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  1. Just finished the last series. I now know how you felt, I lost my favourite character. May need to join a support group 😢 Pretty shit ending for such a great series I thought.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Was pretty annoyed last night to find I couldnt get time off work to go back to Budapest however this news has made it less disappointing . They really are a bunch of incompetent freeloaders. Despite having reservations that it would go pearshaped I deep down thought they couldn't mess it up at this stage. Which makes me worse than them.
  3. RAH Ward 15 closure

    RB/ Ally, I doubt I am going to be popular but I think both of you are being a tad melodramatic. RB, I think you are a good balanced poster, and your social conscience is indisputable, from what I have read on here you put your time and effort where your mouth is, so I think your concerns should not be dismissed. But if you are making sweeping statements about children dying you need to provide some examples of why this could happen . Do you have any links to information gathered by the campaign that were opposing the closure ? Saying that a child will die if they need to travel to Edinburgh isnt completely true. Do you have any costings that show that it would be possible to keep the RAH ward open ? I know there is no price too high to pay to save a childs life but everyone is looking for money. Cancer victims/ Alzheimers/ Mental Health to name a few. I would be very interested if you could provide any kind of information to support your concerns. You may feel the monent has gone but things can be reveresed. Ally, it is possible for the SNP to make a wrong decison. I have no idea if they have on this, as has been mentioned they seem to have taken the ‘experts’ decision, but experts can get it wrong too. Throwing the rattles out the pram as PIAK demonstrated does not really help.
  4. RAH Ward 15 closure

    You are clearly upset RB. To say children will die is a fairly big accusation. Why do you feel so strongly ? This is a genuine question. I have to admit that I have not been closely following the ins an out of the arguement, I thought the main concern for families was the travelling. The facilities at the new hospital I understand are considerably better , however it does seem strange that the ward is to close if the new hospital cant cope. Was the situation the other week unprecedented, and if not, why would they be closing the ward? I cannot believe politicians from ANY party would want to risk childrens lives. You and anyone else who feels there is a real risk are right to contact their Mp and Msp. This is about more than vote winning.
  5. Snow

    I mentioned in another post that the road my house lives on is on a small incline. The snow we had between Xmas and New Year was much worse than this current dump and when it is thick like that I need to reverse out the drive, drive to the bottom of the road and get some traction to get back up the hill . Well, i was sitting at the bottom of the hill and a food delivery van was stuck on the hill , so I just had to sit there as no -one could get by him. A queue started building up behind me and the guy in the car behind tried to overtake me . Fcks sake there was a big van blocking the entire road ahead, the cars on the way down were stuck too as they couldnt get by the van , and this guy was so impatient he tried to overtake me whilst i was in a stationery position. I think people's brains freeze as well as the roads .
  6. Just before the man "hits the big wave", he must jump up and stand on top of the woman, as if riding a surf board, and yell "cowabunga!", 😂😂😂
  7. Correct. People who live in close proximity to the RAH ( the current hospital for those who do not know) will have a bit further to travel however the hospital services people from outwith Paisley. Those people, and other Paisley residents who do not live close to the hospital, should not have much further to travel, for some the new hospital will be easier to get to as it it more accessible than the RAH. Of course Labour have been making the most of it, its what political parties do, especially when its a controversial subject. But as you say, the superior facilities at the new hospital made the decision. I am not certain but i dont think the RAH ward is closing completely, I think it is still being used for day to day appointments, it is just the operations that are being moved to the new hospital, but I am not certain. Anyhoo, it will give the Paisley Express something to fill its pages with when its a quiet day for the Buddies 🙂
  8. Wimps , the lot of you. Try going through the menopause on a memory foam mattress.
  9. I agree. I actually watched Ashes to Ashes first, I had missed Life on Mars when it was on TV and had nothing like ‘catch up ‘ to watch it on. So I had to try and work out what had happened in Life On Mars from the wee flash backs on Ashes to Ashes, which was a bit taxing for my wee brain 🙄 Life on Mars must have then been repeated or something , and all the bits then fell into place. Not an ideal order to watch it in right enough, but it least I wasnt left with the sequel being a disappointment ... John Simm is brilliant, I think that is one of the reasons I preferred Life on Mars, though Daniel Mays who is in Ashes to Ashes was excellent too.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Thats a word thats used when they have fook all to say. He will probably want the weekend to ‘weigh up his options’ .
  11. 😂, he must have a big ladder to get on those roofs.
  12. 😊 good to know its as popular with the ‘youngsters’ , I wasnt sure if it was the nostalgia of the 70’s that made it so enjoyable.
  13. Snow

    Does anyone else see an angry bird when they look at that ? And I dont mean me.
  14. Its the TAMB’s Final Destination.💀 I am just glad I sharpened those kitchen knives last night.