school Caley & Jags fans hurling abuse at each other here.
  6. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Nuclear Weapons, Trident, Etc...

    This scared the jobbies out of me back in the mid 80s
  7. Stay up, got to be worth it to see Danny lose his seat. I Feel for you bud! Teaching at Inverness College & I've got a heap of school pupils to interview for the VPP course. After a few drams the night I'll be power napping & tanning the extra strong mints
  8. Even bigger pedant alert. I think Caley had the Inverness prefix up to early to mid 80s. During Scottish cup runs the club name was abbreviated on the BBC vidiprinter to Inverness C causing confusion as to whether it was referring to Caledonian or Clachnacuddin. Us proper Invernessians up the hill would never drop Inverness from our club name
  9. Tin Shed Jaggie

    Your Fantasy Dinner Guests

    Tom Weir Fred Dibnah Guy Martin Ray Mears Helen Mirren