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  1. QPR were playing a 4/2/3/1 to accommodate their young striker Armstrong who is very strong and has pace, Dykes was playing in the middle of the 3 just behind Armstrong and was trying to get up beside him whenever he had the opportunity. Had a decent game. So it was 4/2/3/1 without possession and 4/4/2 with the ball.
  2. I think one of the major problems within Scottish football is the immaturity of our players, at least in the last few decades. Most Scottish players have the mentality of teenagers. Other players from other nations seem to mature quicker while we seem to think being a “cheeky chappy” into your 20’s and 30’s is somehow “cool”. And invariably it leads to “boys” against “men” on the pitch.
  3. Was just about to post this, I think it’s a very good move, a step up at a good time in his career / development. It’ll be good for him to be playing for team that isn’t hovering around the relegation zone.
  4. I like Hendry, and I think he’s done enough to keep his place in the starting 11, preferably in the middle of the 3. But Clarke may want to bring Hanley back into the side and move Hendry out to the right? He’s 28 years old, so just beginning to come into his prime, 28 caps for Scotland so beginning to gather experience. He’s beginning to show composure and maturity in his game and is very decent on the ball.
  5. Patterson played well against Man City / Grealish. Got caught out once and had to pull Grealish down for which he received a yellow card. Didn’t have many opportunities to get forward due to Man City having the vast majority of possession but was always a willing runner up the right side when the opportunity appeared. He’s played well since his inclusion back in Everton’s starting 11, hopefully he’ll retain the shirt even when Young and Coleman return from injury. I think he’ll eventually be an excellent right back / wing back. And he offers a threat going forward. I think he’s starting to show a bit more maturity in his game, hopefully he’ll go from strength to strength, he has all the attributes to be a top player.
  6. Scot1

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas to everyone who runs this site and to all the posters. I hope everyone has a good time.
  7. Patterson had an overall good game for Everton today at full-back. Made a few errors, mostly at the end of the game when he looked tired. I think he offers more than Hickey offensively.
  8. The thought that my money was somehow going to benefit them was upsetting.
  9. That’s a shame, I like Stewart and I think he could be our best option up front. I hope he comes back fit and does well for Southampton.
  10. I closed my account at Nationwide Building Society when they became England sponsors. I was initially an account holder at the Dunfermline Building Society which was merged / taken over by Nationwide.
  11. That’s embarrassing, indeed Norway it was. Just another vanquished side on the way to glory.
  12. My first choice 3 at the back would be Porteous Hendry. Tierney I think that line up is the best combination I’ve seen under Clarke. As far as the others I’d have in the squad, I’d go with McKenna, Souttar and Cooper those 3 are direct replacements and would look line up Souttar McKenna Cooper I think Clarke will take Hanley instead of Souttar though. As a side note, one thing that impressed me in our last game against Sweden, the 3-3 draw, in which we went with a back 4. Was how comfortable on the ball McKenna and Hendry were and how well they both played it out from the back. Bit of a shame that it was overshadowed by letting in 3 goals. Let’s hope McKenna is playing football soon and in contention. I’d rather he was in the middle of the 3 if Hendry isn’t available. And I hope Clarke sticks with Hendry in the middle of the 3, rather than Hanley. I think Porteous has played well since his inclusion in the team and I see no reason to drop him from the starting 11. But Clarke may see it differently, he may bring back Hanley into the middle of the 3 and move Hendry to the right side, drop Porteous to the bench.Not something I’d do personally. I’d stick with Tierney, Hendry and Porteous.
  13. With Christie now playing a similar role at Bournemouth we have good cover, competition for that role in midfield. It’ll be interesting to see the form of these players between now and the end of the season.
  14. Yes, but I think he’s adaptable enough to play deeper. I’m sure he’d give it a good go because I can’t see him getting into the team ahead of McTominay if he’s available.
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