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  1. McKenna

    i spoke to mckenna a few months ago down to earth lad who seemed very happy with how things were going came across as a nice lad who is playing well
  2. it was a good watch but most stuff i had read or seen before nothing really new to me
  3. Stadium

    i guess we just have to sit tight until they where we are going to play i guess
  4. Toulon Tournament

    dont know if it will be on tv this year wasnt last found it online so did see two games
  5. fact mcinnes wont play two up front and give celtic a game then you move to the player like christie who cant play against his own team and shinnie again suspended for the game no matter how weak celtic look they have enough in there dressing room to make aberdeen look like mugs again and again
  6. Who decides on Scotland Kit?

    if you look at the nike kits they were crap not talking about us other teams standard template boring as hell . in fact look at most tops these day and they are all boring lets think outside the box yellow and red away kit white is boring i guess we will see the new kit in the next month or so but adidas need to step up there game and they dont want to spend too much time making a kit for us because we are not the world cup so we are not one of there big names
  7. there is no point picking 3 goalkeepers and not give at least two of them a chance in two of the games even the likes of scott fox at county he has made a few bad ones as of late but we do need another top class young keeper for the future
  8. New jerseys?

    not heard nothing on the new away kit think next month adidas will bring it out from what i have read on other sites
  9. well somebody else will get a chance in the games in march so time to step up
  10. SSC Renewals

    spent to much on things trying to get to all the away game but worth every time
  11. SSC Renewals

    if we said the next game was on the moon playing who ever i would be trying to get a ticket i have ended up up in the other teams home again on a few games
  12. SSC Renewals

    i enjoy my aways trips fourth year on the bounce for me scrimp and save my cash to do all the games i can i dont do beach holidays or short city breaks just scotland away games they are my holidays no matter where they are at times i have left my self nearly skint at the end of some months all for the love of the game let go times roll again
  13. Regan Gone

    starships are meant to fly mr regans waves goodbye glad he is gone go back to cricket or something like that