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  1. Not sure how that marries up with their 'manager with previous premier league experience' statement.
  2. Pardew, Allardyce and Michael O'Neil will all be linked as well. You can get 10/1 on McInnes at the moment though - which is a pretty decent bet. Conversely, I'd take Pulis at Rangers. Probably out of our price bracket though. Edit: McInnes has gone from 10/1 to 4/1 in the last five minutes with Skybet. Should really have backed him, rather then wasting time on here!
  3. Pulis now sacked, seemingly. Edit: now confirmed on Sky sports
  4. Mark McGhee

    Not forgetting that he could have been the Liverpool manager, 'had results gone his way'.
  5. Michael O Neill

    How about he takes the job, or we jail him?
  6. Michael O Neill

    Given that he has already been the boss of NI, I'm not even sure how big that would be. What worried me (as both a Rangers and a Scotland fan) is that I suspect he might get a big money offer from down south - as noted above.
  7. Michael O Neill

    Wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, apart from a couple of roasters.
  8. Michael O Neill

    Yeah, that was the one. Cheers.
  9. Michael O Neill

    Hopefully, although did someone not post an article that said his next gig would be managing a club? (possibly quoting his agent or something?)
  10. Booing your own players

    Except for the fact that we now know we have someone that can play right back, albeit probably as the back up.
  11. Booing your own players

    I know a Celtic fan who thought Mo Johnston was the devil himself when he ended up at Rangers. Would still never have hurled abuse at him during a Scotland game though.
  12. Booing your own players

    Sadly it wasn't a theoretical question.
  13. Booing your own players

    Just out of interest, how would you feel about abusing his wife on twitter?
  14. Booing your own players

    Because no one like you could exist in real life.