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  1. Celtic are drawing up a list of celtic minded replacements for Brendan Rodgers... Police Scotland said the sex offenders list has never been used this way before....
  2. Currently watching this, way better than that braveheart pish.....
  3. Grew out of wearing pyjamas and football strips years ago....
  4. Was pretty good game considering, United were shocking, theur number 4 was honking and MacDonald for his one or two nice touches was horrendous. Off to cowdenbeath / cove this afternoon ... do Cove really want to go up, thought highlanders didnae fancy it?
  5. Le mans 24hrs in june then coast 2 coast usa in november....
  6. Who is forrest pumping to keep getting a game, fucking shocking...
  7. They did and drank heartily, to the queen. I threw up in my mouth at this point. Huns where creaming thereselves over it followed by a lovely rendition of rule boketannia
  8. Have supported anyone but the old firm for over 30 years, grand weekend when they both get pumped....
  9. Some of these comments are just rediculous thoughts, youre just a bunch of copycat s..
  10. They're looking into it.... Where does the line get drawn these days, no more who ate all the pies chants? Gingers still fair game? Cowdenbeath fans still inbreeding?
  11. Wasnt full? Couldnt get a ticket anywhere...sake, had to endure the rangers game instead...
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