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  1. Throw into the mix that the following seasons fixtures are normally out around last week in June. Sadly it's a recurring theme with the Tim's on here of late
  2. You are aware this Rangers position too right? That doesn't fit the agenda though eh You and the rest of your mob go on and on about how the whistle blowing is somehow to stop Celtic winning the league despite there being zero mention of it publicly. That does fit your agenda though. "The huns are doing it to stop us" It's got a wee bit old now.
  3. No your just clarifying my original point about your clubs us us us agenda and trying to make them relevant to the SPFL issue when they are not. People are dying and our games fucked, all the while your club are in the background screaming for attention. Give them the league and leave the adults to save lives AND our game.
  4. The only one mentioning null and void here is you.
  5. Exactly why the league should be ended prior to any forthcoming information. To shut deluded wee morons like you up. The issue raised is to do with the process and the shoddy characters running our game but you knew that already right?
  6. This. The unwashed have fluffed it before, stranger things have happened. Anyway...give them the league today. Getting sick of this us us us shite from them in the background. It's been said a billion times whatever info has to be released has got he haw to do with them winning the league. That way we can get on with releasing whatever this is we hold. Hopefully it drops a bombshell which blows apart the shambles that is our game enabling us to fix it from the top down. We (collectively TAMB) have been voicing our opinions about the dire state of our governing bodies for years. We should all be hopeful of the same thing!
  7. One hour flight between them, plenty suitable flights available too at around £60 return. I can't see it being anywhere bar Moscow or St Petersburg with them having to go to Cyprus 3 days later.
  8. Anyone actually took the plunge and booked? TBH I got fed up waiting and with other commitments had to make sure I got sorted. Myself and a few others sorted we booked Glasgow 8th October 6am - Moscow via Amsterdam with KLM arrive 2pm. Leave Fri 11th at 5pm same route back in Glasgow for 10pm Paid bout 240. There's a few internal cheap flights to other Russian cities available to suit if needed.
  9. You honestly think after that the lad has potential as an international class centre back? Really?
  10. This, before anything else is our downfall. There's an old saying "shit falls down the way" Shinnie is rancid. He almost stood and applauded the pass/run for the second goal. He should retire from international duty with immediate effect, taking that other muppet McKenna with him back to Aberdeen.
  11. Don't agree, McNulty's at hibs coz he can't get a game for a team facing relegation in the league McBurnie's scored 18 in this season, a far better level than hibs.
  12. No reason why Bates and Mckenna can't build something similar.
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