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  1. BUFF 1875


    Assuming there is going to be 100% pick up, has it been announced yet and what, if this is the case, are the details. I haven't seen anything yet!!
  2. BUFF 1875

    Watering holes

    Scran, food!!
  3. BUFF 1875

    Boycott Mob

    Whether directed at him or not, it can only be demoralising for a player to hear the booing. Should never happen to anyone IMHO!!
  4. BUFF 1875

    Boycott Mob

    Perfect response from Chris Martin to the halfwits who chose to boo him coming on!!
  5. BUFF 1875

    Email from SFA - DO NOT OPEN!

    I received 2 emails and deleted immediately. Should be obvious as no-one is going to be owing £170 to the SSC anyway!!
  6. BUFF 1875

    Confirmation or ineptitude by the SFA

    Regan's answers had nothing to to with protecting Strachan surely. This was about his own position, which looks looks increasingly untenable the more this sorry mess progresses.
  7. BUFF 1875

    Disgusting!!! TA lose 2 members because of violent attack

    If this really happened and these guys were 10 pointers, then I think the SFA have to be concerned. The detail supplied seems to indicate the story is a lot of tosh but I think, for the sake of the TA reputation, the SFA need to get to the bottom of this!! For the avoidance of doubt, I am a 10 pointer, I am not a The Rangers fan and I am not a Catholic working for charity!!
  8. BUFF 1875

    Disgusting!!! TA lose 2 members because of violent attack

    No need to identify the guys involved but where did this take place? If true, I think there should be some sort of investigation by the SFA. Surely other fans would have been aware of this incident and reported it to the SFA/police/ bar owner!!
  9. BUFF 1875

    Away Points Table

    Not been updated since 25/4/2016!!
  10. Miller was, undoubtedly, the best referee in Scotland.
  11. BUFF 1875

    James Forrest

    Forrest was abysmal, it was like playing with 10 men for the 80 minutes he was on the pitch. Matt Ritchie did more in his first 2 minutes than Forrest did in the previous 80. What on earth does Strachan see in this bloke?
  12. BUFF 1875

    New Petition