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  1. Top youth goal scorer in Italy back in 2013. At not done much since seemingly. Was sent out on loan to Breda in January. Seemingly another Breda old boy though, Brandon Baker, will be joining. More excited about that one, if it comes through.
  2. Stu101

    Seaon ticket sales

    Appears that the only thing left with us are single tickets for one of the rear blocks in the broomloan.
  3. Gone for £5 each way on Jesus to scorer (20/1) and Cavani (25/1) - each way 5 places with Paddy Power. £10 on the PP special the other day of France to win, Griesman top scorer at 50/1.
  4. You have to wonder about these folk.
  5. A few, yes hosting all day, though managed to get to watch a bit of the boxing earlier.
  6. Time and time again you wonder how this board seems to attract intellectual thinkers of such caliber.... Anyway, bring back the flat earth guy. At least he seemed fun, and not like someone sitting at home in a dark damp room in camouflage, polishing his BB gun and dreaming of having the balls to take a pot shot at old liz
  7. To be fair, there was almost no chance before. Our bus used to get 2 between 60 odd.
  8. Considering the obtuse porn my mate brought back from Turkey a few years back, I suspect you can get pretty much everything there
  9. Nah- it means we can sell full priced season tickets for that stand. New season tickets including Celtic are hard to come by.
  10. Scottie and James do seem to know each other. I worry slightly about this James chap. To be honest he should probably be getting professional help, rather than running a blog (and I mean that as advice, rather than a dig in any way)
  11. Great news. Allows us to sell more full price season tickets (not the reduced ones without the Celtic games).
  12. The timing on this is all very dodgy, considering (a) it was reported to the police at the time, (b) it was flagged again recently during the ongoing investigation into abuse in Scottish Football, and (c) the club have correctly said they cant settle any claims as they are legally barred from doing so, but have offered what else they can (counseling, etc.). There isn't even a story here as far as I can see, sad as it all is. I'm wondering if their maybe certain reporting restrictions at the 'other' trial that started today..... but even that would be a stretch. EDIT: seems the trial date for Torbett is now June, though not fixed as far as I can see.