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  1. Not for a while yet. Several claims on the pot that the courts have to deal with first before final payments can be made.
  2. they changed the rules about three seasons ago. unfortunately the page with the new rules on them longer works. your right to be confused on that basis
  3. You're a moron. (just wanna see how this works )
  4. Firstly, did you not get cash from Robertson going to Liverpool? Secondly, fuck off - that performance cost me £94
  5. How'd the cameras work in England last night?
  6. Sorry about to run into a meeting so I'll need to keep this short. We are arnt talking about people. We are talking about companies, with reporting regulations, accounts, etc. Which is exactly my point. If you were to petition the court for your 3K, it would appear on the court rolls - and we would know. I've given you the link sbove to check. We arent talking about lending or borrowing.from a bank. We talking about one company assessing the credit worthiness of another to carry out a transaction with them.
  7. Current liabilities are one of the key factor they use for generating each score. Whether they these use an algorithm's to generate this in certain citations, I don't know. What I do know its that its the standard industry approach to independently evaluating the credit worthiness of a company. Try getting money from a lender to buy 3rd party assets without one. Even if they did lend, it would almost immediately void the banks cover. Never going to happen But anyway this obviously does touch on the various directors duties to report any unexpected liabilities, in any event.
  8. Dun & Bradstreet (probably the most used independent commercial credit checking agency in the UK) will do you a daily credit report on any UK company https://www.dnb.co.uk/ Sure you already knew that though
  9. But any petition would need to go through the courts (unless it was uncontested)- and would then appear on the rolls. Hence what I was saying above. And anyway, if Rangers were trading insolvently, the credit agencies would be the first to flag it. And its standard to obtain a credit report for any large transaction. I do know what I am talking about here.
  10. To be honest, I remember him being ok up here but nothing special. Only seen him a few times down south and never really stood out. Couple of Motherwell boys I know rate him highly though.