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  1. I've just posted one for sale. £25. Do you want it?
  2. Nice! Kortrijk are at home on Friday night as well but last train back to Lille wasn't late enough so we thought that was pushing it 😂
  3. A few of us going, arrive on Friday and staying in the centre. Then heading up to Bruges on Sunday to watch Club Brugge.
  4. Found this on a reddit post from an architect's website: They seem to have a few football related projects in the project's section that have actually been built so we can dream I suppose although the first reply to the post was: "There will be human colonies on the moons of Saturn before Hampden looks like that" which is probably closer to the truth. 😂 😂 😂 Original Reddit post
  5. I play 5s indoor on a Monday, then anything from 5s to 8s on a Thursday outdoor depending on how many turn up. I've been playing the Monday game for nearly 18 years now, there's still a few from when I first played but I always find it amazing how the group transforms over time through friends of friends coming along. I do loads of exercise but I thoroughly enjoy my two games a week and I'll be playing on as long as I can.
  6. Proposal being voted on in June for Aberdeen joining Celtic, Rangers and Hearts B teams along with a few Highland and Lowland League teams to make a conference league (5th tier).
  7. Man City putting some more seats in to put capacity over 60k and a few other things.
  8. Rugby World Cup is on so it won't be in any of those stadiums.
  9. Who is our list of likely friendly opponents? Someone posted it somewhere months ago.
  10. The reverse of the thread title I know but Ryan Fraser is finished at Newcastle barring a managerial about turn.
  11. Do the SRU get any tickets nearer the time? I was thinking of the Romania game in Lille but I'm assuming all the official tickets are sold out.
  12. Another Adidas template for a potential future kit maybe... Portland Timbers For anyone who wants a closer look - Shop Link
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