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  1. “I seen” and “has went” don’t travel well.
  2. Michael Stewart ruins his intellectual vibe by repeatedly falling into the “of” trap.
  3. He’s scored a few headers but defensively he’s looked poor anytime I’ve seen him.
  4. I don’t think Ralston will retain his spot. Celtic will replace him. Ramsay would seem the likely challenger to Patterson with Hickey a utility player for multiple positions.
  5. I just said Levein says he’s two footed and I get War and Peace! Patterson is our right wing back.
  6. Levein seems to think he’s genuinely two footed.
  7. McTominay best player on the park but still getting it tight from the prawn sandwiches on Twitter.
  8. I’d be very surprised if those at Nato are content for an independent Scotland to happen. It would cause utter chaos. That doesn’t prove the above but I’ve no doubt a lot of resources will have been used to prevent it.
  9. I’ve got very high hopes for Liam Morrison and Leon King.
  10. There was a similar situation years ago with Hateley and Duncan Ferguson. The senior pro always gets the nod. Big Dunc turned out okay for a bench warmer when he left for Everton.
  11. There are some fairly lazy journalists out there. Does Fraser have a reply to Clarke’s comments?
  12. What is baffling is that Fraser has looked ecstatic after some Scotland games. To pull out in the sober light of day is very odd, although it seems clear that is what he’s done. Maybe he’s susceptible to bullying from other influences.
  13. He played left back in a 4-4-2 for most of the game apart from the first few minutes.
  14. McTominay would also provide some protection for Patterson’s forays up the park. This would in turn free up Gilmour (and McGinn) to provide support in attack. McGregor would do the same on the left.
  15. McTominay coming in wouldn’t necessarily mean McGregor dropping out. It could be one up front with McGinn supporting. It might be a good option against some sides.
  16. A game against Ireland would be something to look forward to.
  17. Liam Morrison made his debut for Bayern Munich II last night after being promoted from the u19s. Seemingly a huge step.
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