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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Neymar is threatening to be as good as Messi. Quite why Rodgers has Gordon knocking the ball 20 yards to the marked full backs in every game i’m not sure. It’s cover the eyes stuff.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I wonder if anyone has checked Callum Wilson’s lineage.
  3. Under 21’s

    I think Wighton has been injured this season. He looks like a very good footballer, but I worry he’s maybe one that’ll never really know his best position.
  4. Under 21’s

    Morgan is easily good enough, and it’s quite an exciting prospect having him in the problem left wing position in the full team. I like Middleton too so there may be good competition there in the not too distant future. Both centre half’s were good, McBurnie showed good strength and awareness in the first half but his legs went not long into the second. Ukraine were a lot better overall though and had the makings of a world class player in wee Whatshisface.
  5. Why Has Phillips played every minute of the last 4 games ?

    He is sometimes very good in the EPL but there seems to be a question mark over his self-belief. I hope he hasn’t read this thread.
  6. Kieran Tierney at CB?

    I’m giving McKenna the benefit of the doubt as he’s a big aggressive type who could be useful. Time will tell if he has good enough ability on the ball for international football. There are a few contenders emerging although maybe not for the next campaign. Harry Souttar and Jamie McCart are two. McRorie looks promising and John Souttar is getting better.
  7. Under 21’s

    They weren’t great tonight , but some decent players there. Morgan still the pick of the bunch. I think Fulton the keeper looks promising although had nothing much to do in this game bar the goal.
  8. Gauld still needed

    I thought Christie and McGregor were pretty good against the Netherlands but the weight of pass wasn’ always there. Gauld is about the best i’ve seen at this skill and we could really use that killer touch for the next campaign. He can also finish.
  9. Netherlands match thread

    to be fair, Fraser has just come on the pitch and probably would have scored had it happened 5 minutes later.
  10. Kieran Tierney at CB?

    The problem is, do we have two centre halfs good enough if Tierney isn’t one of them? If we did then he’d be at left back with Robertson in front of him.
  11. Kieran Tierney at CB?

    Tierney is getting towards world class. His timing in the tackle is incredible. He could also play in central midfield. We need to see Robertson played further forward so an informed decision can be made. For Tierney at centre half he’ll need a tall partner and yet I think McRorie looks likely to be challenging for a position soon and he’s no giant (but he can also play midfield).
  12. Netherlands match thread

    Very quiet.. Aberdonians are far too dour to be relied upon to generate an atmosphere - booing own players aside.
  13. New jerseys?

    The price is shocking. Some breakdown of the profits would be interesting. I wouldn’t feel so bad if 50% went to grassroots football, but i very much doubt that will be the case.
  14. Malky's Squad

    I’m not we sure need another CM. I’d go for McKay.
  15. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    and an assist, too.