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  1. How wrong are you 😂 I don't worry about anyone. That wasn't the question. Utd beat Dumbarton 8-0 which was the nail in the coffin of relegation. Nvm tho, I mean that wouldn't prompt a good "hun" bashing eh.
  2. As the title suggests.. If you could only have 5 who would the be? For me its. Dumbarton (although I'm at home games more often than not) Rangers - Obviously Dundee UTD - In the hope that they've lost. Celtic - Rivals obviously Man U - only because of their situation.
  3. Anyone not on IPTV who pay’s these TV companies for their “service” are the ones being stolen from. It’s a rip off, once you’ve seen what’s available elsewhere you’ll understand. Why do you think said companies try so hard to put a stop to it? Not because they are being stolen from, but because they control so much of the market and fear losing some. Like Cello says, were just expected to pander to them. Your “stealing” ideology is nonsense. I’d rather pay £65 per year than about that per month for sports/movies. The only problem I have is I need to pay said company for Broadband. Btw anyone funding these shysters dare not complain about the gap between Scottish/English leagues. YOU are part of the problem.
  4. Mazziessc


    Pretty much what I do, just costs a wee bit less. The set up for NFL is wicked. Can't wait till its back, managed to see some pre season stuff too 👌
  5. Mazziessc


    You'll get the hang of it mate. There's alot less set up steps (for the user at least) than you think. It's mainly being able to downkoad the correct app on your respective device and login with the username and password sent to you. Like TM said, plenty of help available.
  6. Mazziessc


    Good to see I'm not the only one haha. I've been doing it a wee while on the side. I send out free 48hr trials too. Full price is £65 for a year.
  7. Mazziessc


    IPTV is the name of it, it's for streaming everything. Mines has 2000 live channels, 8000 movies and box sets. Runs on most smart tv's, android boxes, fire sticks etc. Massive step up from kodi etc.
  8. Can't get away with how good it is and how for all their money, Sky, BT et al can't keep the streams off. Had it for a good while now, absolutely love it. Anyone else have it?
  9. Mazziessc

    Andrew Robertson

    Definitely, I think Alonso just pips him, probably cause of his goals. He was good again last night but his cross for Salah last week was ridiculous. Absolutely inch perfect. In today's mad market, I wonder what a bid would need to be for it to be accepted.
  10. Why not keep this large away support out if their singing is so bad and fill it when your own fans? Why do clubs go out their way to accommodate these horrible horrible people you speak of?
  11. This. Every club has their wahoo's and derogatory songs in one way or another. Doesn't matter if its the 4500 fans at Firpark every other week or the 49000 at Ibrox. More folk - more dickheads.
  12. Honestly believe IPTV is the way forward. I use it, have done for many months. Saves me an absolute fortune. 8300 live channels 8000+ movies and box sets for £65 a year or pay sky £100 a month? No brainier really.
  13. The love to hate for Rangers on here is absolutely glorious. The rangers are back and 90% of the folk on here are absolutely spewing. GIRFUY
  14. Grey ones at that, and grey in the beard. Fekin unmissable.