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  1. The ESPN 30 for 30 docs are excellent, even if you aren't a fan of the sport they are about. Learning about Bo Jackson and Dieon Sanders playing in the MLB and NFL at he same time was impressive. I'm sure I heard somewhere that James Richardson wasn't a huge football fan and got the job on the basis he spoke Italian?
  2. McFadden could easily have been sent off in the France home game too (he has a wee kick out at Boumsong when he is already on a booking) and also in the Holland game (he hits a shot a good few seconds after the ref has blown for an offside, again when he is on a booking).
  3. Commons against Northern Ireland comes to mind. How many times have we scored when the fans have been cheering every pass?
  4. Watched the Ireland game last night, at the corner we score from the ref initially gives a goal kick then changes his mind.
  5. I watched the Sweden game last night, people rave about Leighton's performance but barring the save from Kennett Andersson near the end (where he need treatment for a kick to his ribs) he doesn't really do all that much...
  6. Was 2005, rumoured that it would be Walter Smith's first game in charge. The u21's played but not the full team (Maloney scored the opening goal in a 2-1 loss). A Gretna player was called up for NI so Mileson paid for all of the Gretna backroom staff to attend the game.
  7. Davied14


    No idea, I just got an email saying my flight was cancelled so I could change onto the next one free of charge or cancel my entire booking.
  8. Davied14


    BA have cancelled my flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh so I'm taking advantage of that to get a refund for my trip.
  9. Davied14

    New jerseys?

    New top out on 19th March, available to pre-order now.
  10. I think it's good to see these teams are looking to join the senior setup, in 2018 about 30 teams moved to the East of Scotland league and I'm sure they all now feel it was the correct thing to do. Look at Broxburn and Penicuik's Scottish cup runs this season for example. There was a year with "conferences" in order to help teams find their correct level which seen some heavy beatings handed out to the likes of Eyemouth from bigger teams like Bonnyrigg but this year the EoS Premier is a very good league where anyone can beta one another (Bo'ness are currently top but lost a game to Blackburn who are in the relegation zone).
  11. "The Confession Killer" on Netflix is worth a watch. Documentary about Henry Lee Lucas who was up for murdering two women and when in court said "What about the other hundred women I've killed?" I won't give any more away.
  12. Sorry for some reason I thought you said you had watched two episodes.
  13. There is only 3 episodes I'm sure. Watched it last week, it is pretty mind blowing that he was at least involved in a double murder then went on to play a full season in the NFL and a Superbowl. Another "late to the party" guy here, just got Netflix a couple of weeks ago and I'm halfway through Stranger Things. Loving all of the parts influenced by classic movies.
  14. I enjoyed the Watchmen TV series. Features a good Scottish lass in Sara Vickers.
  15. Pot 1: England Pot 2: France, Poland, Switzerland or Croatia. Pot 3: Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Sweden or Czech Republic. Pot 4: Scotland, Norway, Serbia or Israel.
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