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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I’m not sure he’s being touted as a potential star, but Man Utd are a billion pound business and wouldn’t put a player on the bench if they weren’t any good.
  2. McLeish today

    I doubt it very much.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    An ideal world, Sir Alex gives him the hair dryer.
  4. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    BT sport
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    This is a significant development. No ambiguity about what country he will play for. His youtube stuff is quite impressive.
  6. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    The results maybe, but not the manner in which they are achieved. If you do the research you’ll find that on this occasion it was done through possession football.
  7. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    That's no longer the case for us. There's definitely been a change in mentality in the last year or so.
  8. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    An England u15 beat Belgium 2-0 yesterday and he's not in that photo. So if there was another game he was captain of the u15 B team. I'm glad they lost. We need Brown, Rodgers and McLeish to get this sorted.
  9. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    Are you sure it wasn't December? Link please.
  10. McLeish today

    There’s been quite a lot of muttering and innuendo about him online, but I thought he came across fine today. He has a presence and a bit of wit and I think the players will take to him. He’s also clearly a fan, and good luck to him.
  11. Alan Hutton

    plus both Souttars, McRorie, Hendry, Porteous and Devlin. It will be interesting to see the established line up.
  12. Alan Hutton

    It worked well for big Eck, to be fair.
  13. Alan Hutton

    Of course he would, and he’d be a big threat at the back post for Robertson or Tierney’s crosses. He’d got good pace and power would get up and down the right flank all game. Totally wasted as a number 10 for us. McGregor, Snodgrass, Armstrong are better options there.
  14. Mcleishs management team

    Brian Mclair could be an option to provide “balance” and could atone for his lack of Powerpoint skills. McLeish, Mclair, and Clarke part-time when the games come round. “Surely a passport to the next round?”.
  15. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Let’s say we got big name Klinsmann. He’d take the best part of a year working out what players we have and what they can do and there’s no evidence that he’d be any better than the Scottish candidates. What we need is a safe pair of hands who knows the players, because we’re in a situation where our playing squad is improving and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We will qualify soon because we are almost there. The Celtic boys haven’t had a full campaign, our centre back options are improving and at youth level we’ve got better prospects than we’ve had for decades. We just need a bit more patience and a slice of luck. McLeish will be fine, although I’d have preferred Clarke. We don’t need a Klinsmann, as it would risk halting the incremental progress of the last 12 months.