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  1. You would have Ireland and Moldova on the locater form when arriving in the UK as i am sure it asks where you were up to the last 10 days since you left the UK , when we came back from Faroes , we had to put Faroes, Denmark and Ireland
  2. Yes you need the Irish one for Dublin and UK one for where ever you are arriving Uk I had to complete the 2 different ones coming home from Faroes via Dublin This is the Irish form
  3. Yes up and running now , mate got 3 tickets in block 19 by Visa card
  4. Web site is up , my understanding is that you cannot purchase a ticket until 1st November though
  5. In Faroes they scanned my ticket but never scanned the 2 guys with me , looked like scanning at random
  6. Looks like they were added , but unfortunately 2 points have dropped off at same time , I had 28 points before going to Faroes today still have 28 , my mate who didn’t go had 18 points last week and today has only 16
  7. They announced in the release that tickets will only be pick up for fans outwith the UK
  8. Your ticket is only available on the Euro ticket app and will not show on the app you purchased it ( it has been transferred to ticket app) , your free travel pass will be on the official app ( the one you purchased ticket in)
  9. Yes , really felt for her and everyone involved , horrific to see it live and the TV crews continuing to film was a disgrace
  10. 40 of us going Wednesday night
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