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  1. A bit of fun mate - and a lot of people think Dalglish always wore 7...not so in Argentina 78.
  2. Ladies and Gents.....a wee bit fun in the current dark times......here is my latest bottle cooler. Be with me soon ( if the world hasn't ended)....Still £7.00 each plus postage costs. 1978 World Cup in Argentina Kenny Dalglish No. 8. Message me if you fancy any. Many thanks...⚽️⚽️
  3. I could give you a free 2 year SFA membership but think you would have more fun with the beer cooler😅😅. Its a novelty fun item for us long suffering supporters. ⚽️⚽️
  4. NOVELTY DARTS BOTTLE COOLERS Ladies and Gents. A bit of Novelty fun for all darts players and fans. Perfect gift for Birthday/Christmas/Secret Santa. £7 each plus postage costs. Ready to post.
  5. Ladies and Gents. Novelty Scotland bottle cooler. Perfect fun gift for Birthday/Christmas/Secret Santa. £7 each plus postage costs. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  6. SCOTLAND NOVELTY BOTTLE COOLERS Ladies and Gents please see attached a proof picture of the Clan Derby Crest. This is an example of what can be done with the respective Tartan Army Club Crests/Badges. I must be clear that either National or club badges CANNOT be copied. The coolers are suitable for beer bottles and are also perfect for the kids Fruit Shoot/Lucozade bottles. I am starting to keep an extra of each design made and I am currently working on a Facebook page dedicated to the coolers. They can be used for kids football teams/rugby teams/bowling clubs/stag and hen parties etc etc. Thanks to Jonathan Morris, Clan Derby for allowing me to show this. I think you will all agree its a fantastic example. The coolers are priced at £7.00 each plus postage costs. I require a minimum order of 25 to go to print with each design. Please contact me on scotlandfittiefans@gmail.com if you require any further details or wish to discuss your own respective club badges/crests. Many thanks.⚽️⚽️⚽️
  7. Got a spare mate. Can meet you in Brussels.
  8. Anyway, we no that bad after all, Croatia 0 Azerbaijan 1......please hold on and take the heat off Scotland.....
  9. We could all debate this for years, the SFA would get money to carry out a "study" into our failures and still do feck all.
  10. But we are a nation of bampots, we keep going back, glutton for the punishment they hand out. The sfa play clever, they now have all our pennies in the bank, don't give a hoot if we boycott home games now......
  11. Agree with all that. Who will listen and who is prepared to do anything about it or who can do anything about it???
  12. Chripper, as proud and passionate as I am about Scotland this post is spot on. We are falling behind the so called "minnows", we are devoid of ideas, lacking the initiative to look forward as many other countries have done and give youth a chance, it may mean several years of pain and suffering but we must act soon. I will still go and support them but each year it gets harder. I am off to San Marino tomorrow and I cant ever remember feeling so flat about going on an away trip. I am reluctant to criticise individuals but clearly this afternoon there were several players not yet ready to step up to International level. We will never have the greatest players but by feck - please try, this is your country you are playing for. The SFA have an arrogance that all is well....we might seak a 1 nil win against San Marino and all will be good again!!!
  13. Go Opti looks to be the cheapest. Looks like £120 if there are 4 which isn't too bad? They indicate 2200hrs pick up time at airport - looks like 76 miles and takes 1hr 15mins. Hopefully get another couple interested.
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