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  1. Despite the result enjoyed the game. Crowd was great and thought we were the better team, beaten by a dive and a lapse of concentration. Enjoyed Brown showing what a pathetic person he is at the end as usual. Hickey man of the match at 16 years old , one of many youngsters ready to make an impact in the next few years so the future looks good.
  2. correct. Kelly panicked when he realised that it wasn't just the bigots in blue that would be done
  3. Exactly. Hearts stand against the bigots has cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds. Meanwhile these two clubs actively encourage them and take in the millions
  4. Sadly true but the club are doing everything they can to kick them out; even though it is costing us thousands
  5. unlike practically every other club, Hearts are actively trying to force these bigots out of tynecastle; without any whataboutery. Of course it's harder with away fixtures but they know they are not wanted and, hopefully, this is just the death throes of our mini hun brigade
  6. he criticised him for his stint as Scotland manager in the last 14 months. McLeish did a good job first time around before he jumped ship.
  7. Should never have been appointed and glad he has gone but the blazers will just appoint another dinosaur in his place.
  8. He got barred from Louie Browns for abusing the staff😊
  9. He presented our golf society prizes when I lived in Uddingston. His thank you was a litre of vodka. Was a good laugh but sure did like the bevvy
  10. I thought both red cards were correct, in fact the second booking for Ball could have been a red card in its own.
  11. No he never, he was convicted of breach of the peace. He was found not guilty of the assault because they insisted in adding sectarian to it and there was zero.proof of any sectarian side to his actions. As our new song goes, ' it's not sectarian, Neil Lennon's a xxxx '😊😊
  12. Just as I saw it. We were the better team, their first goal was offside and we should have had a penalty. Their second goal was a cracker to be fair. on to Hampden now
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