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  1. They were largely Labour before but were a bit splintered into Tory or BNP and more recently UKIP. But now if they're grouping together they could cause some damage. Particularly if the lodgers (who are quite well organised) can get the more 'football oriented unionists' voting the same way too. Which it seems they must have.
  2. This wooing and galvanising of the orange vote is a bit scary. They've always been there but were largely labour types with some old queen saluting soldier guys voting tory. The orange vote has clearly been whipped up and grouped together into a solid tory vote. Shotts voted in a tory. I know Shotts well and I know there's not enough actual conservative types around to get a councilor in. So clearly the Orange Lodge has been involved. The tories are playing with fire if they're getting into bed with these scum. We can refer to them as scum because they are total racist bigoted scum and they'd rather cut their own nuts off than vote yes to independence anyway.
  3. Did that not happen in about episode 4 of season 1? Anyway, this season was a bit stretched. As was the previous one. The next one will be stretched too. I watch it alone now because the wife gave up. Im also considering giving it up.
  4. Perfect. Brexiteers get something quite nostalgic to properly jizz over. The arms economy gets a boost. Aircraft carriers might get a plane. The country would unite against the ghastly scot nationalists. And everyone would get a kick out of the blitz bulldog spirit.
  5. thewelk

    Canada Gemme

    Maybe ive played too much FIFA recently but this game looks like when two new guys are playing and don't know which button does what.
  6. The mentality on display in this thread is kind of why Scots loathe themselves.
  7. Won't notice any difference unless you're planning to live there. You're already getting border checked for normal travel anyway.
  8. The problem is that the 'im alright jacks' will still be alright jacks after brexit. The people who will suffer will be the poorer classes who mostly voted yes anyway. The media will put the fear of god in to the alright jacks as usual and that will be the end of independence for another generation (for real this time...).
  9. The link to Sturgeon is ridiculous and the journos know it. But the point is that it sows seeds. At the next indyref you'll have thick unionists vaguely remembering about Sturgeons brother 'beating up homeless people or something' and re-voting no.
  10. Earthquakes. Without the broad shoulders of the USA to support them during those inevitable natural disasters they'll be ruined.
  11. thewelk

    Oli Burke

    Was that not pretty much what Strachan said was his reason for keeping him out? ...and got blasted for it. He probably did get some off the ball coaching at school that consisted of "get intae thum" and "chase the baw oli for fuwk sake".
  12. I used one of those passports to fly to San Francisco last May. At that point the passport had just over a year left on it and the chip doesn't even work anymore (the lovely UK Border lads and lasses never tire of telling me that and insisting that I should replace it). If you've ever had an esta in the past you can use the fast track machines and cut off about half an hour of waiting.
  14. Back when it was an honor to play for your country and not an inconvenient chore outside your club games.
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