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  1. looking to get a shirt printed, do any of the JD shops in or around Glasgow do it?
  2. binobear

    New jerseys?

    Mine came - but no flag or museum pass as advertised anyone else had same issue ?
  3. binobear

    New jerseys?

    We didn't get Condivo 14 or 16 but hope this is right, think most fans really just want an unfussy all dark blue shirt
  4. Does anyone know if we get SSC discount on items on sale? Was hit or miss a few years back as to what shops granted it
  5. When was the the last time we won a competitive game at Hampden? Was it Gibraltar 2 years ago? Going further back, when did we last beat a team above us in rankings / seedings at Hampden while we were still in with a chance of qualifying?
  6. From an interview with Daily Mail - - Born in Kirkcaldy due to his Scottish father, Burke grew up in Melton Mowbray when his parents split and before making his senior debut against Denmark in March, FA officials tried to suggest he avoid committing his international future there and then. 'They did try a little cheeky one but it was never going to happen,' Burke reveals. 'It was nothing direct but I did hear when I was away with the senior squad for the first time they didn't want me to play for Scotland. 'I was like, 'No way! I've played for Scotland at youth level, I can't change.' Who does that? I love playing for Scotland, it is my country. It is where I was born. Every time I wear the badge I get goosebumps.'
  7. Snodgrass / Robertson starting for Hull - both playing well so far
  8. No thanks - give it our best shot every time, every game. Northern Ireland finished their 2014 WC qualifiers by losing away to Azerbaijan and Luxembourg- then drawing away to Israel. They didn't 'write off' Euro 2016 qualifying and won their group. We have an easier group than last time,
  9. Dundee United's Kieran Freeman going to Southampton,
  10. Sunday 8th May Portugal U17 v Scotland U17 UEFA Under-17 Championship Group Stage 12:30 British Eurosport 2 / British Eurosport 2 HD
  11. Our current captain paying thousands for a haircut transplant then shaving it all off?
  12. Currently 20% off everything just now with code FSF20
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