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  1. That kind of crowd inst good enough - it is a must win game against our biggest rivals for the 2nd spot. Should be priced to sell out. SFA seem woeful at trying to sell these games.....look at the SRU selling out murrayfield on 15 consecutive occasions including some minnows. Fantastic atmosphere in the ground. Heads should roll.
  2. Still in the squad for Sunday, according to sfa website article published today. Good sign.
  3. finnie

    Kenny Miller

    ha, still thought it when I saw the goal sober last night!
  4. finnie

    Kenny Miller

    If I was WGS I would ask Kenneth Miller to come back for one wembley night only - It's last chance saloon for WGS before a 5 month break and he must get a result. Yup Miller has frustrated me over the years but think he is ageing like a fine wine and playing his best stuff now. He has scored at Wembley before. A potential leader amongst the misguided we have on the park just now. Confidence on a high - what a strike last night. Can't do any worse than the current strikers. Offers an energy and desire that seems to be missing. Maybe just me!
  5. That 13 year old Dembele boy is in the press as played for Celtics u20 team. Does he play or is he interested in playing for Scotland youth teams? Maybe Drogba has tapped him. Seems to have been here for a few years anyway so would be eligible. Given Feruz and Harper's failure to progress, not getting carried away.
  6. Anyone know if Nigeria will drop off and be replaced by Slovakia before the Wembley tickets are allocated? There were 6200 at the Nigeria game so a big reduction to the away points totals. It would open up more to 1 pointers. At the moment looks like 1 in 3 chance based on current table.
  7. Still waiting for mine. The tickets have seats l numbered so guess they can reprint easily enough.
  8. I need a code for one ticket if any spare
  9. Does any good lad have a part used code that I can please use for 1 ticket ??
  10. Couldn't get a code...and looks like they are all gone. Looking for a spare ticket if you have one - have flights booked but no ticket.
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