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  1. FuNsTeR

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    the only players that come out with any positives were the two McGregors ... the rest were very poor
  2. FuNsTeR

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    i was heavily criticised on here for slagging Mcleish's appointment he should never been appointed in the first place he was made manager at rod petrie's advice an ole pals act
  3. is that the same GERS that claimed the English economy grew by 70% last year and claimed Scotland, N Ireland and Wales made up 75% of the UK's total deficit ....
  4. my nieghbour my sister and my mum were hard NOs during the last Indyref and they all say they will vote yes next time round because of Brexit
  5. did they poll the 200K EU citizens and 16 &17 year olds ??
  6. Ruth Davidson campaigned during 2017 GE on Independence ... she lost 13 seats to 35 by campaigning on Independence and losing she has no leg to stand on to try and block indyref2 ... the SNP must highlight this everytime she opens her big mouth about blocking another Independence vote
  7. https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-scissored-isles/
  8. Sir Bernard Jenkin, Tory MP and Brexiteer
  9. Tory MP saying that Brexit was England's vote and us and Ireland were lucky to get a vote .... the arrogance of these c**ts is breathe taking https://twitter.com/Dr_PhilippaW/status/1034408905252765696/video/1
  10. timing timing .... GERS didn't go to plan now this they are now trying to make the SNP and Alex Salmond look sleazy ... the unionists doing their utmost to stop Indyref2 .... because of a no deal brexit will spark Indyref2
  11. D Notice is a old term they are now called DSMA (Defence and Security Media Advisory) notices this is how the UK government goes about controlling the UK press .... almost anything like a indyref could be construed as a DSMA worthy event
  12. remind me if i'm wrong but wasn't the point of IVF treatment for couples who couldn't conceive children and not for same sex couples .... this whole scenario reeks of a propaganda stunt, she was on the news, chat show gushing about being pregnant
  13. the best time for a vote is February 2019 we will know the result of the brexit negotiations for several months, they will no longer have the line of attack on guaranteeing membership, currency, another vow won't work after failing to deliver last time round, scare mongering of pensioners and their pensions after they hammered pensions and EU citizens of being kicked out of Scotland and saving jobs like the tax and shipyards as examplesand Nicola can't put that Mackay in charge of the referendum this time after his past 2 poorly run campaigns