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  1. Another couple for ibis Brussels Centre Gare Midi
  2. Yes they are according to this website https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/guidance/advice-for-you/when-travelling/travel-adaptors/
  3. I've chosen collect in person and queried if I still have to send travel details and yes you do.
  4. Yes I got ours earlier 10/06 18:04 £67 going out and 12/06 08:52 £49 coming back, just need the train from Dundee now...
  5. Booking.com have just been in touch G Empire has put the wrong price on the site so it is now more than double, we've binned it.
  6. Just booked Edinburgh Sunday 17th 16:35 long stop in Instanbul arrive Tuesday Astana 03:35, back Sunday 04:30 24th Edinburgh 15:40 Turkish Airlines £342. Not going to San Marino obviously 😊
  7. We're in Rome now heading to Tirana at 13:40
  8. Hi Davy, If 3 spaces become available can you let me know and I''ll take them. Cheers
  9. We're on 7 points but managed to buy them, did they lower the points needed?
  10. Davy thanks for organising the buses and to Sonia for keeping bus 4 under control 😁
  11. Ha ha don't think we are stalking you but I checked out the Hotel Town House and have now cancelled the Arber and booked Hotel Town House.
  12. 3 of us in the Arber hotel Thursday to Sunday, good reviews and central location
  13. We were there overnight after the Macedonia game, we bought lounge access which worked out well for us. Ataturk is a busy airport and just finding somewhere comfortable made it worthwhile, the inclusive food and drink helped as well. 😊
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