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  1. One of the hardest to take I can remember, but it's still Georgia 2007 for me due to level of expectation. Honourable mention to Morocco '98.
  2. I've seen so many bad performances from Scotland, we all have. This however has to rank in the lowest if you look at desire alone. They just did not look interested. There are another bunch off the pitch who were not interested in even being there. How do we spark the interest and the desire to play and win for Scotland in these footballers? They actually have the ability. They show it for their club teams every week. Sad sad sad sad sad.
  3. I guess the only silver lining is that it's the first game, so maybe if we get a new manager in they can use rest of the games to get us prepared for the playoffs.
  4. Good attacking line-up! Only small surprise is no McTominay https://twitter.com/ScotlandNT/status/1108722918974984192
  5. Kazakhstan 1 - 1 Scotland San Marino 0 - 3 Scotland
  6. At this point I'm actually excited to see who will step up. We're missing arguably our three best players. Tomorrow is a chance for someone to show us what they can do and how they care about Scotland. Will Forrest continue his great work? Will McTominay take charge of midfield? Will Burke finally explode into life in the way that people at the highest level really think he can? Go on lads, take your shot in the limelight and give us something to cheer!
  7. He at least mentions Scotland in his bio on Twitter. As a comparison I searched for all Robbo's tweets involving Scotland https://twitter.com/search?l=&q=scotland from%3Aandrewrobertso5&src=typd. The two at the end from 2012 are pretty funny looking back!
  8. That's reassuring! Always good to look at it from the other team's point f view before we panic ourselves too much. What's it like in Astana?
  9. Aren't we all super excited and dreading it at the same time? Isn't that the standard cognitive dissonance that comes with being part of the TA?
  10. It's because they had a Scot in their team Seriously though, I wasn't trying to restart the age old debate of La Liga vs EPL. I was more trying to point out that EPL is really really good quality and our players have an in there, unlike other European leagues. They should use it. I really don't understand the argument that a player like KT should only move to the EPL if it's to a top 6 side. Remaining in Scotland is nowhere near as much of a test of skill as playing in any other side in the EPL, and the "getting European games" argument is a logically fallacy. Sure, if you're not guaranteed games in the EPL then stay in Scotland and hone your skills. The frustration comes when we see great players like Armstrong get a big money move to an average/poor EPL team and still somehow don't manage to break into the first team squad. But I'm glad he actually took the shot, and hopefully he'll make it work next season. So much better having a 50% chance down there than having a 100% chance in Scotland, sadly.
  11. I quite often bet against a Scotland win. I know some frown upon this behaviour, but I genuinely belive my betting luck is so bad it will help us win the match.
  12. It's on a Tuesday, so I imagine it will start at 7.45pm. That's 1.45am for those poor buggers.
  13. I'd rather see a young Scottish talent playing regularly for one of those three teams, being tested every few weeks against the big 6, rather than them playing for Celtic/Aberdeen/Rangers and coming up against St Mirren and Hamilton level teams lost weeks.
  14. Defs behind Tierney, and maybe behind McKenna. Am I missing something with Armstrong though? I think he's a great player on his day, and has played reasonably well in a Scotland shirt, but until he's getting a regular start for his (relatively poor) club, he probably shouldn't be starting for us, never mind captaining.
  15. I get that La Liga is good too, possibly even better. I think they are almost certainly the two best leagues in world football. However, sometimes I think we can be in denial about just how good the EPL is because it's English. Kind of in the same way an EPL team will underestimate a player with a Scottish name compared to one with a continental European name. In short, the EPL is really fucking good and our players should be playing there if they get the chance, and not just because it's a lot easier than getting a move to Spain.
  16. I hate the English media as much as anyone, and I know a lot on here think that the EPL is hyped up to be better than it is, but if you look at European competition this year it's hard not to rate it as the league with the most quality teams. 6 of the 16 teams left in Europe at the quarter final stage are from the EPL. The closest after that is La Liga with 3 (only one of those in Champions League compared to EPL's 4). So it makes me think, when people say things about how players should stay at a team like Celtic rather than go to a team outside the top 6 in the EPL because they will get European games, does this really make sense? They will get at least 12 games against serious European-quality teams in a standard season in the EPL.
  17. I'm planning to "work remotely" from The Albion in London on Thursday. 🍻
  18. Arguably the Kazakh lads have a lot less experience of winning games. I'm trying to stay optimistic in the face of what I'm almost certain will be yet another stupid banana skin we slip up on.
  19. Oh I started panicking a long time ago... But seriously, number of goals is a bit of a false metric considering our young squad. I mean, we could call up Dodds, McCoist, and Jess and have bigger numbers than the Kazakhs.
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