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  1. It's not a selected few though is it? It's those at the top of the loyalty points based on their loyalty. I stand corrected mam, apologies. I am not try to argue I'm merely saying we have a process that works very well and should stick to it. I respect what you are saying but moving the goal posts for any reason covid or otherwise doesn't sit well at all with me and it wont with many others. No doubt the powers at be will feel the same, they don't like problems and will see doing anything other than sticking to the loyalty points as creating problems.
  2. Makes alot more sense. As I said, fair chance I'll miss out too. My fault though I could have avoided this by increasing my attendance over the prior games.
  3. He has, I've also made very compelling arguments about why it absolutely should not.
  4. Yea and I get what your saying but you start messing with the points system you open up a can of worms. Imagine there's a double away header vs Croatia and Czech for world cup qualifying which takes place in 2x20k stadiums and your on 10 points and I'm on 5. You've done all your shit with leave and bookings fully expecting to get your tickets for both games but the SFA move the goal posts and tell you you can only attend one as I need to get one despite having half the points you do? You won't find it fair and neither will others who fully (and rightly) expect tickets for BOTH Hampden gam
  5. It's very relevant. Takes time to build up a level of points to get yourself in the position to be virtually guaranteed a ticket for every game. As others have suggested sharing the tickets out willy nilly will give a ticket opportunity to all members on points including to guys who have say been to one Scotland game in their lives and it happened to be to one of the last 10 home games... What right have they got vs a guy on 13 points or 30 points for that matter to get one?
  6. Sorry but no. At the risk of sounding like a selfish a hole here - I, like all others high enough in the points system are there because they have followed, they have gone home and away consistently enough to have built up their totals. I'm on 18 and that's been obtained over 7 or 8 years. Every member had the same opportunity to do the same or have even more. It's not ideal there's a reduced capacity and it's unlucky some who may have got into a full Hampden now won't but it's not unfair, It's reasonable in the situation. We have a loyalty points system for this very reason to reward those i
  7. I hope this is the case, but I posted on another thread earlier - I hope SFA stick to our loyalty points system and allocate accordingly. Something tells me it won't be that cut and dry. There's room/reason call it what you want for SFA to throw spanners in the work. I'm not getting at any emergency service, I fully appreciate their hard work through covid but just about every other country who has had fans in sporting events have given tickets away to professionals. Who's to say the SFA wont do something similar? You can be damn sure Nicola will at least have a conversation regarding it.
  8. THIS UEFA have probably sold 20000 - 25000 tickets for each Hampden game on the portal. How many of them are Scotland or UK based? You can be certain some in the UK will have to hand their tickets back to facilitate the new allocations. If that allocation is 2000 for Czech/Croatia which aren't/can't get sold those 2000 will likely be offered back on the portal to those who had to return. There's noway SFA are getting more than whatever the initial offering is from UEFA
  9. I seriously hope it's done correctly and fairly. I mean absolutely no disrespect to any NHS employee but I hope we don't go down the route of giving them to emergency workers etc - some in here been around the block far too long, spent 1000's and never seen us at a major, if they are to then miss out over some give away or worse to a UEFA/corporate bigwig while it's in our own back yard it will be a sore one. 10000 tickets we were alleged to get in a full Hampden or around 25% of capacity I seriously hope we get 2000 MINIMUM anything less handed out to us by the SFA (top of the points system d
  10. Throw into the mix that the following seasons fixtures are normally out around last week in June. Sadly it's a recurring theme with the Tim's on here of late
  11. You are aware this Rangers position too right? That doesn't fit the agenda though eh You and the rest of your mob go on and on about how the whistle blowing is somehow to stop Celtic winning the league despite there being zero mention of it publicly. That does fit your agenda though. "The huns are doing it to stop us" It's got a wee bit old now.
  12. No your just clarifying my original point about your clubs us us us agenda and trying to make them relevant to the SPFL issue when they are not. People are dying and our games fucked, all the while your club are in the background screaming for attention. Give them the league and leave the adults to save lives AND our game.
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