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  1. ha, theyve dropped in today
  2. My mate will take this if can provide proof etc (Y)
  3. I reckon there will be enough drunk scots to break my fall
  4. Tickombo has 2 scotland end tickets for sale. Just seen them while on considering getting two more Hungary for friends
  5. With the new Hampden app and the day before ticket release for the Gibraltar game will the sfa make this a permanent feature and is it the end of the Harvesters?
  6. Sunday. Log in to your account online and it shows you how many days till ticket release.
  7. I wonder how the once full its full actually works? Me and the boy have the zip line over it booked for 2pm
  8. Ticombo have a couple scotland end for sale now. You can filter it down to each teams fans.
  9. Anyone actually got anything sorted from albuferia? Just about to book fir me and my youngest for a couple night. Decent deal actually going for two days all inclusive with jet 2 v single planning. Just worried I'm gonna have hassle getting to game/back.
  10. My suggestion is we use the thread for what it is intend for instead of folk jumping on to tell us how much they hate it when they find someone in their seat and how they are gonna throw a tantrum if they do.
  11. That's completely different. I don't think anyone would tolerate such behavior. I also don't recall entering a stadium, Hampden or otherwise, and being confronted by a group in my ticket row either though. You've described your allocated seat as "my seat" like 4 times in this thread already. It's not your seat at Hampden/Dens park/Alianz Arena or wherever else you end up even if you've purchased a season ticket. Half the time it doesn't even belong to the club/national side who play there never mind the paying punters. You and the rest of the my seat brigade are the biggest part of the problem when it comes to the OP and others finding a solution to what appears is going to be an issue for many.
  12. It's fine us adults sorted it. What about the OP? Are you suggesting he just goes to UEFA and they sit two different category tickets together? Or could we not all just behave like adults and help each other out?
  13. Match ticket holders are entitled to a 36 Hour Travel Pass across the entire MVV (M√ľnchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund) network at no additional cost. The pass is valid from 06:00 on matchday until 18:00 the following day.
  14. It's not city to city but UEFA website has full info. You'll need to pay public transport for a portion of the trip but not all.
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