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  1. I can't believe they didn't get the connection. Too many classically educated twats that must have done political studies at Uni.
  2. Apparently the elite Brexiteers meeting at Chequers this morning called themselves the "Grand Wizards". Nothing like hiding your right wing racism in full view, is there. Bunch of utter cunts who deserve stringing up for the way theyve exploited and screwed over this country.
  3. That's not what I said at all. You really need to learn to read what's written and not what you want to read.
  4. Totally agree but as @vanderark14 says, no result against San Marino was going to make up for Thursday.
  5. I've no idea of his finances but pretty sure he'll be worried about the old EBT debacle. Perhaps that's what is driving his behaviour. That or he may truly believe he can turn it around. But realistically how many managers actually walk away from a job without a payoff? I'd suggest less than 1%.
  6. Would you make yourself voluntarily unemployed because you weren't performing well in your job? Would you hang on in the hope you could turn it round?
  7. I have to agree that it will be down to who is available to play at that time. If we get our first team then we'll have a chance.
  8. Sorry but the bit about being at Rangers at the right time is utter shite. He was the manager during a significant cost cutting exercise and his success was very much unexpected. Celtic should have been strolling the league but thanks to them making mistakes and McLeish keeping us consistent we won. Helicopter Sunday being the very best example. He may not have been a world beater but he was a good manager back then.
  9. Not really no but then again we've never done anything else against them. That performance wasn't special in that respect. It was actually pretty on par for Scotland.
  10. And you have an over inflated expectation for the teams you follow. 👍
  11. Yes. And we've never beaten them by more than 2-0 away from home. Most of the hand wringing about this game is leftover angst from Thursday. The San Marino result was good by our own, long established standards. It's called realism.
  12. I felt dirty posting it, if it makes you feel any better. 😉
  13. I think you're right. Better to take the games round the country to the smaller grounds to see if they can drum up some interest. Hampden would be a ghost town after Thursdays result and the less than inspiring performance tonight.
  14. This evenings performance wasn't shameful. Its exactly what we've done every time we've been to San Marino. It may not have been pretty or even competent but it wasn't shameful.
  15. Pretty much sums it up for me. We didn't play well tonight but still got the result.
  16. Absolute nonsense. We've never scored more than 2 against San Marino away. Why should we score more with a much worse team?
  17. Seriously? Armstrong has been poor. Several players have been better.
  18. Id agree with the 4 to get us the positive goal difference but is it realistic. We've only ever managed 2 before with better teams than this. I think the previous result means we could win 10 and still have folk unhappy.
  19. As we've only ever won 2-0 in San Marino, what is an acceptable score today?
  20. San Marino getting into the game now.
  21. Brendan Rogers more than tripled his salary, has a supposed £200m transfer fund and is back in the league he wants to be in. All the pish about being a Celtic fan was just that, pish.
  22. International managers have little influence, especially the Scotland one. How many days training does he have a year with the players? How many players put club first? Why is Scotland with a part time role, effectively, more attractive than the upwardly mobile Killie job? Think of it as a job, not as a passion. Its what the manager has to do.
  23. Nonsense. Would you give up a job you were happy in, successful at and idolised for, for a job that you have little influence over and no chance of being successful in?
  24. Pretty sure the mention of Williamson was a joke and Brown was an ironic mention to our last trip to a finals. There are loads of managers who would want the job but how many are even competent enough to be considered? Clarke is an excellent coach and definitely could do the job but why would he want to?
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