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  1. So, we swallow ours because Brown has none? 😒
  2. This may be the funniest thing I’ll read all day. 😂
  3. You could have saved yourself the bother of typing all that out by just saying Hail Hail, Up the RA.
  4. WCTA


    You’re not the only one. It feels like a finals draw for us. Christ knows how I remember what that’s like. 😄
  5. Exactly. It won’t matter though because Broon’s a Celtic hero, can’t do anything wrong if yer a hoops fan, blah blah blah. 🙄
  6. You think there’s something unwise about me seriously wanting players never called up again if they are going to cherry pick when they can be arsed turning up for us? I’d rather have a team full of Stephen O’ Donnells and Greg Taylors who feel nothing but respect for being asked to represent us.
  7. You seem to be obsessed with face to face confrontations. You do go on about it a lot. FWIW if you knew me and my gob as many do from here you’d know I need to chill with the full on face to face shit as I get older. 😄
  8. Growing up a huge Saints fan I’d always get asked what a Catholic ex-altar boy was doing not following Celtic. I got a lot of that teasing when I started work at 16 year old on building sites. 😂
  9. Finally ya daft twat. My bloody pic on here is a guy in Cubs attire FFS. 😄
  10. You requested me a second time after I unfriended you the first time. You slaver mair pish sober than I do drunk.
  11. Brown is the worst ever example you can use if you are looking for someone with balls. The man’s a coward.
  12. I think that’s more to do with the fact that a blind man could see how every single dirty trick in the book has been used on Salmond from a corrupt UK government the last decade. They want him nailed bad.
  13. Condors. Biggest flying bird on Earth and I’m getting to see them soar in the wild in Southern Peru in January. 👌
  14. Ramy is like that loveable Uncle that the family have a soft spot for. Absolutely thick as pig shit but still brings a cheeky, loveable warm glow to all when he sits down at the Christmas dinner table. 😊
  15. With Oor Ramy(God bless him), I could never ever be angry at him. 😄👍
  16. That’s how dumb you are. Every dick and his dug knows who I am except you. You have me as a friend on FB you walloper. That makes this even funnier! 😂😂😂 You do the detective work then get back to me, eh?
  17. Of course that would never happen and neither it should from a foreign league. Point is that it should not matter who Liverpool, Arsenal or anyone else play that week. If a player wants to represent his country he will. If he doesn’t then fuck him.
  18. I’m just going to highlight that top part there. Just so we can all laugh at the board’s resident Mastermind calling anyone else thick. 😂 Not even any point in answering the rest of that tripe. You have proved time and again you know the square root of fuck all about fitba’. Stick tae the ice hockey or plastering selfies everyday ya vain twat. 🙈
  19. No, I mean if a player decides he wants to turn up when he can be arsed or not. If a player wants to play for his country he will if he is fit. If he genuinely wants to fuck us about then he should be told to gtf.
  20. It’s all in the name for me. Gallagher sounds too Fen..... sorry, Irish for me. McKenna, while still a wee bitty Tai.... ooops Republican, still has some Scot in it.
  21. Naisy will take stick with a lot saying he’s finished but our young team needs somebody who’s done the rounds. Someone who genuinely doesn’t seem at all fazed. I think he’s the man to get wired in regardless of how much pressure is on.
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