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  1. Camel , the Apollo circa 1979.
  2. Songs you hate.

    Sorry Donny, in 54 years I have yet to hear a heavy metal song I like so have come to the conclusion that I dislike all heavy metal. I dont mind some of the lighter rock stuff in Sons Of Anarchy but I am not sure where the defining line sits between rock and heavy metal πŸ™‚
  3. Royal Baby

    At Β£ 6k a night for the maternity suite she can probably choose any colour she wants .
  4. Songs you hate.

    Im hungover, not brain damaged. Where’s Kimba when you need her to derail a thread.
  5. Songs you hate.

    Careful Gaz, he will be away asking his big brother for hauners πŸ™„
  6. Songs you hate.

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I could guarantee it .
  7. Summer holiday's.

    One of my holidays IS an away trip. One is costing me Β£100 for a flight , the accommodation is free. And as far as Ibiza goes, at 54 I will not be paying Β£10 for a bottle of water in a nightclub πŸ™‚ My children are grown up so dont need to stick by school holidays, it makes a holiday a lot cheaper.
  8. I dont think he is unhappy, just bored with politics and cant align himself to any particular party, he has a decent lifestyle and to my knowledge not much to grumble about. Many people only care about their own circumstances. He doesnt like the SNP therefore he wont vote for independance. I dont think he is alone that is why I am using him as an example. People associate the two. That is why IMO independance needs to be separated from the SNP more than it currently is. I am a member of the party and support them on many things, but try to be as impartial as I can. Like it or not , on independance , they may be a hindrance as much as a help as they are the party currently running the country and getting bashed from all sides . I dont think blaming Westminster for everything helps win everyone over either. Giving credit for their policies that have been successful whilst highlighting much more that has not is more likely to make certain people listen to what you have to say, whilst suggesting the positives may be embedded in an independent Scotland .
  9. Avici dead

    I found his music very repetitive, every song sounded like it could be used in an advert for Magners. But very sad to lose a life so young and his music will have made others happy.
  10. Songs you hate.

    That isnt making my hangover feel any better πŸ™‚
  11. πŸ™‚ , some folk who read the Mail do so for things other than politics , but its anti SNP stance must have some influence , even on intelligent people. I imagine that when sober he would provide me with a few of the Mails Nat bashing β€˜facts’ as to why they are killing the country. This guy calls it a Tory rag but says he is not a Tory and I believe him, he says Labour are now a basket case and Lib Dem a waste of time. His views on SNP means he wont vote for them either , meaning he didnt vote at all at the last election. I dont think he is alone. People like him are exactly who need to be convinced , he isnt completely against the concept of independance but he cant see any upside as he is is pretty cynical of all parties and thinks nothing will change.
  12. Songs you hate.

    πŸ˜‚ that is truly awful. Just as well it is for a good cause.
  13. Summer holiday's.

    Its looks beautiful, I was thinking about going there this year but decided to go to Tel Aviv in October . I’ve got a freeby week in a villa in Tuscany also in October, courtsey of a friend. Have never been to either places. And a week in Ibiza in June. Cant wait.
  14. Songs you hate.

    All heavy metal. I also hate The Proclaimers 500 miles. It has been played to death. I work with English colleagues and when I go down there for nights out and it comes on they all drag me up to dance because I am Scottish and so must love it. I feel like a performing seal.
  15. Jeezo, you know how to kick a man when he is down, I doubt Ally will be consoled by anything I have to say. FWIW, I think Ally feels worse because of his undisputed passion, the highs will be very high and the lows very low. I agree with Grim Jim and Toepoke, this is a long game and we need to be patient. I am very confident independance will come eventually, it may just not happen as quick as some would hope. I was at a works night out last week and speaking to a guy who said he would never vote for independance as the SNP were killing the country. I asked him to give me some examples. He couldnt come up with anything. He was drunk admittedly but if he felt that strongly surely he could have thought of something. I am in the bloody party and could probably mention a few things I disagree with. His daughter is at Uni so I brought up the fees, also that the NHS is performing better than our peers in England. He agreed. People like this need to be worked on. They spout what they hear from other folk, he reads The Daily Mail .But he is a nice guy and not stupid. Independance and The Snp need to be seperated IMO to get those who hate the party onside. And I think they ( SNP) are wittingly , or unwittingly, trying to do this. Dont put your head down Ally, I for one appreciate what you post on here.