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  1. what you have to ask is who was the poll for , and what was the question asked if it was for Scotland and the union and the Question asked was Remain/leave then the poll is nonsense
  2. Swinson won her seat back due to tactical voting and SNP voters voting Labour hoping Corbyn would win ... won't work this time Labour and Tories can't afford to do tactical voting it cost the labour party being in government last time round and she has a mouth like a friggen basking shark when she opens it
  3. FuNsTeR

    2-0 tonight

    cheers for the Stats, that does shine a different light on the actual game itself
  4. FuNsTeR

    2-0 tonight

    Russia won 1 nil at home against Cyprus ... they also struggled .... Russian teams don't travel well
  5. here in lies the problem ... Labour's red lines the truth is it's a smokescreen like Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn is trying to wind down the clock he is a ardent brexiter .... he doesn't want to be PM until May takes the UK out the EU ... he doesn't want to be remembered as the PM that took the UK out of the EU, because he wants to use that as a big stick for future general elections like the tories have done with the bankrupt note left by Labour the EU has stated numerous times you can't pick and choose when it comes to the 4 pillars it's all or none that is why their red lines are red herrings
  6. Dianne Abbott is thick as mince ... and the BBC audience yet again was like something from the Nuremberg rally and the vile but shaggable Isabel Oakeshott ... it really depresses me watching Question time from down south
  7. the muddied the question by using remain and leave Indyref has always been as choice of Yes and No thus the question has confused the people they polled
  8. a massive spanner in Brexit from Scotland ... latest court ruling we are going to the ECJ https://sputniknews.com/europe/201811081069625806-scotland-court-brexit/
  9. the Vote to leave the EU in Westminster and EU parliament will have to be before March 29th it will not be accepted by either parliament resulting in a hard brexit what Rees-Mogg and co want and we will know everything about the deal or no deal quite simply we can't wait til 2020 by then the Tory Government will say we will have to wait till after the 2021 elections and SNP will lose .... btw the polls i have seen minus that Scotland in union poll has Yes ahead of NO two of my sisters and mum has switched to YES April will be the ideal date ... a 2nd vow won't work after all the broken promises of the original Vow that and pollsters don't poll EU citizens and 16 and 17 year olds
  10. she can't afford to wait that long i believe the vote will be around March or April 2019 ... December will be the month it's triggered when Brexit is finalised ... that is when we know what Brexit entails and the 1st 6 months will be chaos for a NO deal Brexit and for the 1st month after Brexit will be the best time
  11. The reality for Scottish fishing industry is bleak outwith the EU .... The Tories fishing policy after Brexit will see Scottish Fishermen will not be able to land there catch at the EU ports nor will they have access to the single market or be able to sell their fish under WTO trade .. 20 countries blocking UK membership of WTO including the USA, China and Russia i am sure the attitude of Scottish fishermen would change with the reality of Brexit and Indyref2 will be called when Brexit is finalised now in December ... Nicola can't hold one now until we know the facts of any brexit deal it stops us from being ambushed
  12. the only players that come out with any positives were the two McGregors ... the rest were very poor
  13. i was heavily criticised on here for slagging Mcleish's appointment he should never been appointed in the first place he was made manager at rod petrie's advice an ole pals act
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