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  1. Fleck out injured, but McBurnie starting again for Sheffield Utd. Would be good to see him grab a few more goals before the end of the season. Interesting to see that he has provided zero assists so far.
  2. Some noise today that Stoke and Newcastle are looking at David Turnbull.
  3. Great to hear. I hope he continues to progress with them!
  4. I definitely think we should still look at Scottish-based players, but it's totally crazy not to appreciate the EPL is the best league in the world that is prepared to regularly give Scots a chance. The gulf in average quality is huge between the English and Scottish leagues now, and it's getting larger every year. Getting as many young Scots as possible into the EPL is the most important thing for the immediate future of the Scotland National Team.
  5. KT Starting at LWB again tonight. This will be a good test of the new Arsenal. I'm hoping to see KT continue his good link-up with Aubameyang. He should try and enjoy that while it lasts...
  6. Also, Tom MacIntyre starting again for Reading tonight. Obviously Reading are pants, but it's still positive to see a 21-year-old Scottish CB starting for a Championship side given our current struggles with that position. Good luck to him!
  7. Gilmour starting for Chelsea away to Crystal Palace this evening. Great to see. I hope he has another blinder to put that last game behind him quickly.
  8. I guess that's more responsible given current circumstances.
  9. If you offered me just one of them playing for a top half league team in any top European league, I would bite your hand off.
  10. What really excites me is the possibility that in the next season or two we might see the rise of a couple more top class players. In the two years since I joined the TAMB we've seen the stellar rise of 6 players, namely Robbo, McTominay, McGinn, Fraser, KT, and Gilmour. Imagine we could add just two or three to that list over the next two years? Our squads looked a lot worse two years ago, and I hope in two years time I'm saying the same thing about our current squads.
  11. I'd definitely like to see that tried out, especially against slightly weaker teams.
  12. When I was a young kid we had a timeshare in Portugal at the same place as Houghton. Our families became holiday friends. I remember being so confused when my dad told me he played for Ireland, because I was like "but he sounds like us!" I have learned a lot since then.
  13. This is so true. Robbo recently gave an interview where he compared Scotland to Liverpool and how players who have only been around for a couple of years can feel the weight of decades of failure on them. He was saying the Scotland players should try to shake that off as much as possible. It's not their fault we haven't qualified in 22 years. Something Klopp has worked on with the Liverpool team apparently.
  14. KT starting at left wing back again this evening according to Flashscores. Time for him to grab his first ELP assist or goal. Come on son!
  15. Interesting to see KT playing wingback today as Arsenal go with a back 3 again. In mid-week he played on the left of the back three.
  16. I tend to agree with this. A lot of people talk about the front 3 of Liverpool, but if you look at their attacking stats it's clear it's a 5 with Robbo and TAA providing a giant fraction of assists. Robbo is integral to that team's success, and he's the best footballer we have produced this century, so far...
  17. I'm starting to think it might be good for McGinn to see Villa relegated. Could accelerate a move to a better club?
  18. Yeah, it was Mark Lawrenson, so it carries a lot of weight because he almost never praises anyone haha.
  19. Good to see Robbo back in the starting line-up tonight. Don't know how McGinn played earlier, but he was substituted before the Villa equaliser. McTominay only got a 10 minute run out, which is a shame. Hope they're just rotating the team a bit.
  20. Robbo out with a knock. Hope it's just that, and nothing serious.
  21. Yeah, sad to see on both counts.
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