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  1. Great end to the season after the trauma of Wednesday. We strolled yesterday’s game which is pretty incredible after the last weeks exertions. Lots to look forward to. I’m hoping Scott Wright is going to be a very big player for Rangers next season. Gio seems to be good for his game.
  2. Scottish Football is hardly unique to other top flight leagues when it comes to who wins trophies. Just looking over the last 2 seasons then the key competitions have been split evenly between 3 clubs. Aberdeen, the third biggest club, have failed miserably in the last 10 years. Even worse this was in a period when Hearts and Rangers have been out of the top flight for prolonged periods.
  3. Lowry and King will be given plenty of opportunities next season. The current manager uses his squad depth a lot more than the previous one.
  4. Not sure Dundee should stick with this management team. Jack Ross would be a better option.
  5. Me and my son will be going to a pub in Derby to watch it along with a number of Rangers fans.
  6. Sadly I won’t be going to Seville. But as you said it’s a fantastic city. Went there a few years back. Gets unbearably hot though and the long range forecast for final week is in the 30’s.
  7. Tav has scored 55 goals in 236 appearances. That is incredible for a defender. He has loads of assists as well.
  8. When Leipzig scored I thought we looked finished. The mentality of the players and the discipline to recover from that comes for the manager. It’s 50:50 now as I think both finalists are evenly match. It’s hard to believe that 9 years ago at the same time we were playing East Stirling in the bottom tier
  9. Thought we played well for 30 mins after half time. They had some real chances that should have been put away. On that basis we are still well in this tie. No away goals is a real bonus when you play your home tie second. Especially when you haven’t scored in the first leg.
  10. I’m sure if Villarreal with the CL then Scotland’s loses it automatic CL group stage berth in next seasons competition.
  11. Can’t believe the Livingston goalie was not sent off for decking the Aberdeen player in the box. Should have been a penalty.
  12. I think Gio has done himself a lot of favours in the last 4 games. Lots of positives. I genuinely thought we were going to lose after the first 45 minutes but we really stepped up.
  13. Scott Wright had a great game for Rangers today. Should be credited for the first but great finish for his second.
  14. Looking forward to this the Killie v Arbroath game on Friday. Arbroath have sold 1800 tickets apparently. Not sure how many the home club have sold but surely they are expecting about 10k at the game ?
  15. Jesus. Scott Brown and Lennon got away with the enforcer role in so many games. How many bookings should have been dished out to them? On another day Lundstram could have got 2 yellow but this time he didn't. He was instrumental in disrupting the game plan. Rangers won that game fair and square.
  16. 50 years ago to the day Rangers played Bayern in the ECWC semi at Ibrox. On the same night Celtic played Inter in the EC semi at Celtic Park. Combined attendance. 155,000.
  17. Absolutely. I think this run to the semi is infinitely more impressive in terms of the performances than 2007.
  18. Drained. We should have won that game 5-1 at least. However fantastic achievement to reach the last 4.
  19. Watched The Power of the Dog last night on Netflix. All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t a rancher in Montana in 1925.
  20. Just watched the penultimate series of My Brilliant Friend. Fantastic series set in Naples. Highly recommend it.
  21. I’m coming round to sanctions. It’s the only way fans will be motivated to self police.
  22. Just thought I would put a word out for this community club who draw their support from mainly around Burslem and the northern areas of Stoke on Trent. After many years in league 2 they now have a decent shot at promotion. Their floodlights can be seen from miles around and their pitch was once the largest playing surfaces in the football league. They do a lot of good work in very deprived area of the country. Their ground is around 18 miles from me but I work in Hanley, Stoke on Trent.
  23. Still in this tie. We have a chance. That’s all we can say. We closed them down in the second half which didn’t seem likely in the first. Lack goals though. No away goals is a big plus now.
  24. Great through ball from Lowry there for the third. He really is a potential star for Rangers. Totally dominated that match. Pleasing we kept a clean sheet as in my view we’ll need to beat Celtic twice to win the league.
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