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  1. scottishgraham1971

    Where You Can See Scotland Play On Tv Worldwide

    Thailand Bangkok The Sportsman Address: Trendy Condominium 10/22 Soi Sukhumvit 13, Khlong Toei, Open ⋅ Closes 02:00 Phone:+66 2 168 7241 Reservations: sportsbarbangkok.com
  2. scottishgraham1971

    Davy Bus

    just made payment mate, but only need the one seat now, thanks
  3. scottishgraham1971

    Davy Bus

    Room for 2 more?
  4. scottishgraham1971

    Davy Bus - TEL AVIV to Sammy Ofer Stadium, HAIFA

    Hi davy Any seats left? Or too late? Thanks Graham
  5. scottishgraham1971

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Walter Smith
  6. scottishgraham1971

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Ally McCoist
  7. scottishgraham1971

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    McLeish had his chance and jumped at first opportunity, no thanks
  8. scottishgraham1971

    Warmest You've Been

    ships engine room, Arabian Gulf middle of July, all boilers on, over 65degC, melt the souls of your boots
  9. scottishgraham1971

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    McLeish had his chance, jumped ship at first chance,
  10. scottishgraham1971


    I am headed to Santa Marta soon to do the Cuidad Perdida trek, trying to find out about obtaining Colombian Pesos, Impossible to get in UK, I have also read that US dollars are not readily accepted all over Colombia, Anyone have info? Take USD and change when I get there, I will get stung twice by exchange rates, but looks like no choice. Thanks for any info
  11. scottishgraham1971

    Scotland Players In Action 2016/17

    Adam one of best players on the pitch on this game
  12. Since formation of scottish parliament we have been going backwards, coincidence?
  13. scottishgraham1971

    England match thread

    Anya tried hard but is not a defender, about 3 times he knocked the ball out of play for no reason, no control, our best player was lee wallace who has played with a non team in the lower leagues for three years, painful to watch
  14. scottishgraham1971

    Kenny Miller

    that donkey martin got a goal yesterday so guess who will be starting against ingerlund
  15. scottishgraham1971

    What can we do better?

    Pick a striker that can score goals? Is it that difficult?