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  1. snoopyhill

    Wizz Air

    Yes we've booked Tues coming back Friday £112
  2. Another couple for ibis Brussels Centre Gare Midi
  3. Yes they are according to this website https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guidance/advice-for-you/when-travelling/travel-adaptors/
  4. I've chosen collect in person and queried if I still have to send travel details and yes you do.
  5. Yes I got ours earlier 10/06 18:04 £67 going out and 12/06 08:52 £49 coming back, just need the train from Dundee now...
  6. Booking.com have just been in touch G Empire has put the wrong price on the site so it is now more than double, we've binned it.
  7. Just booked Edinburgh Sunday 17th 16:35 long stop in Instanbul arrive Tuesday Astana 03:35, back Sunday 04:30 24th Edinburgh 15:40 Turkish Airlines £342. Not going to San Marino obviously 😊
  8. We're in Rome now heading to Tirana at 13:40
  9. Hi Davy, If 3 spaces become available can you let me know and I''ll take them. Cheers
  10. We're on 7 points but managed to buy them, did they lower the points needed?
  11. Davy thanks for organising the buses and to Sonia for keeping bus 4 under control 😁
  12. Ha ha don't think we are stalking you but I checked out the Hotel Town House and have now cancelled the Arber and booked Hotel Town House.
  13. 3 of us in the Arber hotel Thursday to Sunday, good reviews and central location
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