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  1. He’s a belter, Better than the rest, Andy Robbo is his name, Lion Rampant on his chest Think Liverpool have a version of the Gerry Cinnamon song. Something like this might work.
  2. Most definitely stay. Don’t want to give more money to the old firm and certainly don’t want to give any money(and kudos) to the rugby establishment.
  3. Have missed 3 competitive home games in 32 years. I'm finished, done. Just can't take it any more. Wasted time, money and effort going to Slovakia and Wembley. Remember an older guy (probably the age I am now)saying as we sat disconsolate in the hotel after Wembley '96 "Get used to the disappointment lads that's following Scotland for you." Said he'd been to Germany, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Italy , Sweden and to get used to the kicks in the teeth. Little did any of us realise the real disappointment that was to develop over the next 20 years of largely abject failure. I'll probably find some spirit (or spirits!) left somewhere to continue to go to home games but at the moment just feel done.
  4. England 1 Scotland 4 . C mon Scotland....we can but dream
  5. Hi there any more Bratislava bus info yet?



  6. Any info yet on times and departure of buses from Bratislava?
  7. Yes same here, logged in and printed off the ticket. Section 13.
  8. Have sent an email hoping for 2 seats on bus, cheers.
  9. Alba78


    Well said that man. We're not world beaters but we're not as bad as some of our current doom and gloom would suggest. Let's get some positivity going!
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