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  1. I have paid this fee ever since I have a Telly , but since the 2014 Ref and now Question Time Debacle at Motherwell , I have no faith in The BBC being impartial , I have cancelled my direct Debit , what is the consequences of this action
  2. Scott , tried to message you about Burnley I live about 30 miles from there and I have a Pent house ( attic Conversion ) if you and Dons fans want to use it feel free
  3. Scott , I live 30 miles from Burnley and if you and some Don fans want to live in my Penthouse suite in Skipton you are more than welcome Big Man

    1. Scotty CTA

      Scotty CTA

      Hi Dave,

      Things are still up in the air as to whether or not my cousin and I will be making the drive down.

      2 things...

      Can you please supply me with your full name, full address, e-mail, and phones numbers just in case this is a go?

      And also, would you know of anyone with a buying history at Burnley that I might be able to get a ticket in the home end through?

      Thank you so much, Dave.

      I hope to know more by tonight or tomorrow.


  4. AAID , Thanks but I don't have Sky STOORY , Thanks for the link , got on in time to see the Goal
  5. How do you get it on Freesports , I am a dinosaur
  6. According to SFA 1600hrs UK time and a link to the game http://www.vipleague.is/football/483407/1/england-u20-b-vs-scotland-u20-live-stream-online.html
  7. The next manager should be Budgie McGhie , used to working with really average players and turning them into good Junior players
  8. I have a wee andriod thingy cost £30 and watching it in HD on Kodi via Zem Sky 2 , more by luck than knowledge nae computer skills
  9. The Herald ran a review on the Star Bar cheap food and it got a good appraisal , veg , lentil soup , mince and tatties , ice cream and fruit cocktail , great value
  10. Try this link http://www.vipleague.is/sports/football.html You might get a few pop ups but generally get a good stream .
  11. I've lived in various parts of England and I agree with Flora especially in the wee town I now live in N Yorks having spent the previous 7 years in Cambuslang , the worst English pub beats anything Cambuslang could offer .
  12. Marky Try Phoenix on KODI , I am watching the game on Phoenix Sports , good quality picture
  13. Another link for the game http://www.vipleague.is/sports/football.html
  14. I just got an android box (XS Box) from Amazon £31.50 with Kodi preloaded and after watching youtube videos on how to do things with it , I am now watching good quality film streams not tried the sports side yet and I am a computer Dinosaur
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