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  1. Texas Pete

    Callum Paterson

    Why not just stick him in goals?
  2. Texas Pete

    Callum Paterson

    Phillips? Forrest? Geez a toke of what you’re smoking. What’s Fletcher got to do with anything?
  3. Texas Pete

    Who would you have back in the squad

    I think he has had some injury problems so if he is as good as we hope he is and he stays fit he should hopefully get a run in the team and possibly a move back to Sporting or another top team. If that happens then he’ll definitely catch McLeish’s eye. To be fair to the guy, he’s trying to make it out there and hasn’t fled back to British football with his tail between his legs.
  4. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    The SFA have got QP by the Niagara Falls and I can’t see anything else other than a cut price sale. The SFA just need to make sure QP are not too disadvantaged though as if they go out of business due to this it will be a disgrace.
  5. Texas Pete

    Who would you have back in the squad

    The Portuguese league isn’t great. I would agree it’s a slightly better standard than the Scottish Premiership, particularly with Rangers being in the state they are but it’s nowhere near as good as the English, German, Spanish, Italian or even French League. The club he’s playing for at the moment have a ground with a capacity of 8-9 thousand and they are towards the bottom of the league so he is hardly playing for a top side. Having said that, I notice that you did not quote the part of my post that stated he may be worth a call up if he establishes himself in the Aves team. If he starts regularly for the club he’s on loan at and plays well then I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the squad. I just don’t think he should get one if he continues to start on the bench. I am a great believer in international footballers being regular starters for their clubs.
  6. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    There are several other stations within walking distance. Mount Florida is always the busiest as it’s the closest to the ground. You’d be far better going to one of the other stations. You can’t really compare the rail service in Glasgow with the London Underground or railway services down there. They have far more rolling stock and drivers than we have up here and can cope with huge crowds coming out of Wembley better than ScotRail can cope up here. ScotRail already put on extra trains when events are on at Hampden with the network running at capacity so I’m not sure what else you would want them to do. Also, you’re complaining that it takes an hour to get into the city centre after a match. The trains are only every 20-30 minutes on that line normally at night and it takes about 10 minutes on the train. Unless you time it perfectly you’re probably talking about an average of 30 minutes to get from the stadium to the city centre at 9:30 at night even if there isn’t a game on.
  7. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I’m sure most folk with common sense realise any major changes to the stadium will take time, if they happen at all. In my opinion, Hampden really isn’t that bad in terms of view unless you are sat directly behind the goals in the first 10-20 rows. I’ve sat in pretty much every section over the years and most are ok. What Hampden isn’t great for is crowds of less than 25,000- 30,000. The place is like a morgue unless there is a decent crowd. All stadiums suffer from that to one degree or another but Hampden seems to be particularly bad for it. I am all for spending a good bit of money on improving the ground as long as the money used wasn’t already earmarked for grassroots development or something like that. If we can get enough money in by selling the name of a stand or half the car park or whatever then they can rip the east and west stands out and totally replace them as far as I’m concerned. Not sure how feasible that is though.
  8. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Why would it be enlightened? To help out a smaller group of people? Don’t really get your logic there. The only 2 reasons I could see for moving to Murrayfield would be: 1. It has a bigger capacity. 2. If it would represent a significant financial saving. How often would we need s capacity of 67,500? Once a campaign? If that? Buying Hampden would do away with the need to pay rent to anyone. So the atmosphere at Murrayfield May be better than Hampden. What will it be like when there’s only 25,000 in it though? If the SFA are able to buy Hampden, staying there should be the only option in my opinion.
  9. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    17 November 2018 - Scotland v South Africa 20 November 2018 - Scotland v Israel 24 November 2018 - Scotland v Argentina It will probably happen more often than you think, especially now there are no Euro playoffs in November. The grass issue was just a small one that came to mind. The difference probably isn’t that much but how long before the rugby hooray Henrys start moaning about it if there are clashes? A bigger concern would be what happens if the SRU want to play a game in October or November when we’ve got a match? I’m sure we can all work around each other but why give yourself that hassle if you don’t need to?
  10. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Are you suggesting we use both Hampden and Murrayfield? If not, Rangers and Celtic would be dragged through to Edinburgh. Same situation. Using both would make sense potentially but if the SFA buy Hampden I would imagine all relevant games will be played there. They won’t want to split the revenue with anyone else.
  11. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    And then growing it to the required length again when there’s a rugby match the following week? Or three days later? You must be some gardener mate.
  12. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    You can see the pitch but anything in the opposite half is difficult to make out as it’s so far away. You need to be at least half way up the stand to see anything in the other half and even then the view isn’t great. That’s only directly behind the goals to be fair. The view gets better the further round towards the north/south stands you go, especially if you’re a good 20-30 rows up.
  13. Texas Pete

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Interesting. It’s good to know he can play there if required. Not sure if he’s the long term solution though but time will tell.
  14. Texas Pete

    Bids to replace Hampden

    How much is upgrading lesser Hampden going to cost? Hee haw compared to what will need to be spent on Hampden I would reckon. I can’t see them doing much to the ground in the first couple of years to be honest. It will take time to get the money together. No doubt some corporate sponsorship would be involved with the east and west stands being renamed.
  15. Texas Pete

    Who would you have back in the squad

    He hasn’t really done anything to warrant a call up though. There will no doubt be a lot of call offs for the games in May and June so maybe McLeish will be tempted to call him up to have a look at him. I can’t see it though. Especially if he isn’t starting regularly by the end of the season. If Gauld is going to break into the Scotland squad I think he’ll either need to go back to Lisbon and force his way into the team, get a permanent move to a decent team or at the very least become a mainstay at Aves. He is still young and time is on his side but we won’t be able to say that for much longer.