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  1. scottcross


    Manchester to Nice 9th for the womans game stay 1night ,flight up to Brussels Monday afternoon stay 2 nights,train to Amsterdam then flight back to Donny on the Wednesday.
  2. scottcross

    Russian visa

    She does realise its in November.
  3. scottcross


    Im up for a bevvy train,Last one Warsaw to Minsk 18 hrs pure dead brilliant.
  4. scottcross

    Russian visa

    Cant see Linda agreeing to that.
  5. scottcross


    Day in front of you ,out from Gatwick Monday Return to Heathrow Saturday morning then flight from Gatwick to Bologna same afternoon return Monday afternoon.Turkish airlines and Easyjet.
  6. scottcross


    Just went for Belavia London via Minsk out on the 17th return 23rd ,return flight is not now showing up presume its full.Got Turkish airlines from Heathrow instead £325 return out 18th return 23rd then Easy jet out to Milan same day £81 return from Gatwick 25th
  7. scottcross

    A Night Out in Luton?

    The best part of Luton is the railway station,plenty of trains to take you out of the place.
  8. scottcross

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Payment sent.
  9. scottcross


    Never got the email about closing date for tickets so my mrs has missed out.Ordered mine on the saturday but it would not let me buy for friends and family.Phoned and emailed them;response was wait and see if any turn up.
  10. scottcross

    Proof ??

    Closing date yesterday.
  11. scottcross

    So, who is going?

    Sunday 27th Manchester - Lima via Amsterdam Thurs 31st Lima - Mexico City Mon 4th Mexico City - Manchester via Amsterdam.
  12. scottcross


  13. scottcross


    Just got round to booking flights to Tel Aviv, BA out of Heathrow Wednesday return Monday.£318 return,lots of cheaper options but the flight times are shite..Easy jet and Wizz out of Luton means staying a night down there before departure and a night on returning.Luton the last place God created.
  14. scottcross

    So, who is going?

    So are we.
  15. scottcross

    Cultural visit to Amsterdam????????

    I'm there Saturday night,just passing through though on my way to Rotterdam for Sunday's feyenoord game.