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  1. Resurrected this thread as I am surprised the programme hasnt been mentioned recently. Consistently excellent and brilliant soundtrack. Surprising start to series 4 .Looking forward to the rest of it.
  2. Scottish Labour

    Mr Tdyers response : send the whole fckin lot of them in. For once in 35 years i am close to agreeing with him.
  3. Children In Need

    There is a bit of generalisation going on here, and I should know cos I have a fair bit of experience on generalising ....🙂 Do we know that all the celebrities taking part are up to tax dodges , and if they are, are they illegal ? Most probably not. The problem is the law , not the celebrities. To me , programmes like Strictly and Im a Celebrity are worse. We are actually paying them so that they can offload their cash to tax dodges. Unfortunately, despite being close to Christmas , governments are not going to turn into Santa Claus any time soon,. While we chip away trying to change things I dont have a problem with money that can be collected to help children . I dont donate to Children In Need , I try to donate to causes that get less publicity, I would be more inclined to give it to Cash for Kids as I feel they probably get overlooked by Children In Need. . A bigger problem for me though is where the money ends up . Like Thistle Whistle , I dont want to turn into a complete cynic, but have concerns regading the allocation.
  4. Children In Need

    The only thing I hear rattling is your cage. 🙄
  5. Its not a silly anecdote. From what I can see its exactly why its being implimented.
  6. Thats not how I read it but stand to be corrected by someone with more knowledge, I am not trying to be smart either. Scotland passed it in 2012 and has been caught up in legal action for 5 years. Wales and Ireland are currently under active consideration and it seems it is likely it will be getting reviewed in England again after todays ruling.
  7. Me neither, especially when it has been wrapped in my dirty washing to prevent it smashing in the case.
  8. Better be quick ! The English, Welsh and Irish governments are ready to jump on the band ‘wagon’ on the outcome of this decision.
  9. Supreme Court backs minimum pricing. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-41981909
  10. I couldnt see the seams, I am on an iphone, I had to zoom in just there. You have a point, wish I hadnt bothered. 😳 Longer top and she would just look like any woman walking round Waitrose. IMO no woman should be Gok’d !
  11. Ma haun is firmly on ma ha’penny !
  12. Yes , thats another possibilty ! 😬
  13. She is just a young girl , hopefully she changes her mind as she gets older. As sbcmfc said, its a misguided herd instinct, not a phrase that can be associated with you RB 👍
  14. They spoke very openly about their home at the show. I had a look back to see when it was, it was 2003, so a bit more than ‘a few years ago’ . How time flies. They said they were left with almost nothing after being flooded on a few occasions and the insurance would not pay out. Thats probably why they had to do gigs in wee village halls. I assume it is the same house you are talking about as they talked like they had a great affection for it, I doubt they would have left it after all the money and effort they put it to get it sorted. I have to be honest and say I wasnt that fussed about them before they did that show , but they totally won me over.
  15. Young girl that cleans the office I work in was empying the bins on the day of the Slovakia game. She is interested in football so someone asked her if she was watching the game that night. ‘No’ she says , ‘ I dont like Scotland’, I like ‘ Northern Ireland’. The guy asked her if she was Norn Irish or if her family were , ‘ no ‘ she replied. He then asked her why she didnt like Scotland . ‘ Cos I am a Rangers supporter’ she replied. It actually made me feel quite sad. I could have accepted it more if she had just said we were pish.