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  1. Better than her fish rollmop thingys at Chrimbo? 😂 She made an absolutely cracking goulash though that I couldn’t stop eating and that cucumber soup. 😍👌
  2. Because 100% of people pay their money to the SSC to follow the men’s team. That’s entirely it. I also say that as a supporter of womens football at every level.
  3. I bet you think it’s creepy if a 32 year old teacher shags a lassie but if it’s a young laddie who gets tae baw his teacher you think it’s great? Even laughing and joking about how lucky he was. 🙄
  4. Classic It’s cool if it’s a young laddie instead of a lassie. 😒
  5. Twa bridies. Ain plehn, ‘n’ an ingin’ ain ‘n’ a’. 👍
  6. In other news, Elvis is deid and you are a cunt. Any recent news to bring us Macy?
  7. She loves the dirty Scottish water. She just thought it was rude to ask the last time as she never had her car keys to toss into the bowl.
  8. I get one of those office type water deliveries to my house. The fucking moron Yanks rave here about being so advanced, everyone is beneath them etc, but can’t actually see how far they are behind the developed World. My Wife won’t touch the tap water here now since She’s had Ormon........ sorry, Scottish water. 😊
  9. That sounds like an absolutely bang on representation in regards to any UK police force then and certainly to the present day
  10. Things like that are best kept until I go on the lash after work. 😋🍺🥃
  11. I’ve nae idea whit that’s a’ aboot. 👀 😂🤣
  12. Here was me seriously questioning myself posting this video then you call me a poof. 😆
  13. Seems to be a common occurence with Huns from the TAMB then. 😒
  14. My carrot crunching teuchterness will be on full display just for you and yer Southern softie pals. Ye’ll be screaming tae join the Rusty Nail Tartan Army by kick-off. 🥃
  15. At U Peter was the best. Mind when “he” went out in a blaze of glory with the rebel stuff just to annoy cunts? 😂🤣
  16. Aye, he must’ve blocked you as he still pops up on a search with mutual pals. You’re not there. 😆
  17. In about 2-3 posts time he’ll slaver some pish about how “everyone” on the TAMB was sending him messages of support or whatever. Then slaver some bollocks like “Gala is great the day, the Borders are beautiful, etc” and bairns like Macy will lap it up. Honestly, I’ve nae idea why the fat Hun fuck just doesn’t post normally. The gemme was over yonks ago for him so I’ve no idea why he is continuing with his shite. 🤷‍♂️
  18. Cram yer feelings up yer maple syrup laden hole. 😘
  19. That pot of skitters looked absolutely barkit pal. I’d rather blow off Ron than eat that shite. 😄
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