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  1. calum83

    Israel tickets on sale

    well i sorted out less than a few mins
  2. calum83

    Israel tickets on sale

    i would have thought everyone who wanted a ticket would get one for this game
  3. calum83

    Israel tickets on sale

    2700 is good for us at 23 pounds sure they will be snapped up
  4. calum83

    Home End Tickets.

    anyone know how many albanians were there just asking
  5. calum83

    Home End Tickets.

    looking at there game last night it wasnt very full i can see them saying have as much as you want to the sfa
  6. calum83

    Home End Tickets.

  7. calum83


    they tried and failed to keep us from buying home end tickets in vilnius ended up have more away fans than home had a look when the womens team played tonight looks quite high off the ground which should be good to watch from high above
  8. calum83

    Israel tickets on sale

    no not bought a ticket waiting to see if anyone knows when the sfa will put them on sale
  9. calum83


    well i can get on to the albanian tickets for israel no problem the are about 300 leks so the chances are anyine who doesnt get one could try on there i already have an albania shirt just in case i dont get an away end
  10. calum83


    everyone should get a ticket and im sure the albanian fa will do there best to give us as much as they can teams like scotland are going to make money for them and they wont pass the chance to make some money off of us which is fair lots of folk going to this rather than israel so should see a big away support over there
  11. calum83

    Israel tickets on sale

    does anyone know when the tickets for the game over there are on sale cant be far away i would think
  12. calum83

    What currency?

    im taking pounds english notes i got a lot of strange looks in tbilisi when i asked them to change scottish notes english notes no problem and the funny thing is there is more bloody english fake notes around than scottish lol might take some euros to be on the safe side and whatever shekels i have left
  13. calum83


    im sure everyone who wants will get one dont think they will be cheap
  14. calum83

    Game is in Shkoder

    so i seen biggest ground apart from tirana and about hour and a half maybe more
  15. calum83

    Kick Off Time.

    http://football.org.il/en/main-events/ yep 21.45 local time so were 2 hour behind