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  1. Yup, and the commentary team on 5 Live was talking about how important he was and how he broke up play so well. He isn't just a box to box midfielder.
  2. Totally see your logic, I just think that right now Christie seems on another level. Hopefully he'll get a move to a big team 😋
  3. Very surprised to not see you go with Christie here Mick. For me I think that McGinn and Christie might be the first two names on the team sheet right now. But as you say, it's quite a tough midfield to pick, and all for all the right reasons! The super optimistic side of me gets really excited by the idea of McGinn, Christie, Forrest, Fraser, and McTominay all breaking towards a terrified opposition defence. The more realistic side of me realises that's an extremely unbalanced midfield. And who knows, we might also be trying to figure out how to fit Johnston, Burke, Morgan, Turnbull, and Gilmour in there by the time late March rolls around.
  4. McTominay back starting for Man U against Tottenham. He's in for a rough night...
  5. Hornby starting up front in the cup tonight.
  6. Hahaha I remember those days. Your explanations are spot on though mate!
  7. It's basically like space is being created between the galaxies. On a smaller scale however gravity is stronger, and some galaxies are moving towards each other. In a few billions years we will crash into our neighbour galaxy Andromeda.
  8. Exactly right. The fate of our Universe appears to be a cold, isolated one. Best to focus on the footy instead.
  9. Hahahaha. Actually there's an important distinction here. What I said was that the stars in a galaxy are orbiting around the centre of the galaxy, just like the planets in our solar system orbiting around the Sun. However, galaxies do not orbit around the centre of the Universe. In fact, there is no centre! Our Universe is homogeneous and isotropic, which is really just a fancy way of saying that at large scale it looks the same in all directions regardless of where you are in it. At large scales, galaxies are all actually moving away from each other as space expands. It was observing this expansion of space that led to the Big Bang Theory, which suggests that at one point in the past the Universe was so small that everything in it was basically contained in a tiny point, then it started expanding outwards. OK, I hope that's not too much.
  10. Looks like Man City have signed Liam Smith from Kilmarnock?
  11. Haha its going to take me a while to shake that accusation. Red specs don't always mean you mention the Dons loads, but are maybe quick to pounce on the Old Firm? I hope. McKenna does sort something out soon. He seems to be going backwards a bit just now, but he's still young. What about Lewis Ferguson though? He seems like a player.
  12. I think that's true for some. Just not for Robbo. I may be wrong. But I don't think he's done enough to warrant people thinking he shouldn't be invited back.
  13. ElChris04 you've got big green specs. Vanderark14 you've got big red specs. We're all here because of a shared love for the Scotland national team. Can't we all just get along?
  14. "Here lies Andrew Robertson. He made 80 appearances for Scotland, but was not committed to the team at all." 😂😂😂😂😂
  15. So Robbo isn't committed to Scotland and you never want to see him in the team again, yeah? We have differing opinions.
  16. Was that when he also travelled up to Glasgow to hang out with the team? I think there are plenty of players who we can doubt their commitment to Scotland. In my opinion Robbo is not one of them.
  17. Ljungberg drops KT to the bench. McLean starts for Norwich.
  18. This is something I'm worrying about. I think Celtic are now in a position to wait for really big money for guys like Christie, especially after KT. But I'm not sure the big leagues want to pay that kind of money for someone playing in Scotland. They used to see our league as a bargain bin, but it's not any more.
  19. Andrew Robertson is only 25 years old and already has 34 caps and 3 goals (from left back!) for Scotland. He will most likely go on to be one of our most capped players of all time barring serious injury. But he missed one game to get an emergency dental procedure and suddenly he's persona non grata? Get a grip.
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