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  1. Davied14


    After Fraser and Paterson didn't travel to Kazakhstan because of the plastic pitch I fully expect Russia to announce they will be playing us at a stadium with one.
  2. Thank god, I had the fear that Mackay was going to get the manager's job.
  3. I would say it depends on your relationship with your manager. When I applied for a new role I let my manager know that I was going for it.
  4. Fingers crossed that McBurnie makes it. Bain Palmer - Bates - McKenna - Tierney Armstrong - McTominay - McGregor Forrest - McBurnie - Burke
  5. In 2011, Getafe released a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign, pretending to decry the club's relatively small fanbase and encouraging male supporters to donate sperm in order to breed more fans.[29] To inspire those donations, the club produced a short pornographic film called "Zombies Calientes de Getafe" (Horny Zombies of Getafe), "shot in the style of a 1970s porn film", and delivered it to sperm donation clinics in Madrid.
  6. The number of points required to buy a ticket goes down by one every day at noon.
  7. Watched this last night and thought it was great. Was actually gutted at the end when I seen it was a one off and not a series. Him giving the owner of the opposition the finger as he left the dressing room was my personal highlight.
  8. McGregor O'Donnell - Bates - McKenna - Robertson Armstrong - McTominay - McGregor Forrest - Fletcher - Fraser
  9. I always thought that replays had to be priced the same as the original game? I remember that being mentioned by a Preston Athletic committee member after people were livid at being asked to pay £12 to get into the replay vs Queens Park at the Pennypit.
  10. Caught up with this finally, this season has been decent but I can't help but feel that is only because I had been poor for so long. I read that the writers already know what will happen in seasons 11 and 12 which I'm not encouraged by, the show feels like it is stretched already IMO. Rick and Negan not dying feels like a cop out to me also.
  11. I seen him play against Hibs under 18's last year, best player on the park by a distance. I think three Hibs players got booked for hacking him down.
  12. I usually fall asleep watching MOTD on a Saturday, not a reflection of what it is more of my advancing years. I have BT but don't go out of my way to watch the Premier League games but will put them on assuming the kids/wife don't want to watch something else. I've watched more Australian league games over the last couple of months than I have Premier League games, largely because I am the only person in the house up at that time so have the TV to myself.
  13. AM L/C I'm sure he was? And I can bizarrely remember that he had 20 for penalty taking.
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