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  1. TartanSpice

    SSC Renewals

    If that's the case, the England matches must have had some massive impact on the membership numbers last time.
  2. TartanSpice

    SFA/SSC Website

    It's easy enough to use really, but did take my a minute or two to realise that the little head icon was needing to be clicked in order to allocate tickets to different members. Fair number of 'do you accept' boxes to clicked about the SFA tracking the shit out of us, but then that has probably always been in the depths of the T&Cs somewhere.
  3. TartanSpice

    SSC Renewals

    Might mean that they're going to pre-empt crowds and put matches to smaller stadia and because of this are covering themselves with the 'not guaranteed a ticket' line.
  4. TartanSpice

    SSC Renewals

    One way to incentivise home games, I guess. Or at least the buying of the cheapest home ticket. They should probably consider random pick up for home tickets now, but I sense they won't bother.
  5. TartanSpice

    Regan Gone

  6. TartanSpice


    Saw Edin to Malta on the Sunday for £25, night there then £22 flight to Budapest on the Monday. Decided to spend a bit more and go via Rome, with a night there instead though. Home to Edin via Dublin on the Wednesday.
  7. TartanSpice

    So, who is going?

  8. TartanSpice

    So, who is going?

    Bit of a shocker if the SFA have jumped the gun, but at least they've set a precedent by refunding money to fans when they made an erse of the Nations Cup thing in Ireland a few years back. So I'd fully expect them to delve into their pockets to refund funs for Peru purchases if it does fall through.
  9. TartanSpice

    2nd Place

    Is that based on this: https://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/country/index.html ? If so, does that mean, based on that ranking of 23rd we'd be in League B, pot D, for the draw?
  10. TartanSpice

    Squad Announcment

    I'm going to give Strachan the benefit of the doubt for now, but I'm very interested to know what the situation is with McCormack. If he's claiming injury then fair enough, but if it's just a case that he's been overlooked and Tony Watt is ahead of him in the pecking order then Strachan deserves all the slating he gets.
  11. TartanSpice

    Squad Announcment

    Just flicked on BT Sports to see Strachan talking about Griffiths. Would not be surprised in the slightest if he didn't start him against Malta.
  12. TartanSpice


    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12016/8971622/fa-sells-18000-tickets-to-poland-fans-for-wembley-showdown Not completely beyond the realms of possibility that we might have more than the 9,000 we're entitled to.
  13. TartanSpice

    March/ May Friendlies

    I like the sound of a potential away triple header. When was the last time we even had an away double header? Lichtenstein/Spain?
  14. TartanSpice

    Ssc Renewal Information

    Looks like the new polo shirt has a chest pocket to keep a hanky in. Perfect place to keep one for easy access to wipe away the tears when we inevitable fail to qualify again. The SFA really do have the supporters in their thoughts at all times.
  15. TartanSpice

    How Many Years?

    It'll be really interesting to see how we are impacted by the new Nations League that'll come into place after the 2018 World Cup. If it was drawn now we'd be in a 'league' with: Norway, Slovenia, Iceland, Wales, Israel, Scotland, Albania, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Serbia. So a mini group with 2 or 3 of those teams. We could take 6 points of any of those teams home and away (though, sadly, we wouldn't) so that'd perhaps give us a better chance of topping the mini group. Extrapolating that, and removing the current teams that have qualified through the regular means, then ranking the 4 best teams from this last qualifying to imagine they would be the 4 teams to get into our Nations League play-offs, that'd leave us in a play-off situation with Norway, Slovenia, and Israel to qualify for Euro 2020. Which would work out Norway Vs Israel, and Slovenia Vs Scotland. One off game, then winners play another one-off play-off match. Convoluted, but in theory qualifying for the 2020 Euro's could be as 'easy' as 6 matches Vs 'pot three' opposition. Not a completely impossible challenge. That's on top of trying to finish top 2 in whatever regular qualifying group we get drawn into for it as well.