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  1. Bain O'Donnell McKenna Mulgrew Robertson (c) Mcginn Mctominay Mcgregor Armstrong Forrest Burke Then for san Marino I would swap McKenna for Bates Robertson for Tierney Mcgregor for Ryan Fraser (as he is not allowed to play on a plastic pitch or else he would be in) Burke for Paterson (same reason as Ryan Fraser)
  2. this will be my 1st time in Brussels and looking for a bit of advice, we are flying in on the day of the game and out of Brussels charleroi @ 7am the day after the game, so we would like to be stay some where south of Brussels 5-10 min away from the airport but also easily enough to get back from the match the night before? any ideas of hotels or best areas within the city?
  3. Hi hampdenroarpod, Loving the pod casts so far up to Kenny Miller, started listening to it last Tuesday and not listened to the radio in the car since, I hope you continue to post more and hopefully a pre Kazakhstan/San Marino discussion when the squad is announced to and pod to discuss what has went on in these games??? Keep up the good work very enjoyable listening. Would love a pod with, Ally McCoist or Steven Presley or David Weir. as stated above would love a pod to discuss squad announcements, performance etc even if it was just a couple of your mates or past players.
  4. Mcgregor Tierney McKenna Bates Robertson mcginn mctominay fraser McGregor McKay-Stevens Paterson
  5. Mushet84


    No chance of a sell out, but i guess it may limit if you can get your 1st choice seats, but from experience, you will still be able to sit in your desired section (possibly not exact row or seat) and you will all get to sit together.
  6. Mushet84


    In my mind it is working out the same for both the Home nations and the friendlies as a member we are given 1000 points which will reduce the overall bill from £90 for the 4 games to £80 in total so hence £20 a match (again this is how i think about it in my mind). Seems pretty fair for international football. Also a £5 is a positive sign to make it financially viable for a dad/mum to take the kids.
  7. For a financial point of view we as a Football association are going to be better off Leaving Hampden and sharing with the SRU, they are going to look at ways to accommodate us and make it feel as a home and as we will be paying rent and a valuable source of extra income they are best placed to meet our needs.
  8. I think it's less about the league any player plays in but more about who is in form!time and again GS plays who he wants!I want to see a manager pick who deserves it over a consistent period. Can anyone believe lee Griffiths was 4 th choice at the start of this campaign? And he was the form striker.....
  9. Mushet84


    He has the heart of a mouse!GS has missed judged hI'm baday!
  10. What sites are people going to use now to help with travel, meet up points etc?
  11. If anyone has a single ticket from Edinburgh to London on the Friday spare please PM and ill collect anywhere in central Scotland.
  12. Has anyone recieved their tickets for this event?
  13. Myself and 2 others would be intrested.
  14. I now have 3 x £45 tickets for the England end, i will sell at face value if anyone is interested PM me.
  15. yip tried eventbrite and they have not got back to me either....makes weary of paying upfront when i can't speak to anyone on the phone.
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