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  1. Main Mackay Kernaghan Baltacha Davidson O'Neil Sheerin Morris Swanson Wright O'Boyle Subs Mannus Griffin Hardie Dodds MacLean
  2. scottishedgar

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    23rd is the Friday
  3. scottishedgar

    EPL players price tags?

    The price tags down there are vastly inflated but so is the prize money at stake these days. If you are Swansea chairman and come January you are staring relegation in the face. You need goals, Calum Wilson gets signed from Bournemouth at 40 mill. Scores 12 goals and keeps them up. Is he worth 40 mill? Absolutely, even double that. Would he be worth 40 million to Hamburg in the same scenario? Absolutely not.
  4. scottishedgar

    To stay or go?

    Spot on. Still think we should go foreign (Wright technically is) but I'd be happy enough with Wright
  5. That wasn't from the last defeat, we beat them that regularly it's easy to get confused though.
  6. scottishedgar

    After Diner Speakers

    Another mention for Rowbotham. Very good
  7. Even if the dons couldn't sell the additional tickets, which I'd imagine they would, then they could easily have put them round the schools or something. Pretty disappointing if you were an Aberdeen fan
  8. scottishedgar

    Scotland Players In Action 2016/17

    The clean sheet stat means he must be brilliant though......... Admittedly I've not seen the guy play but you can hardly say he's been great because he's had 3 clean sheets! You can make 20 mistakes in a game and not be punished by a goal, or play a great game and either a fantastic goal or another individuals mistake can cost you the clean sheet. I certainly wouldn't be judging the guy on the fact that he's been part of a team that has kept 3 clean sheets. Hopefully he develops into a Scotland stalwart in the future anyway!
  9. scottishedgar


    Saints had 7 scottish starters v Hamilton. Obviously down to 5 for the 2nd half 8 in each of the previous 2 games 9 in game before. Unfortunately a combined total of 3 Scotland mins in there though!
  10. scottishedgar

    Who should be our number 9?

    Do we replace him with the other strikers in the squad who can't get a game for their own team in a shit league then? Thought Griffiths played well last night, obviously the chance off the bar was a bad miss but the 1st time effort was great strike Play, got across his man well and swept it towards goal with power. His movement created numerous chances 1st half and we didn't look nearly as threatening 2nd half when he was replaced.
  11. scottishedgar

    Scotland Players In Action 2016/17

    Hanley is guff. No matter whether he's 25 or 35. Worst of a bad bunch unfortunately
  12. scottishedgar


    Not required now.
  13. scottishedgar


    Does anyone have any contacts over there? Looking for a couple of tickets for their home game v Spurs in February. Obviously ticket information won't be available as yet but if anyone was able to help that would be appreciated. Cheers in advance
  14. scottishedgar

    Brown & Snodgrass both declared fit.

    I'm not saying he's going to be a goal machine for Scotland but I think that he's probably our best option up front at the moment against teams that we are equal to or better than. Unfortunately our esteemed leader seems to want to play the same way away against Germany as home to Georgia. Just don't think Griffiths has had a fair crack of the whip in the games we are expected to win and invariably struggle. He's played a combined total of less than 90 minutes in his caps v Luxembourg, Georgia, Qatar and Lithuania. Those are the games I think he should be playing in. (Same goes for Jordan Rhodes when he was at his peak form)
  15. scottishedgar

    Brown & Snodgrass both declared fit.

    If Griffiths had started v Malta and Gibraltar (the teams Martin scored against) I daresay his stats would be better than Chris Martin