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  1. In the main I'm disappointed by this move. Staying at Motherwell for at least another year would surely be a huge benefit to him. From a domestic football point of view it's sad that a young team isn't able to develop together before they're cherry-picked. Only positive is that Gerrard might actually want to play Scots in his team. It was always a hope that a short-term plan hid a longer aim to develop youth even if that's youth that's bought in. Certainly the Rangers youngsters are getting rave reviews.
  2. Couple more quotes from the BBC live feed: Robbie Savage "Scott McTominay has kept going again tonight. Lionel Messi is teasing Paul Pogba and he has been overrun again." Man Utd fan "McTominay is 10 times the player Pogba is. Imagine if Pogba worked half as hard as him?" Fraser, Robertson, Tierney, Forrest and now McTominay. A half decent manager could make the basis of a good team out of that.
  3. Just idle thinking but imagine Fraser and Tierney both playing on the left for Arsenal. They've seemed interested in both so it's not impossible.
  4. Sorry, posted this in the wrong thread before.
  5. I was always opposed to playing him at right back but now I think we have no option. I think with it we abandon ideas of a back 3. I don't care what the doommongers say, we have a good young team.
  6. I agree. I think McGinn and McTominay would be great together. 4 goals in the last 6 for McGinn and the momentum Villa have suggest he may well be playing in the EPL next season. Would like to see him playing against better opposition each week.
  7. I think that we have no choice right now. Two Champions League 'regulars' in the team is really positive and hopefully increase next year!
  8. A big who cares about a player getting huge plaudits and driving his team towards promotion to the EPL? Just Google his name and read the articles about him. The Daily Star (And I am sorry to quote them) have an article today saying that Villa owe their promotion push to him more than to Grealish or Abraham. Although my argument might be completely undermined by quoting the Daily Star!
  9. Not sure I agree. Tierney was 18, McKenna 21, Souttar 21, Burke 18, McTominay 21, McBurnie 21. Ok, not exactly loads of teenagers but still young. The real youngsters (under 20) like Gilmour and Hornby haven't played first team football and, sadly, when younger lads do play they're jumped on.
  10. SkyBlueScot

    New kit

    Now that's a fantastic idea. There's that Italian team that had images of cured meat across their shirts. We could have Tunnocks in shadow across the whole kit.
  11. An assist for McGinn. Villa are putting wins together and it's not hard to imagine McGinn in the EPL next season. I like it when the international break ends. We can go back to thinking we've got great players. 😉
  12. O'Donnell's crossing has been poor. Trouble is, it's the one position on the pitch you just have to live with.
  13. Scotland U21s: Doohan, Brandon, Harvie, G. Johnston, Maguire, Ross McCrorie, Campbell, Turnbull (Holsgrove 58), McAllister (M. Johnston 50), Hastie (Miller 77), Hornby (House 77). Daily Record are reporting that McAllister played but there was no McAllister in the squad list. Also a surprise there was no Ferguson.
  14. The trouble is in all the angst of yesterday some of the statements on here aren't really fair. Shinnie was dreadful but doing what was asked him. I understand that Robertson's dental treatment was emergency so "sore mouth" or organising a dental trip for the international break isn't fair (stated elsewhere). Fraser and Paterson were asked not to play by their managers because of previous injury problems (although I agree McLeish should have said bollocks to that) and I've read comments about Tierney bring a sick note when he's doubtful for Celtic's next game. We were dreadful. McLeish doesn't seem to have a clue. Those players on that pitch let themselves down. Not disagreeing with that. But nobody can tell me that our players aren't very good.
  15. Spot on. Call him a sick note if he pulls out before meeting up but if he's travelled all that way it must be decision by the SFA. As noted before we have Shinnie, McGregor and Palmer who have all played left back before. It's not ideal but we should still have it in us to win this.
  16. I'm pleased to see Kelly get a call up. Not long ago there was a lot of anger on here about Scotland refusing to play young players. You don't hear that any more. Ok, thete's nobody under 20 but the average age must be very low.
  17. Yep. McGinn alongside McTominay. Forrest, McGregor and Armstrong just behind Burke. Very happy with that.
  18. Only change I'd make to that is to remove Paterson, play Burke upfront and play Armstrong in his place
  19. That's all very odd. Can only think they expected the worse and they found today it was no think like as bad. There's nothing from Fletcher's comments that suggested he was anything other than happy.
  20. I know this will be unpopular but I'm very happy for Phillips to play up front if we have to. Burke, Forrest, Fraser and Armstrong behind him will provide the goals. Would like to see a new face too but happy if we go for Phillips.
  21. Hadn't appreciated that Armstrong had such a big impact today from the bench. Assist for the first and then his lightening run down the middle led to the free kick which Southampton scored.
  22. An assist for Fraser and then a goal. Both linked up with Wilson. If Wilson goes I hope Fraser goes with him as they are quite a partnership.
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