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  1. They made plenty of noise for the whole game. Glad thats over mind you as the stress isn't good for my old heart. I need a drink. And just been reminded by my boy he's still not seen St Mirren lose.
  2. They've had 12 men since the start thanks to Beaton. I'll need to have a word with him at the next lodge meeting. 😉
  3. Didn't look like a red to me. Quite a few folk around me would like to shake Beaton warmly by the throat just now.
  4. We were almost in line with it but maybe the slight angle made it look different. United would get football banned. Absolutely awful hoofball team. Only one football team on the pitch but they're too soft and need a bit of protection from the ref.
  5. Beaton has been awful. Helping Utd by basically letting Reynolds do what he likes. Not sure how much of a penalty it was as we're at the other end of the main stand. And Saints should be 2-1 up as that was never offside.
  6. RenfrewBlue

    Next PM

    For the sake of Scottish independence I'm praying that Boris the Buffoon wins it. He's an absolute twat and incompetent beyond belief but his Old Etonian style will swing virtually every fence sitter in our direction. I would feel sorry for every non-Tory left in England but they can always vote the arsehole out.
  7. Just been told that its the first ever sell out for the new stadium. Should make for a fantastic atmosphere.
  8. One mistake. He won virtually every cross ball into the Hearts box and for 80 minutes had the Celtic strike force in his back pocket.
  9. Agree with you bar the MOM. The young lad did well but I thought Berra was excellent, bar the goal at the end. I think tiredness played its part as the Hearts players worked their socks off for the entire game.
  10. It will certainly make the summer interesting. Will Celtic spend big? If not, will their current stars get unsettled? Can Lennon attract the players they'll need to rebuild? Who is going to be their new head of recruitment? And can Rangers improve, because they missed an open goal this season.
  11. Definitely. Exactly the same tactic Defoe used unsuccessfully against Aberdeen.
  12. Sorry. Should explain. Once had a consultant dropped on me at work and when he found out that I liked football, he claimed to be a Thistle fan. Unfortunately for him I knew more about the club history than he did. Ever since then I tend not to believe anyone that claims to be a Jags fan.
  13. Lustig is woeful. How Hearts haven't taken more advantage of him is the reason they are losing.
  14. I take it back. The ref is a Tim. Edouard kicked his leg into the goalie, that's never a penalty.
  15. The ref is doing OK so far. Lustig is still a Greetin faced baby in tackles.
  16. Not used taxi recently but the online ones have ranges from £22 to £38, so less than a tenner each.
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