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  1. Yeah, Johnston's a player that we've not really mentioned lately. I know he's injured but when we've talked about younger players or those out injured I've forgotten him. It's really pleasing to think of who we have now and who's on the fringes. They'll improve the squad if nothing else. Clarke makes us difficult to beat and then we add quality as they are ready!
  2. It's positive. Really positive. However we need our best players against Serbia and Tierney is our best (for me). He needs to be at CB I think. His passing out is better than McTominay's and at Arsenal a lot of attacks start with him or go through him. The 3 CBs are hard to choose now though. McTominay/Jack vie for CM and then I don't really know what to do with McGregor and Armstrong. I'd go with Marshall Gallagher Cooper Tierney O'Donnell Robertson McGinn Jack Christie Fras
  3. Can't help thinking he's given himself a game off
  4. Happy for disagreement but not sure what the confused face under this refers to. Just don't think McTominay should be CB
  5. McKenna, Gallagher, Tierney, Cooper, Considine and Porteous. Those should be the CBs ahead of McTominay.
  6. My son's contribution: Ryan Jack looks like Arthur Christmas.
  7. I do worry we've gone straight from over-done despair to 'all's well' without stopping at a reality check-in. When that happens you can slump back down again with just one match. Slovakia were poor last night but we did really well to remain solid and take full control in the second half. They didn't have enough in attack for me to change my mind that McTominay isn't a centre back and we did lack some dynamism. Without anyone ahead of him, we don't get the most out of Robertson and we generally lacked width. Overall though things are looking brighter. We had key players out that ins
  8. I just don't think that's fair or even true.
  9. I guess the issue for Clarke is to decide who his best CBs are. McKenna, Gallagher, Cooper, Porteous and Considine are not too different in skill level and, to be honest, I can't really get upset which he goes with.
  10. Thanks for all this. I was so focused on the Israel game that I hadn't given enough consideration to these nations league games.
  11. Hopefully I don't get banned for asking such basic questions but what does winning this round of nations leagues get you? Last time it's got us to here (1 game from the Euros) but does this do the same with World cup places?
  12. Nice link up with Patterson.
  13. SkyBlueScot


    I agree. Could easily be 4 at the back
  14. SkyBlueScot


    I completely forgot about McGregor 😊
  15. I wonder from the Arsenal statement whether Tierney, and Christie by extension, still have a chance of playing.
  16. This is so depressing. At the minute it's not the end of the world but we're on the edge now. Guess that means O'Donnell at RB. Dykes, shankland and McBurnie cover the front places and in midfield we still have a choice of Fraser, McGinn, McTominay, Fleck, Jack and McGregor. Definitely not 3 at the back now, surely? Will he call up replacements? Still looks ok. For now...
  17. McGinn didn't seem himself after football resumed after Lockdown but he's seems to be back of track. That said, lovely to see he can still play a pass to the opposition in his own half without thinking and defend so well with his arse. 🙂
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