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  1. I will survive. No you wont.
  2. Fuck me that's dire. Was praying for the tiger to go rogue.
  3. Not one to watch (rather listen to), but West Cork on Audible is excellent. 'This much we do know: Sophie Toscan du Plantier was murdered days before Christmas in 1996, her broken body discovered at the edge of her property near the town of Schull in West Cork, Ireland. The rest remains a mystery. Gripping, yet ever elusive, join the real-life hunt for answers in the year's first not-to-be-missed, true-crime series. Investigative journalist Sam Bungey and documentarian Jennifer Forde guide listeners through the brutal, unsolved murder and the tangled web of its investigation, while introducing an intricate cast of characters, a provocative prime suspect, and a recovering community whose story begs to be heard.'
  4. Not a bad investment though. Cost the old Glasgow corporation £8k in the 1950. The Spanish Government supposedly offered £85 million for it a few years back. The city even makes that original £8K back every couple of years in image rights.
  5. 'Andrew' just sounds more Protestant
  6. Always though Blur's Parklife was a pretty happy album. Supergrasses first effort was always quite cheery too. Plus the Darkness, obviously.
  7. Sorry - Thomas Gainsborough - The Honourable Mr Graham (1776- i think). Hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland
  8. Not religious in the slightest, but something powerful in this-
  9. Bonnie Prince Billy - I See a Darkness Josh T Pearson - Last of the Country Gentlemen Portishead - Dummy
  10. First overhead kick I ever saw - never even though it was possible before !
  11. Milner has been great this season.
  12. Both unaudited and audited accounts are prepaired by accountants, however unaudited accounts rely on the information provided as being accurate. Half year I suspect. Cant be bothered checking.