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  1. he won every domestic trophy possible during his reign
  2. You just stick to singing for the terrorists, ripping up seats and attacking stewards, now that is vermin scum, and is getting worse. Kelly must be so proud
  3. I think the main feeling for non catholic hating bigots is amusement. It makes us feel better that there are people so steeped in sectarianism that they lap up rubbish like that; while the sevco board sit back and rake in the money from the sectarianism they are now publicly against
  4. Hybrid pitches are grass so have nothing to do with plastic pitches being good or bad. Mind you, nothing to do with safe standing either
  5. Roseburn. Seats smashed, ball boys attacked, kiosks raided, all by Celtic fans.
  6. What a total moron you are. Pathetic that you are allowed to post your shite but this board will be dead soon and you will have to find another site for your trolling. Mods have given up and so have i. Enjoy your cheap thrills you sad sad man
  7. Is that the same Stevie G that had a go at the refs after his first game here????
  8. No wonder this board is quickly dying if the last few pages of this thread are anything to go by. Can't believe these are grown men posting. Seems to be there are only half a dozen posters who post on every single thread, arguing with each other. It's a real shame really
  9. great win for Hearts tonight. Tactical masterclass from Levein.
  10. Great win for Hearts today and great management from Levein to give Vanecek the last few minutes so he could see everyone is behind him.
  11. ?????? you called him a coward and I simply said you have never met him to be saying that. You can call him a crap manager if that's what you think but no way on earth is he a coward. My neck is fine, can't speak for you
  12. two things here. Calling Levein a coward has to be the biggest joke going, you have obviously never met him. Also, Vanacek has apologised to Levein for his physical fitness and has agreed to extra sessions to get to where he should be so looks like the bollocking has worked (even though I had my doubts)
  13. Agree we were shite but no way did Dundee deserve to win. One brain fart from Shaugnessy got them the win. We had far more possession and shots (I know they don't count). Bizarre sub of Vanacek and comments about him after by Levein. If he wasn't fit he shouldn't have been starting and I really wonder how he will take the flak.
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