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  1. Has anyone worked out if we can attend the three games in September, given that fully vaccinated folk have to take a PCR test two days after returning to Scotland? Wales and southern Ehgland were an orange country for Denmark, needing a worthy purpose and a negative PCR test within 72 hours of travelling. At the moment Scotland, England and Northern Ireland are red countries, which require an isolation period in Denmark or Faroes, as well as Austria. Unless you live in the Schengen area, it looks at the moment that we cannot attend the Austrian or Denmark games, as things stand.
  2. You could always try flight to bratislava and train or river boat from bratislava to vienna if this is allowed by september
  3. I agree I cannot see any fans being allowed to attend stadia in October - I guess Nicola will confirm this at Holyrood this week.
  4. Jay

    Closed doors

    I think it unlikely there will be a huge crowd in September if any. We might have reduced capacity in October - hopefully we will have guidance next month though expectations were no crowds before October.
  5. Can I still book a place on this bus - Jeff Sinton
  6. Davy - just want to check you received £12 posted to your account on 28 June Jeff Sinton
  7. Davy Can I please book one place on the bus from Limassol - please let me know cost - I assume payment is to the usual address. Thanks Jeff
  8. Davy how do i pay and what is cost Thanks - Jeff Sinton (also known as Jay)
  9. Davy Can I please book a place on the bus return from Rimini to San Marino on Sunday 24 March
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