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  1. SFA email says there will be a shuttle bus service from centre to Hampden costing £5 return.
  2. Take it there is still nothing been announced about trains for the Armenia game.
  3. When I went to game their got the tram to goldenbridge stop from memory and walked down from there to ground. Took about 10 minutes to walk from there to ground.
  4. Jute


    We have booked bus back from Buchanan Street to Edinburgh. Seems to be buses through the night.
  5. Looks like Scotrail’s new timetable has last train from Mount Florida at 2046 and last train to Edinburgh at 2215 for Ukraine game. Going be fun getting home.
  6. Mine worked first time. Even picked up one of the guys was OAP without having to select it. Even got the email first time which never usually happens.
  7. did you manage to get in touch with ssc . we too didnt receive email/tickets and have so far found it impossible to get in touch with them

    1. Jute


      I eventually got the email to resend from purchase history last week.

  8. Had tried that. Will give SFA a call if others have the email with the tickets.
  9. Have those who have bought tickets had an email confirmation through? Tickets are showing in my purchase history but no email.
  10. Watched it on iPlayer last night. Really good show and brought back a lot of great memories.
  11. Very open game so far. Great play by Dykes in build up to goal and great finish by Fraser.
  12. Before the game was gutted at not being at Hampden but after that drivel I am really happy that I am not trying to work out if I can still make the train if this goes to penalties.
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