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  1. McGillivray Palmer Gallagher Findlay Taylor Forrest McTominay Christie Fraser Shankland Russell
  2. Won't Fraser be out seeing that we are playing on a plastic pitch?
  3. McTominay is suspended I'm sure. Stick Jack in midfield and Palmer at right back.
  4. Marshall O'Donnell Cooper Mulgrew Robertson McGregor McTominay McGinn Forrest McBurnie Fraser Or the same as cssinclair said....
  5. Marshall, McLaughlin, McGillivray Cooper, Hanley, Mulgrew, O’Donnell, Palmer, Robertson, Taylor Armstrong, Christie, Jack, McGinn, McGregor, McLean, McTominay, Snodgrass Forrest, Fraser, McBurnie, Naismith, Phillips, Russell
  6. Goram Hutton Dailly Weir Robertson Ferguson Lambert Collins McFadden McCoist Fraser
  7. Am I the only person who thinks the Tierney deal has been for for weeks (if not months)? Announce it on deadline day so it looks like Celtic squeezed the best possible deal from Arsenal and Celtic don't play him so he doesn't get injured?
  8. Had to branch into that because all the financial sector jobs were taken by Tims.
  9. Prospect for the future Reece McAlear has moved from Motherwell to Norwich for 300k. Turning down Rangers and Celtic to do so.
  10. I couldn't believe this stat but it's true, teams that are already in the group stage are: Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona, Man City, Juventus, Bayern, PSG, Zenit, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Dortmund, Napoli, Shakhtar, Spurs, Benfica, Lyon, Leverkusen, Salzburg, Valencia, Inter, Lokomotiv Moscow, Genk, Galatasaray, Leipzig, Atalanta and Lille. And to your question, 4 of the 6 places are for champions.
  11. Prestonpans Primary School dads managed to beat the Burgh Primary School dads 5-1 in his absence, he might not get back in the team now. 😄
  12. There is indeed, search for them on Facebook. One of their main men used to be Highlandladdie on here but I'm sure he's banned.
  13. https://www.children1st.org.uk/hampden Children 1st, together with the Scottish FA and the Tartan Army Children’s Charity, is giving up to 44 lucky people the chance to play a football game at Hampden Park. You could be that lucky someone, or pass it on to someone you know who loves football! On the evening of Friday 14 June, you could experience the drama and anticipation of a professional football match. From pre-match team talks with your manager, who will be a legend of Scottish football, to lining up in the players’ tunnel. Walk out on to the pitch and play a football match at Hampden stadium where your sporting heroes have played. The package includes: 45 minutes of play on the Hampden pitch Full Scotland kit (to keep) plus medal Use of the Hampden changing rooms Being coached by Craig Brown and Archie Knox Post-match penalty shoot out Post-match refreshments/food
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