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  1. This level wasn't on your previously defined scale.
  2. The apathy towards McBurnie on here is kind of bizarre. Like I must be missing something? I don't think he's the answer to all our problems, but people are even considering not calling him up?! He's our most on-form striker, and he's playing at a higher level than any other striker we have. Is it because of his beard or something? Is it because he wasn't born on Scotland? Is it because he's failed to scored in the handful of games he's played for an absolutely manky Scotland team?
  3. My understanding is that McBurnie is fully fit and has come of the bench for a reasonable amount of time in 100% of Sheffield Utd matches so far this season. Chris Wilder is very deliberately easing new signings into the team, just like Klopp does at Liverpool and completely differently than Fulham did last year.
  4. I'd like to see both of them in the squad. We have space for 4 strikers.
  5. Mate, you need to drop this 3 at the back nonsense.
  6. It normally the 2nd Monday/Tuesday before the games, so I'd imagine it will be Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th?
  7. Didn't we beat Croatia home and away or did I dream that?
  8. If you want ingredients: 1) supposedly all teams outside the top 6 in the EPL (including Wolves) are average and not places we should be excited about Scots playing. 2) Celtic losing to Cluj is supposedly conclusive proof that Callum McGregor is an average player. 3) Scot McTominay is supposedly the best Scottish player around right now (bar possibly Robbo?) 4) Man Utd just failed to beat Wolves on the EPL with McTominay playing the full match. Maybe if a player's team doesn't win it doesn't always mean that player isn't any good? Perhaps the EPL is strong below the top 6? I'm too lazy to bake the full cake. Have fun!
  9. Not as great a start for Scots in the EPL this season as last year. Let's hope it picks up.
  10. Exactly it's all theoretical. So as much as people can't say McGregor, Christie et al would be brilliant at Man Utd, you can't say that they wouldn't. We'll just need to keep our fingers crossed that they are given a chance at the highest level and take it. Then we'll have the observational data to back up our theories.
  11. Dammit, I came so close to qualifying. It's a shame you've ruled out Scotland's biggest footballing city. Would definitely qualify via my MacKinnon mother from the Hebrides. Having watched Gregory's Girl more than once should also be on the list of criteria. Maybe you also have to love a half pizza super?
  12. Hahaha I'm now further from the truth I think.
  13. Haha why the distinction between granny and grandpa?
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure his height is much of a problem at all. After all, he did just smash the current squad record for vertical jump at Arsenal!
  15. I'm really starting to think KT at CB is the way forward. We need a really strong footballer and leader in there more than at RB. I'm really interested to see what Clarke decides. I hope it's not bench.
  16. Yeah probably wouldn't start, but would be good to have on the bench, and and as I've said before I think he's a cracking guy to have at the camp and in the dressing room when it comes to team morale.
  17. If John McGinn reads this and sees Armstrong's name on this list, but not his own, he'll be very sad. Sadder than that time Stevie Thompson chucked a spear at him.
  18. If I moved to London and earned that much money as a teenager I'd have been a waster too! I find it more remarkable when these guys are actually able to stick at it to become decent professionals.
  19. I think you're right here. Feels like if anyone is going to make it at a high level it's him, but you never knowm. So for now let's just relax and be happy in the knowledge that in 2 years we may have a really exciting player in our team. Patience.
  20. I bet you a pint they don't beat us at Hampden.
  21. Forrest and Christie scored and created goals in both legs, which is their main job, and McGregor was played out of position. Interestingly major football clubs like Leicester City and Zenit St Petersburg value these guys a lot more than you do, but what do they know right? They're only professional organisations whereas you're someone on the internet. PS: The only thing that makes me angrier than Celtic winning in Europe is Celtic losing in Europe. I love football.
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