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  1. Which is why Ry told me you are on the next swally along with GlasgowManCity. That fucker is owe me a fortune. 😄
  2. The utter fat boring sad wank with his ‘I have not a part to play in this’ pish. Aye, sure you don’t you horrible fat fuck. You are loving this.
  3. Fucking hell, this reads like something RH would type. 😆🤦‍♂️
  4. The original IRA I am in complete agreement with. An honourable organisation. In-fact, I am sitting in a pub right now with an original Irish freedom fighter on the wall who actually used to stay in Perth. A great man. But, Ramy takes it to new levels.
  5. The FB pic I posted yesterday was sent to me by another poster from here. That’s what you don’t realise. You are sending out all these friend requests to folk you have never met. 😄
  6. Be careful what you wish for my terrorist loving friend. I’m on the lash today so you never know. 😄p
  7. Because I unfriended you ya eejit. 😆 I initially accepted your request because I was coming to Canada to meet Teeko. I was going to be in your city first for two days and I thought, what harm can it do having a pint with you. Then when you just become unbearable with your FB bollocks I dropped you.
  8. Nae cunt is your pal. You add heaps of folk on Facebook ya daft shite and think an online connection means you are mates with them. 😆
  9. It’s truly mind boggling why the Celtic board allowed Lennon to continue in charge. Any half decent manager should have been able to win that league this season with Celtic’s resources. Instead, Lennon’s incompetence has somehow made Gerrard look decent. Lennon is a total wank but Celtic winning something a hundred times is better than the Huns winning something once.
  10. A stranger would come on here and think you were the greatest online wind-up going. Of course, we know different. You are utterly genuine. 😂🤦‍♂️
  11. The sad cunt was obviously up until 3am last night trolling posts to slap his emojis on. 😆
  12. One person. The same fat verminous cunt who has spent the last two years ruining this place with his gazillion logins. Once he had started accessing the private profiles of posters it was game over.
  13. Utter bollocks. You have been lamping folks names on here willy nilly for months. Surnames too. You have been told repeatedly to cut it out but you still persist.
  14. Aye, I am very careful whose name I drop on here. There are regular users here who I’ll catch up with often in reality. Under no circumstances have I ever said their name. Ramy, on the other hand has been doing it for months. It has been pointed out to him before but you and I both know that Ramy won’t be told anything so fuck him.
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