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  1. I am running a World Cup game through my work but it is open to family and friends etc so thought I would open it right up and try and get a good number in. Standard game of guessing the result of each of the group stage games, £5 per go. 10 points if you guess the correct score and 5 points if you guess the correct result but not the correct score, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The prizes will depend on the total pot but the split will be 60%, 25% and 15% respectively (eg 40 entries, total pot £200, split £120, £50, £30). If you are interest then please send me a message and I can email across the spreadsheet that needs filled in, payment can be through paypal or bank. Also, the game is very basic, just run on excel which I will update with the scores and it will determine points etc so any advice on how to give updates to everyone and to prove it’s clean game would be appreciated, don’t want anyone thinking I’m taking a cut etc I want to be as transparent as possible. Thanks for your time. Gary
  2. Gary Stirling

    New Points Structure For Next Campaign

    I thought that too but then once you answered it all the wording was this is going to be the membership from next campaign, unless I picked it up wrong...
  3. Gary Stirling

    New Points Structure For Next Campaign

    1 point for home game, last 10 games, everyone starts at 0 2 points for away game, last 10 games, current points included 1 point for renewing membership 1 point if you've been a member for 3 or more campaigns Subject to change I think... Source - Survey in today's email
  4. Gary Stirling

    2 x Free Slovenia Tickets

    Now been taken, thanks.
  5. Gary Stirling

    2 x Free Slovenia Tickets

    Can't make the match tonight anymore. Must be picked up from Maryhill. B6 area from memory, or there abouts.
  6. Gary Stirling

    Can someone buy me a scarf?

    Would someone be able to pick up a half and half scarf at the Canada game next week to send over to my cousin in Toronto. I will pay before hand and can meet in Glasgow city centre to get it. Thanks.
  7. Gary Stirling

    lithuania,october 8th

    13th Sep
  8. I think he means Serbia v Ireland.
  9. Gary Stirling


    SCOTLAND SUPPORTERS CLUB MEMBERS AWAY POINTS TABLE Correct at 2 December 2014 Total Members: 34732 No. of members with: 10 176 9 239 8 236 7 300 6 495 5 689 4 1075 3 1685 2 2563 1 9954 0 17320
  10. Gary Stirling

    Police Segregation At Final Whistle

    At somepoint during the second half they close the gates in the passage way behind the North Stand (Janefield St), so if your in JS the only way round is left onto London Rd unless you go down to the front of the stand and walk around the inside of the pitch to the other side and then head to an exit,I think going left would be the quickest way anyway would it not? Six and half a dozen really...
  11. Gary Stirling

    Where's Everyone Sitting Then..?

    Jock Stein Lower - Block 139 or 140. Won two tickets and hospitality passes on the Scotland Social League.
  12. Gary Stirling

    Johnny Russell Called Up

    Replaces Craig Bryson...
  13. Gary Stirling

    Billy Stark Steps Down