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  1. Thanks Gordon

    yes, belligerent, self-serving arrogant managers fully deserve our thanks and best wishes......
  2. Strachan's gone

    i would love an appointment like that. or at least see that type of imagination. I know bookies don't dictate the options but they are normally fairly accurate. and for us its Mackay, Moyes etc etc. Jesus.
  3. Strachan's gone

    we could have had Lars Lagerback at the time of Burley; we could have had him in Feb if the SFA had the baws to get rid of Strachan at the time.
  4. Strachan's gone

    Vogts was poor. anyone defending him can't have watched many matches when he was in charge. is Strachan a better manager? Vogts had much less to work with and the squad of players available to Strachan is far better than Vogts options so Strachan is probably not a better manager. But its like comparing a shuddering kick in the baws to a poker up the erse......
  5. SFA Meeting on Thursday

    I don't think there is anything else left to be said......
  6. Sam alladyce

    for me, absolutely not but then I have already stated why I would be against him and that is based on his record. You suggesting that everyone against the appointment of Allardyce is down to xenophobia says more about you and your own prejudices. If I were against john Barnes being the next Scotland manager, by applying your logic I would be hiding behind his managerial record when in reality I would be against his appointment solely down to the fact that he was English or was black. You must concede your sweeping comments and logic are quite moronic........
  7. Sam alladyce

    which is what I said. he is trying to spell what he believes are his understanding of Scottish expressions.....
  8. Sam alladyce

    good point. better argument.
  9. Sam alladyce

    jesus. what an argument.
  10. SFA Meeting on Thursday

    a third one. mental. If only we had visionaries in charge of our game. If only we had people with a slight level of ambition who could think out of the box when it comes to appointments. it is the same old shit and likely to be the same old tired band of potential managers who will get quoted. No other group of fans would put up with such a shambolic running of their game but we do and our reward for it is the likes of Burley, Levein, and potentially three time failure Strachan. Strachan banging on about genetics and height was embarrassing but nothing you would not expect from him. he is a small man in every way who looks at life through the prism of his diminutive stature. it also seeks to misdirect some gullible journalists and fans from his continual failings. if his contract gets renewed/extended it is no more than what we and the likes of Dizzy deserve.
  11. Sam alladyce

    so if you are critical of Allardyce's managerial record and performance as a manager it is simply down to "racism". Right....... when passing self of as Scottish in order to troll on here, for future reference the Scottish vernacular is "nae transfers" and "fitba". if using ball singular to describe the spherical object then it is "baw". Hope that helps.
  12. Slovenia

    if we have 55% possession, create 20 odd chances, hit the bar twice, have a decent claim for a penalty and don't concede, then I would be very happy with that - assuming we take at least one of those chances. You looking for 30 chances and increased possession? Always good to aim high........
  13. Scottish SPL Players

  14. an I think you'll find Hatton now lives in Falkirk
  15. Council elections

    I know. It is a typical Tory trait - you don't give a feck about the circumstances of others until it impacts on you (and throw direct family in there also). Ruth Davidson made some utterances about the DUP's attitude towards LGBT folks (before of course firmly toeing the party line); telling however to see her initial reaction to a Tory position which adversely impacted on her for once. She is fine with thousands of other poor bastards being adversely impacted by disability or benefit cuts..........