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  1. Obviously too soon to consider him but I believe in being positive about players emerging slightly unexpectedly. We need to widen our pool of forwards and play those in form. McBurnie, Griffiths, Shankland, Dykes*, Nisbet, Naismith, Burke, Brophy, Stewart etc are hardly world class but at least there are options. Hornby and Appere could even join them. Very happy to sit back and watch how Nisbet gets on. *yeah, I know.
  2. I can't embed youtube clips here (actually, this might be my first...) but this video is pretty impressive
  3. That Bobby Allain (he's the guy who wants to play for us isn't he?) Started for Olympiakos tonight against Wolves. According to wikipedia he's only started 3 games this season so not sure if the regular goalie is injured.
  4. Bayern Munich close to finalising Barry Hepburn deal; Aaron Hickey to visit Säbener Straße via @OneFootball. Read it here: https://1.ftb.al/cFbFhwe6H8
  5. Following that criteria would dramatically reduce the number of Scots in the EPL. 😁
  6. Apologies, wasn't trying to start a quiz but these are the 18: Liverpool A Robertson Man Utd Scott McTominay Arsenal Kieran Tierney Burnley P Bardsley Newcastle Matt Ritchie Southampton S Armstrong Crystal Palace J McArthur West Ham Snodgrass Villa McGinn Sheff Utd Fleck McBurnie Chelsea Gilmour Leeds Cooper Douglas WBA Phillips Burke Fulham Carney McDonald No statement on the quality or 'Scottishness' . Some may go but some might arrive (Fraser for example)
  7. No, still 18 as I hadn't counted Bryan. 😉
  8. As it stands, Fulham's promotion means there are 18 Scots in the EPL next season. Obviously that'll change with players like Douglas and McDonald possibly being shipped out (and who knows what for Burke!) but that compares to 13 at the start of last season and 11 at the start of the season before that.
  9. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5NmARk8YuYpPTcpQJaBUsX?si=dSXlx5MiSoannZpEb615Pg I don't think I've seen this podcast (Scots Abroad) mentioned here but it's a series on Scots sports people living abroad and this one's with Fraser Hornby. It's interesting in its own right but in relation to the discussion above John Walker relates something Billy Gilmour said to him about why he moved to Chelsea. He felt that if he stayed in Scotland he would be fast tracked to first team football however he didn't feel ready, not grown enough. Going to Chelsea offered him protection, to develop in his own time. This isn't an argument for Hickey to leave but just one of the options. For every Gilmour there's a Sammut or StClair. I don't think you can come down on one side of the 'stay at home and get development' or 'move to a big club and get time to develop and gain high quality coaching'.
  10. We could solve the issue in a couple of years with a back 5: Tierney Taylor Doig Hickey Robertson
  11. Interesting to compare the old firm this weekend. Celtic have 6 Scots on the pitch but Rangers the normal 2. However, on the bench Celtic have none but Rangers 4. (I know there are injuries). Be interesting to see how the extra subs has an impact and players like Mayo, Henderson (what's happened to him?) Etc get on the pitch.
  12. Just heard that. Bayern offering to make him their highest paid reserve and I can imagine some of their reserves are really well paid. The Record seemed to think Bologna are favourites but I don't know what they base that on. It'd be very interesting to see him link up with Morrison. Taylor's just had his second assist. Just unbelievable 🙄
  13. I got the impression he had options, maybe a return to England, rather than nobody wanting him. I always feel a bit protective of him. He's not great but he tried and it's not his fault he was the 'best' of a very bad set of options. I never want to see a player injured but it'd help if Tavernier needed an extended break from Rangers. Or Frimpong discover a Scottish granny.
  14. An assist for Henderson today as Empoli won 2-0. Can't work out if they've made the play offs.
  15. Dave Cormack was making the point today that those in charge are not doing enough. There's no SPFL sponsor this season. It's a hard time to get sponsorship but the problem started before Covid19. Tom English reported that some years ago Barry/Eddy Hearn (one of them) berated those in charge for their failures to finance the game.
  16. As it stands we are looking at another season with number of Scots in the EPL increasing. The EPL isn't all it's cracked up to be, I know, but that's positive.
  17. Assist for McGinn. He's not looked great though. Missed a clear chance and gave away a terrible free kick outside the area which West Ham should have done better with.
  18. He's not decided that yet though. May well choose Australia but we don't know so until then it seems fair to discuss him.
  19. Think we keep putting our players down and then find out we've been unfair. That said, maybe the definition of a 'top half' EPL club is a bit uncertain but I can see them both thrive at Everton, Newcastle, Southampton etc.
  20. Anyone know much about Jamie Barjones at Rangers? He's 21 so not that young but played in the friendly and scored. He's not been on my radar so just reading about him.
  21. Burke starts against Barcelona. What a career that lad is having.
  22. That's exactly what I was wondering. I'm not so keen on 3 at the back as Robertson is more effective as a traditional LB, I think it takes away some of best midfielders (how do you fit McTominay, Fraser, Christie, McGinn, Armstrong and McGregor in?), and we hardly have a fantastic choice of CBs. So, can he play on the left of a two (and then who'd be on the right of CB pair????) The RB option messes with my head. I hated seeing him stop to pass the ball infield as he couldn't cross with his right. But, is Tierney hamstrung by playing out of position still a lot better than any RB?
  23. An assist for the 2nd and a hand in the first. Looked great from the highlights. I'd read that he moves from CB when defending and LB when attacking Question is, do you play Tierney... 1. Left of 2 centre backs 2. Left of a back 3 (Robertson a wing back) 3. Right back
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