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  1. Apart from getting pished and then acting like a child on the bench you mean?
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Do you seriously think Killie will hold on to Clarke in the long term? Would you rather lose him to Scotland now or Rangers or an English team at the end of the season? I personally can’t see it happening though. It will be McLeish if his plans at Charlton go tits up.
  3. Are you hoping our new manager will read this and take your advice? Gordon is 34 or something so you’ll get your wish soon enough.
  4. You’re just picking on the guy for no reason. I could post on here every time Marshall or McGregor make an error but I’m not sad enough.
  5. Are you going to call out every mistake Craig Gordon makes on here until he retires?
  6. SSC Renewals

    Has the new points system been announced yet? What am I missing?
  7. SSC Renewals

    They could work it that way but I don’t think it’s as certain as you think. This isn’t France or Russia. If we qualify we will have two games at Hampden and depending on the opposition we may end up with way more than 50% of the tickets. Would Hampden be classed as a neutral venue? We would be a host nation and I think a lot of people would class it as a home game, for SSC purposes at least. According to the SSC terms and conditions an away match is ‘any match played outwith Scotland’. Someone that goes to every home match for the next 2 years but no away games would be pretty pissed off of they missed out on a Euro 2020 ticket for a match at Hampden because someone who has one point for going to one away game in the last 10 but no home games gets one. That’s why I think they’ll change the terms and conditions and award points for home games.
  8. SSC Renewals

    If it’s 2 points for an away game and 1 point for a home game, yes. I don’t think that’s been confirmed yet though has it? It could be the same points for home and away games but only away points count for getting away tickets. Or it could be something daft like 2 points for a home game and 3 for an away game? Who knows?
  9. SSC Renewals

    The Euro 2020 finals games at Hampden are not away games either though so supporters club away points would not count for them which is why I think they’ll revamp the points system. Only a small number of people go to most away games. Lots go to all home games. I will more than likely go to every home Nations League game and every home qualifier but I’ll probably only go to 2-3 away games. The people that will be most affected will be guys who maybe live abroad and don’t go to home games but only go to 1-2 away games a year.
  10. SSC Renewals

    There are definitely changes happening and knowing the SFA they are not necessarily going to benefit the fans. I haven’t looked into it but I’m pretty sure members are guaranteed one home ticket for qualifiers and friendlies only, not all home games (although they are usually one and the same). To be fair, changing the points system to include home games is a good idea for this campaign. I would hate to go to every home qualifier and Nations League match and miss out on a ticket for the games at Hampden should we qualify.
  11. SSC Renewals

    What are you thinking it might be? The only thing I can think of is they might change the points system to 2 points for an away game and 1 for a home game. What good this would do I don’t know but there have been rumours about it on here and elsewhere. Can’t think what else they could change.
  12. SSC Renewals

    I will be renewing as I go to away games and I don’t think £50 (if that’s what it’s going to be) is actually that bad for two years (not that I think it’s great value either). Even if I didn’t go to away games I would probably still renew. We are only a decent run away from selling Hampden out regularly again. I wouldn’t want to run the risk of missing out on an important qualifier or playoff (wishful thinking?) at home because I was too cheap to renew. If you can’t afford it then not renewing is a no brainer at the moment as there is no real value in doing it because home tickets are easy to get but I am lucky enough to not be skint at the moment (for a change) so I will. Hopefully the t-shirt won’t be shite this year.
  13. Michael O Neill

    Maybe he thinks it’s nobody else’s business? Regardless of the reason he’s entitled to weigh up his options and take his time. It’s a big decision for him. Anyone that thinks he should be desperate to manage Scotland and should have made his decision by now isn’t being very realistic (I’m not suggesting you are doing this but others have).
  14. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Interesting statement from Queen’s Park released today. They claim the vast majority of the rent the SFA pay is actually kept by them for the upkeep of the stadium. Makes sense I suppose but it sounds like the SFA are actually getting a pretty good deal. I suspect the noises made by the SFA about leaving Hampden are bullshit right enough and they are trying to frighten QP into lowering the rent. http://www.queensparkfc.co.uk/?p=6195
  15. world cup of losers

    Are there 16 teams ranked below us that didn’t qualify?