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  1. Pleasantly surprised but her father and herself are Ayr United followers
  2. Not before time , the Scottish Tories are a f@cking disgrace
  3. One of the delights when playing at Alloa , they sell the famous pie roll at the snack bar , delicious washed down with a hot Bovril
  4. Worryingly Norway have cancelled a major event in Oslo due to coronavirus and the Scotland game ( when we qualify) is in danger of being played behind closed doors , going by reports on Norwegian Tv
  5. Heard tonight both November games will be away due to some massive event taking place in Glasgow on those dates , United Nations Climate control conference with over 30,000 delegates , seemingly no hotels available and police tied up at this as expecting massive disruption
  6. They are saying previous points for last renewal are dropping off and this years will be added , they want people to check totals incase any are wrong , this is to ensure points totals are correct before Norway/Serbia tickets are available ( if we beat Israel)
  7. New members can order from today also
  8. Handed in last Monday , no hassle and received back by courier this morning
  9. The great thing is you can look at the questions save as draft , find the answers then just go back where you left off and you have not lost any of the completed form
  10. Completed yesterday on the whole much easier than expected
  11. Ayr to Manchester by train tomorrow then Manchester to Montenegro Friday am arrive Friday early evening
  12. Why not ! A great idea for all harvesters
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