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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    The Rep of Ireland did and it turned out he's only eligible for England.
  2. Scottish Labour

    Oh FFS Apparently because they held a safe Labour seat at a council by-election yesterday in Rutherglen that is "proof" that Richard Leonard is the people's tribune.
  3. Where Are They Now ? - 99/00 Under 18 Squad

    How the hell did Darren Mackie last so long at Aberdeen ? He was under contract there until 2012 Perhaps the Sheep on here can set me right but I always thought he was a mediocre player. Tony McParland I believe went on to play for quite a few different clubs at Junior level.
  4. Scottish Labour

    Aye, he's one of those typical arrogant SLab fuds that believe the working class electorate of Scotland are the Labour Party's own private property.
  5. Quite right Mr Bongo. And some excellent rebuttals as posted above too I might add. I want to know who these "sources" are for Hitler's supposed incredible escape from the combined land and air forces of the Soviets and the Western Allies in 1945. Prepare for laughter. It is of course utter bullshit. How on earth could anyone believe this crap ?
  6. You surely don't believe these gazumps though do you ? And pretty much everyone who was in the bunker and didn't get killed trying to escape or commit suicide, have the the same story. Hitler and Mrs H formally said "farewell to their staff and aides. They retired to their bunker sitting room. After a short while a shot was heard. The others entered the unlocked room and found Hitler dead from a gunshot wound to the head and a cyanide capsule taken at the same time, Mrs H had also bitten a cyanide capsule. The took the bodies out to cremate them. There wasn't enough petrol to do a complete job so they buried the charred remains. As an afterward it's been established that the Soviets dug up the half cremated bodies and buried them again several items before finally disposing of them at sea in the 1970s. By whom ? Can you provide the titles of books and studies by reputable historians and researchers that back this up ? Hitler did not escape Berlin. He commited suicide on April 30th 1945.
  7. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He plays both positions. He's worth a look. Just like Charlie Mulgrew can play center back, left back and defensive midfield. So what if he plays for rustic old Scunthorpe Utd ? I don't care what club a player plays for. The days of a Scotland XI being made up of Celtic, Rangers, Liverpool, Leeds and Man Utd players is long gone.
  8. He did try and involve Spain. It's well documented that Hitler and Farnco met at Hendaye, France in 1940 where H asked F what his conditions for Spain joining the war where. Rather than offer to join the war, demand Gibraltar and place his forces at Hitler's disposal, Franco asked for massive monetary loans, huge supplies of grain, oil and so on as well as new German armour and aircraft to equip his forces. He also demanded future Spanish sovereignty over (Vichy) France's North African colonies. The German's did not agree to any of this. Some think Franco deliberately demanded too much so he could keep Spain out of the war. Hitler blew his brains out in 1945 in Berlin. And good riddance. The worlds most recognisable man did not simply waltz through the clutches of over a million Soviet troops.
  9. That's not rue. Any historian will tell you that Spain didn't take part in the Second World War because it's whole infrastructure, towns and cities were in ruins after the Civil War which had only just ended in 1939 and the population was war weary. The didn't have a penny in their treasury and so they had to re-build their economy rather than continue to wage war. The Falange also wanted to get started imposing politically, social, cultural and linguistic program for Spain as well as dealing with the Republican insurgency in some of the remote mountanoius areas. Franco also was concerned that if he did declare war then it would endanger Spain's weakly defended African colonies for takeover by Britain and/or America. Spain did not stay out of the war purely so Hitler could have a possible refuge.
  10. Scottish Labour

    Did anyone else see that disgraceful article attacking Dugdale by that former SLab spindoctor Paul Sinclair the other day ? As much as I usually feckin love to see a bit of good old fashioned SLab infighting, this was just pure poison and well over the line.
  11. What's happening with Scott Bain at Dundee ? Seems he's been dropped from the team owing to an "internal matter". Hope it's not anything unpleasant. He's not a bad keeper and would be a good option for a club needing one in January if Dundee transfer list him.
  12. Totally rotten manager Not a particularly particularly pleasant human being either. He claims that his time at Falkirk was a success but wasn't he actually sacked ?
  13. Hampden - stay or go?

    Stay but we need to get the builders in again and bring those stands much closer to the pitch. At some point in the next ten years I'm confident that UEFA will accept the growing demand for safe standing areas to be introduced at international games. That would really improve Hampden.
  14. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Lindsay should have made his debut against the Netherlands, Liam Cooper too. Malky Mackay is an idiot who couldn't be arsed doing his research properly. Omitted Lindsay and Cairney. Only used three out a possible six substitutions available to him and one of them was right near the end. Left Lindsay, Barrie McKay and Tom Cairney out of the squad. What a tool. If we are calling up Charlie Mulgrew whilst he's playing for Blackburn in League One then we shouldn't we also look at Murray Wallace who is playing for Scunthorpe Utd in the same division ? Scunthorpe are actually above Blackburn in the table presently. We can't afford to be snobbish about players just because they play for "unfashionable" clubs such as Barnsley or Scunthorpe.