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  1. Norway, Serbia, Romania all better than us at this point. Serbia simply on paper, form wise they been poor but who knows come March. We will pass Bulgaria or Israel. Feel we will lose the final.
  2. Not sure when the draw happens but we are unlikely to drop out of Pot 3 if it happens this year
  3. Some context though, Russia were missing their 2 best players. Also, having caught some of the match, the Russians were not sitting back and defending relying on counters. Something they did against Spain at the World Cup last year. Looked like they went up against Belgium trying to win. Not often you see Belgium get 42% Possession, 1 Corner (vs Russia's 7) and have the same amount of shots as their opponent. I think the score would have been closer if Russia were playing more conservative football. They will meet each other (Most likely in the group stages at Euro 2020) and I think it will be close (result wise).
  4. As of 17/11/19 Scotland is the 29th Ranked team in Europe. Squeeze into Pot 3.
  5. Yep Serbs notorious under performers. They have arguably had strongest squads in Eastern Europe, and far stronger than any Scotland side in the past 20 years. In reality they ended up under performing time and time again and have achieved no where near their Eastern European rivals.
  6. Maybe too harsh there true haha. I am calling it appalling mainly because of the previous season still dragging our ranking down.I remember being top 10 at one point. Half our national team is competing in this league. If the SPFL improves our NT is likely to improve etc. We have a lot going for us, location, EPL eyes always on our league, Celtic and Rangers are well known major clubs but we are behind Cyprus who has a population of 1 million, Denmark who has the same population as us and achieved far more in football than us. Croatia were regularly sitting above us with a smaller population and their NT is far ahead of us. That's mainly my point but yeah probably a little too harsh. Over the past 10 years the amount of times I have seen our clubs knocked out by the 3rd/4th best sides from the likes of Luxembourg, Armenia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and so on is crazy. Guess that is why I find it appalling, This season alone we are the 5th best performing league in Europe (This will drop as the season progress' but great to see) 2020-5th 2019 - 10th 2018 - 23rd 2017 - 19th 2016 - 27th 2015 - 21st
  7. Yeah, I will add I have always found sides that have players regularly competing in the UCL (Further you go the better) or going far in Europa League (At least Round of 16) seem to have good consistency at NT levels. 1. Belgium (Majority of squad play in the top 3 leagues in Europe, pre 2012 that wasn't the case) 2018 - 3rd 2016 - 7th 2014 - 6th 2012 - DNQ 2010 - DNQ 2008 - DNQ 2006 - DNQ 2004 - DNQ 2002 - 14th 2. Russia (Majority of squad play in 6th best league in Europe always have strong domestic presence in clubs competing in Europe ) 2018 - 8th 2016 - 23rd 2014 - 23rd 2012 - 9th 2010 - DNQ 2008 - 3rd 2006 - DNQ 2004 - 10th 2002 - 22nd 3. Scotland (Half the squad play in the 20th best league in Europe / one third play in the best league and one third second tier of England) 2018 - DNQ 2016 - DNQ 2014 - DNQ 2012 - DNQ 2010 - DNQ 2008 - DNQ 2006 - DNQ 2004 - DNQ 2002 - DNQ
  8. NT Performances 1) Trophies (Especially in recentlyish..last 15 years) 2) How deep teams have gone in tournaments 3) How regularly teams qualify *What league they compete in and how it is ranked on UEFA Coefficients, if the players are regularly competing in the UCL or going far in Europa League* Judging by that.. Scotland is exactly where we should be in qualification
  9. Good to see, still appalling how low we are ranked but glad to have a good season in Europe for once.
  10. I don't rate it personally. That is not top 2 Euro qualifying material in my eyes.
  11. Sixth in Europe for a reason.
  12. and? The Russian league is ranked 6th in Europe by UEFA and has sat there for a long time.
  13. Scotland only side to be taking these games seriously. Cyprus and Kazakhstan 0 to play for. We are preparing for the play offs. Cyprus 1-2 Scotland Scotland 0-0 Kazakhstan
  14. Our weight is third in the group. Will see at end of campaign if we are below above or where we would have ended up.
  15. The Kazakhs have proven to be tough to break down. I do feel though we will be the only motivated side in these matches and should really be hoping for wins. Not sure though...
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