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  1. One hour flight between them, plenty suitable flights available too at around £60 return. I can't see it being anywhere bar Moscow or St Petersburg with them having to go to Cyprus 3 days later.
  2. Anyone actually took the plunge and booked? TBH I got fed up waiting and with other commitments had to make sure I got sorted. Myself and a few others sorted we booked Glasgow 8th October 6am - Moscow via Amsterdam with KLM arrive 2pm. Leave Fri 11th at 5pm same route back in Glasgow for 10pm Paid bout 240. There's a few internal cheap flights to other Russian cities available to suit if needed.
  3. You honestly think after that the lad has potential as an international class centre back? Really?
  4. This, before anything else is our downfall. There's an old saying "shit falls down the way" Shinnie is rancid. He almost stood and applauded the pass/run for the second goal. He should retire from international duty with immediate effect, taking that other muppet McKenna with him back to Aberdeen.
  5. Don't agree, McNulty's at hibs coz he can't get a game for a team facing relegation in the league McBurnie's scored 18 in this season, a far better level than hibs.
  6. No reason why Bates and Mckenna can't build something similar.
  7. Someone post the team in here eh? TIA
  8. Kazakhstan 1 - 3 Scotland San Marino 0 - 6 Scotland
  9. What absolute horse shite. The lad even offered to pay his own way to make it to the game. As I said previously had this first game been at home he'd be playing.
  10. Surely behind Tierney, Armstrong and Mckenna. Mulgrew too should he play.
  11. Surely every one of our players for one reason or another is very familiar with artificial pitches? Are we honestly supposed to believe that the likes of Fraser and Patterson don't at least train on artificial once in a while? What a load of Tosh. The OP calls out Robertson, I reckon he'd be playing if the game was at home. His issue is more the not being able to fly rather than pain.
  12. Tierney 1st and foremost. If there is such a thing as vice captain these days he should be it. Be very surprised if its not him. Wouldn't be opposed to it being McKenna either however. Can't see any others remotely in the running based on the lack of experience in the potential line up.
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