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  1. That’s me and the kids just back after a week at the WWC. We all loved every minute of it. Looking forward to the Argentina game with some confidence. We had a bit of bad luck against two stronger teams resulting in penalties (or denying us one) and that run needs to end somewhere. Bring it on in Paris!
  2. My tickets in Nice are along the goal line. I appear to have random people sitting between each of us at the Japan game. Problems with allocations apparently. However, no biggie to ask one person to move I guess. I’m guessing that because I bought them in the Visa presale, we will be with random supporters as opposed to Scotland fans. Just have to sing even louder!
  3. Bought Womens' World Cup tickets for me and the kids for Scotland v England in Nice, Nigeria vs South Korea in Grenoble and Scotland v Japan in Rennes. At between 9EUR and 30EUR a throw it was too good an opportunity to turn down. Anyone else heading over to France this summer?
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