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  1. heard brussels is a bit of a dump but hey ho its what you make of it i guess
  2. im going straight to russia not trying to go the long way round hope its st petersburg or else you only have this 72 hour crap so better to have a week over there
  3. i think it going to be a scramble for tickets dont see us getting that much what should do keep an eye on the belguim website see when there tickets go on sale and try and get yours there never heard of anyone getting turned away for a home end ticket always got in no problems
  4. you will be lucky and with nothing on sale yet going to be hard to know how much we will get
  5. calum83


    the price for flight and stuff is cheap going to st petersburg kinda hoping it would be there but knowing the russians they will play in the sticks way out yonder st petersburg would give them a massive crowd
  6. poundland prices well i have seen 3 pounds four pounds for away games but a whole pound to watch this game i mean the sfa could buy everyone going a ticket and still not be short of money the only problem i wont be there to see it lol
  7. took a bit of time had to give the thing my new card number im sorted cat 2 for me its took a while for me to get to the top of the pile but its been worth it lol
  8. i bought one in d4 in case i didnt get a an away ticket got my away ticket today so would be joining the guys in d4
  9. mine was 1649 at about 12.06
  10. That is the five pointers now on sale
  11. it will end up being the same as vilnus last year the ended up making an unoffical section to us cause we bought more tickets than they did
  12. i cant get on think the server is down
  13. i have seen the same cant work out if it is bad wording or they are not selling them online confused .com
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