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  1. This may well be the greatest scientific discovery since Alexander Fleming sneezed on a petrie dish.
  2. Aye - am down in the West End area on Thursday and likely to be on my todd. Couple of cracking games to watch that night as well.
  3. Well said. Marvin Bartley applauding Scotland fans on Twitter for their pressure on the players speaks volumes.
  4. From SFA statement.... The squad, coaching staff and backroom members will stand up to racism ahead of the Group D matches against Czech Republic, England and Croatia. Andy Robertson, Scotland Men’s National Team captain: “It is important we continue to tackle the issue of racism and raise awareness of the need to change people’s mindsets but also their behaviours. “Prior to our World Cup qualifiers in March we spoke as a group and felt that taking a stand was the best way for us to show solidarity and also to reinforce the need for meaningful change in society.” So I
  5. You are so lovely. Thank you. 😍
  6. This is the issue right here. Narcissism and ego. We're not constructing gestures, be it kneeling or "standing up" in Scotland's case, so people think we are lovely. It needs to be a direct challenge to a bigoted mindset and a show of support to those who have suffered bigoted abuse. People need to feel uncomfortable so there is change. And it's not just the players. It should be the coaches, the administrators, the fans, the media - anyone who wants to combat racism needs to move from passive whispering to literally demonstrating it won't be tolerated any more. I'd advocate a player jumpin
  7. The way the statement was worded, it's the players that have made the decision. I can understand if they felt taking a knee had not been a powerful enough message, but to meekly just stand there at kick off and not construct a gesture of their own to combat racism is heavily flawed in its synthesis. Scotland vs England will be watched by billions and is the perfect opportunity to show that Scotland not only abhors racism, but is a leader in combating it. Sadly, we are now going to look like a herd of cucks,watching on meekly as England at least try to make a gesture. You'll notice that
  8. You'd think Forrest would be all for it as it would be the first time in his career he is the same height as everyone else in a team photo!
  9. I have complete appreciation of the issue and your stance.
  10. "Let folk stand if they want " You are clearly not a steward in the North Stand at Hampden.
  11. You'll be telling us you have a black friend next and that all lives matter. 🙄
  12. Just standing there does nothing to highlight the fight against racial inequality. I would have liked us to have formed some manner of demonstration. Linking arms with the opposition would have been a powerful gesture. Perhaps a warm up top with an anti-racist message. Or holding up a sign before kick off, or when the captains exchange tokens. England's battle with their racist support and their player's highlighted stance of taking a knee just makes it look like we are being contrary and our players perceived as bigots. I feel the majority of players may well have ceded to a couple of
  13. Just got an email from UEFA. They apologised for being the biggest bunch of charlatans since Houdini and admitted their genitals were non-functional, prompting their poor behaviour. They then stated.... Mandatory Stadium Entry Requirements For Wembley Stadium Ticket Holders Mandatory stadium entry requirements are in place for all ticket holders with tickets for the group matches (13, 18 and 22 June) at Wembley Stadium. Procedure
  14. Reports are that any food or drink is prohibited. If you have kids, that is difficult enough. But what if you are diabetic, hypoglycaemia, have psychological conditions around food. If it's an incredibly hot day, then dehydration comes into effect, with even more risk to the elderly or those with preexisting health conditions. People are not frustrated that they "can't have a pie". They are concerned that an illogical regulation preventing the possession of your own drink/snack is prohibited, but you can buy a Euro 2020 souvenir pencil from a kiosk, which is little help if someone has a
  15. Mark Walker is the writer - he is freelance and a good guy, so will have done his due diligence. What happens when everyone needs to pee at half time? Do we have an entry slot to gain access to the toilets. Do you have to pee 1.5 metres away from the next person?
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