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  1. Very open game so far. Great play by Dykes in build up to goal and great finish by Fraser.
  2. Before the game was gutted at not being at Hampden but after that drivel I am really happy that I am not trying to work out if I can still make the train if this goes to penalties.
  3. I had Scotland to win both teams to score is only positive for me. We are getting worse rather than improving under Clarke.
  4. Aye you get in for free but need to collect a ticket from ticket office in club shop at end of stand.
  5. Hornby never looked like scoring for U21s tonight so suspect chucking him in the deep end is not the answer either.
  6. Your right she is looking at Cyprus instead.
  7. Visa office just round the corner from my flat so will just walk round to get it if I can persuade my wife that this is a good trip to do.
  8. That was abismal. We could have lost that by 4 or 5 and had no complaints. Back 3 or 5 did not work. Overrun in midfield and zero creation.
  9. Positive from tonight was De Byrune didn’t play or that could have got really embarrassing.
  10. Yes was to do with some wanting to sit and some wanting to stand.
  11. Pricing is wrong and cannot blame folk who decide not to go tonight because of it. Only going myself as getting a free ticket.
  12. Jute

    SSC Renewals

    Family and mine’s arrived today. Also got white lines through pictures.
  13. How we are not further behind is beyond me.
  14. When did McKenna sign for Celtic?
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