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  1. It would be good to get a game but I don't think we will have one to be honest. We seem to have an opinion at SFA/press level that friendlies are a waste of time. If Poland and Austria hadn't have been prescribed then I doubt we'd have played any in March (one at most). Our media will moan about players needing a rest and then every other country in Europe will play apart from us.
  2. Stage Matchday Dates Qualifying group stage Matchday 1 23–25 March 2023 Matchday 2 26–28 March 2023 Matchday 3 16–17 June 2023 Matchday 4 19–20 June 2023 Matchday 5 7–9 September 2023 Matchday 6 10–12 September 2023 Matchday 7 12–14 October 2023 Matchday 8 15–17 October 2023 Matchday 9 16–18 November 2023 Matchday 10 19–21 November 2023 Play-offs Semi-finals 21 March 2024 Finals 26 March 2024
  3. What I reckon he'll pick: Gordon Souttar - Hanley - McT Patterson - McGinn - McGregor - Gilmour - Robertson Armstrong - Adams I'd personally change a few things Hanley should be nowhere near the team. For me he was the root cause of a lot of the problems on Saturday. Adams is running on fumes so I'd freshen things up there, it would be good to give Brown/Stewart a full game. I'd start Hickey as Robertson is knackered, but I recognise the captain isn't getting dropped. Freshen things up in the middle, Turnbull in for Armstrong maybe. Ideally you'd have a 'keeper with a few caps here to give a run but that's a wider problem that should've been addressed earlier in the year.
  4. I've got a child ticket and an adult ticket spare if you want? I'll DM you
  5. Yeah, this really surprised me about why Gordon got 180 mins against Poland and Austria. I can't believe Clark or Kelly didn't get at least a half between them. I found that a really strange decision, if they aren't getting a shot in a friendly then realistically when are they going to get a chance.
  6. I'm tempted by that. Looks to be reasonably close to the centre as well.
  7. Train down on Friday, back Sunday. It takes 2 hours and is reasonably cheap, about £45 return I think
  8. The not having many strikers made the friendly team selections in March all the more surprising. I know you want to keep the momentum going but it surely would have been better to give Brown a lot more minutes than he got and give Stewart at least a run.
  9. Back on Ticketmaster, general sale this morning at 11.
  10. I know we're not exactly short in midfield, but I was at Fiorentina v Empoli on Sunday and Liam Henderson was playing for Empoli. Looked alright, played advanced in midfield and got past the strikers a few times. Had a few bits of posturing, barging and arguments with Torreira who he towered over! He got subbed when one of their CBs got sent off after an hour. I remember the days we'd have killed for a midfielder starting in Serie A but it's a sign of how much we've improved that he's way down the list.
  11. I think we definitely need one or both of the other keepers to have some game time. That was probably my only negative from Thursday's game, it would've been a perfect time to give one of them at least a half.
  12. Game might be delayed
  13. I agree with the gold but you do sometimes need a little bit of a neutral-ish colour on the kit, especially if the shorts are navy. I really don't get this obsession with red on our socks from some people though, not for me. The current home top is decent, I don't get why the red is on it but it doesn't ruin it. We're one of those countries who play in their flag's colours so I'm happy with all navy or navy with white shorts, red shouldn't be anywhere near it for me.
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