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  1. UEFA signed a deal with Macron to provide for the "smaller" teams who had difficulty finding a supplier, although I see that Northern Ireland are going to be using them as of next year.
  2. For what it's worth (not a lot) I don't think we'll be lucky enough to be seeded in the playoffs. I predict: Seeds: Sweden, Serbia, Switzerland, Poland, Russia & Turkey. Non-seeds: Scotland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Wales & Austria.
  3. Not bad for a wee lad from the Pans. 😎
  4. Keepers: Gordon, Kelly & Marshall. Defenders: Cooper, Gallagher, Hanley, Hendry, McKenna, O'Donnell, Patterson, Robertson & Tierney. Midfielders: Armstrong, Christie, Fleck, Gilmour, McGinn, McGregor, McTominay & Turnbull. Forwards: Adams, Dykes, Forrest, Fraser, Griffiths & Nisbet.
  5. Best of luck to your lad. 142 days since I last refereed a game and I'm back out tonight. I'm probably more excited than the kids.
  6. Irish fans on another forum I frequent are pointing out that Brexit could lead to them being in the wilderness for some time (until they get a better youth development structure in place themselves) because UK teams aren't allowed to sign overseas players until they are 18 now. Meaning Irish players who would be snapped by academies in England/Scotland now will have to develop under LoI teams.
  7. Re: Armstrong, is he capable of playing in one of the deeper midfield roles (Jack/McGregor) or is he purely vying for the more advanced role that McGinn normally fills? I think that McCrorie is potentially a dark horse to make the squad due to his versatility. Offers cover at CB, CM and RB.
  8. Barring injury I'll be amazed if at least nine of the starting 11 for the Czech doesn't come from: Marshall McTominay - Cooper - Tierney O'Donnell - Jack- McGregor - Robertson McGinn Dykes - Fraser Clarke won't stray too far from what got us through the playoffs.
  9. I am a referee now, I must say that I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. Still has its moments, like when I was in the middle of a 20 player brawl at the end of an u16 game trying to break it up. Or when the coach from a lowland league team is shouting about a decision in an u17 game and when you offer to show him the laws of the game he tells you he doesn't care. 😂
  10. I believe all the Fife teams agreed they couldn't afford to run individual academies so they pool their youngsters together to put a side out. I would say that youngsters do get taken into academies too soon, I think they shouldn't really kick in until the boys start playing 11 side (u13's in old money) just so they lads can keep playing with their friends at local clubs. It was Strachan on (I think) the Graham Hunter podcast used the example of a lad in Aberdeen's academy could drive to Kilmarnock for a game, get brought on for the last 10 minutes and touch the ball three times before being taken home. 9 hours out his day for 3 touches of the ball. Strachan said he went into his garage to kick the ball off the wall for an hour and touched the ball 1,000 times. I think it is only £20 or something ridiculous that a pro club is to pay to sign a lad from a club. I have heard stories of them signing 3/4 players from a club to provide short term cover for a few fixtures then come May the lads get told they are being released and they jack in football completely.
  11. Is that true? I have seen a lad who is with the Fife Elite Academy play for his school.
  12. I've got my 1.2 but don't coach anymore, my laddie didn't like me taking him and I'm not giving up my time to do it for other people's kids. Done my first course in 2009 and stopped coaching around 2016. I'll tell you one thing, you don't need to look very hard to find a prick involved in youth football.
  13. I didn't like that, came away from it thinking he was a self-centred twat.
  14. Wick vs Musselburgh off again, rescheduled for Monday. Handy for the Musselburgh players.
  15. I'd wager the team for Serbia will be: Marshall Palmer Robertson McTominay Gallagher Tierney McGinn Jack Dykes McGregor Fraser
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