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Tartan Army Club Crest/Badge - Bottle coolers

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Ladies and Gents please see attached a proof picture of the Clan Derby Crest. This is an example of what can be done with the respective Tartan Army Club Crests/Badges.

I must be clear that either National or club badges CANNOT be copied.

The coolers are suitable for beer bottles and are also perfect for the kids Fruit Shoot/Lucozade bottles.

I am starting to keep an extra of each design made and I am currently working on a Facebook page dedicated to the coolers. They can be used for kids football teams/rugby teams/bowling clubs/stag and hen parties etc etc.

Thanks to Jonathan Morris, Clan Derby for allowing me to show this. I think you will all agree its a fantastic example.

The coolers are priced at £7.00 each plus postage costs.

I require a minimum order of 25 to go to print with each design.

Please contact me on scotlandfittiefans@gmail.com if you require any further details or wish to discuss your own respective club badges/crests. Many thanks.


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