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    SKY TV : a tax on Scottish football ?

    "So : lets assume that Scotland has a population share of 8.4% of Sky Subscribers. And also that a similar number of small pubs in Scotland pay ~20K (or more) for a Sky Sports TV subscription.... Is there not an argument that population % of this money should be getting returned to Scottish football ? " I think this is based on a flawed assumption from the start, in that you are assuming that the key reason for a Sky Sports subscribers in Scotland is to watch Scottish Football. TV Viewing figures SPFL TV Review 16/17 seems to suggest for BT at least that its closer to 2.5% of subscribers watched the SPFL. It seems to average about 150k viewers across all the games. I understand the average for EPL games is around the 1M mark across all the time slots. Big Games get close to 2M. Anecdotally - I can tell you more people would go to my local to watch Chelsea, Spurs, Man City, Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool or Everton against Burnley or Bournemouth etc.. that would watch any game in the SPL outside the OF games. Rightly or wrongly I think you may find that the EPL is indirectly subsidising the Scottish League already. ... As already mentioned this is sport in a free market, its not meant to be fair and never will be.

    Ticket For Sale (East Sec F2 - Adult)

    Thanks All - Ticket gone

    Ticket For Sale (East Sec F2 - Adult)

    Still available - Have it with me today in Glasgow City centre till 5pm. After that and tomorrow its available for pick up in Dumbarton
  4. 1 Adult Ticket for Sale - East Stand Sec F2 Face Value £25. Will be available for pick up in Glasgow City Centre tomorrow during the day if that suits someone.
  5. I can see why you think that.. but I tend to think its coming from a necessity....its not this generations Black Panthers though and never will be... The Policing in main cities and main streets in the United States is not fit for purpose and without trying to go all tin hat conspiracy mode, is only there to protect the interests of the "Haves" (be they rich, upper middle-class or rich or whatever) Its a well documented fact that US Police Forces target recruitment of those with Low IQ, which leads to them lacking many of the attributes that some would feel may be required when asked to carry a fire arm everyday into tense and dynamic situations. They may not all be red-neck racists (although there is that added element in some states) but in general they lack the logic and compassion to make the right decisions under pressure - or in some cases under no pressure at all - Carer of Autistic man shot in street while playing with toy truck ?!?!?!? US Court Says it’s Okay for Police Departments to Refuse to Hire Someone who is Too Smart: http://thefreethough...SJQtbMw0EQ3e.99 Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops: http://abcnews.go.co.../story?id=95836 Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores: http://politicalblin...high-iq-scores/ Ex-CIA Contractor Confirms: Police Departments Use Tests to Ensure Applicants Lack Logic and Compassion: http://filmingcops.c...and-compassion/
  6. Just seems to be another recent example of disenfranchised people getting behind the next political / social cause that comes along as a vent for all sorts of frustration very loosely (or not at all) linked to the main message. ......and partially that perennial british youth fixation to adopt the next big thing that comes out of America. Todays protests seem to follow a decently organised and determined MO. Previous gatherings behind the banner in London seemed to attract a larger element just there as they were bored and fancied a stick to beat the authorities (read Police) with and have a bit of a rumble. The Met actually seemed to handle those instances remarkably well (compared to over the pond)


    Definitely most of it can be explained by Liverpool's or more specifically Brenda Rodgers lack of imagination in the transfer market, as well as the willingness to splurge obscene amount of dosh erratically with no clear plan. Southampton's past 2 managers had a good record of identifying players that would take them into a top six finish in the PL and clubs quickly realised Southampton also had no clout to keep them after a good season. Unbelievable reading http://www.lfchistory.net/Transfers/ByManager/25-1 - Brenda bought 33 players for £292M (Do that in FM2016 and you be guaranteed to win the CL) Lambert £4.5 Lallana £25M (....just WTF??) Lovern £20M Clyne £12.5M Mane £35M Having said all that I think Spurs got a bargain on Wanyama at £12M ......that's a great buy for any top 10 club in the PL, strangely he is probably of least value to Spurs who already have 73 midfielders
  8. Hi All 2 x Adult Poland tickets for South Lower, Area P4, Row Z for sale. Face value £42 each. I have listed these already but due to my lack of organisation and being extremely busy in work havent responded to a few folk the last few weeks. Aoplogies if thats you. I still have them but at this stage its too late to post out - so helpful is someone can collect in person in Glasgow city centre tommorow during working hours OR in Dumbarton in the evenings.
  9. I assume the people that are saying his comment that he would never push the button as unhelpful are coming from the point of view that Trident is only there as a deterent. The simple fact it is there is supposed to stop any potential all out attack against us and no-one ever would wish to use it and I guess following that logic maybe even Corbyn would have to re-consider his position if we did ever get to a War Game type scenario while he was PM. So assuming he ever got to be PM, its goes against the whole pretence of Trident being a deterent if he admits he would never push the button. Having lived in Dumbarton where maybe 30-40% of the jobs are at the base, my experience would back up the statement thats its only there as a deterent and never intended for use. Knowing the people that work there and hearing what goes on I'm pretty certian that when that button is pushed, the lights would flicker for a few seconds in Faslane then nothing would happen. From the outside its does seem to just be a job creation scheme to keep people off the streets.
  10. 2 Adult tickets seated together for Sale in South Lower Stand. Section P4. Face value wanted @ £42 each. Can accept paypal, F2F in Glasgow City Centre or contact me and we can arrange to suit. Also have exact same seats available for Poland Game as well. will split or sell together.
  11. in response to the above, Yes i guess it would if any of the companies take the huge investment to actually convert any of the finds to actual barrels of oil, will check later on the number of new fields open in the North Sea for comparison against these OIl finds the media likes to report each week. My gripe was all the facebook warriors that seem to be Oil experts that seem to think that just because it been reported in the AP that these automatically convert to barrels of oil. todays FT article has a couple of intersting points http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/bcbe77dc-5e96-11e4-a807-00144feabdc0.html?siteedition=uk#axzz3HRbk1YlH particularly That Mexico the 6th lagerst oil producer in the world has had to redraft next years budget due to Oil Price volatility - something many said is a scare story. The fall in the price of crude has started to hit the earnings of big energy companies, in a sign of how the oil supply glut is reverberating across the global economy. BP and BG Group both reported a fall in third-quarter earnings on Tuesday, in part due to the drop in the oil price over the period. The average selling price of oil fell $8 in the three months to the end of September compared with $110 a barrel average in the previous quarter and in the third quarter of 2013. The price slump is also hurting the economies of some of the big oil producing nations. Mexico was forced to redraft part of its 2015 budget after the price fall upended its revenue assumptions.
  12. Problem is, in genral an "Oil find" means nothing - theres a massive disconnect (in time and propability) of turning an Oil Find into an Oil Fund, especially in the North Sea. We could have an Oil find like this everyday for another ten years and it still wouldnt make it profitable for anyone to actually build the infrastructure to extract it and create any tax revenue for us. At current Brent Oil prices, if we could get all the provable oil out the North Sea and then decommision all the assets to the required standard we would still be faced with a massive loss of billions. Problem is the more oil finds we have (even if they arent turned into extracted oil) helps to keep the price below the magic $100 a barrell (or whatever is s these days) the industry needs to actuallymake a profit on the stuff. Hence a Oil Find means very little
  13. this - and some must genuinely feel they we actually benefit from being in the UK. Its been pointed out to me by various foriegn people that Glasgow and Edinburgh benefit massively from 10s of thousands of Financial Services jobs that just wouldnt be here if we diditn have that link with London - in terms of shared regulation, currency etc. We have a special position in these markets as we have that link and the neccessary professional education but also benefit from the costs savings of not actually being based in expensive London or having to live beside annoying Eastenders types. These people were here trying to copy how we attract so many Financial Services jobs from all round the world and one of the key thing they identified was the above, which they cant hope to copy. I've said from day one the vote was completely the wrong way round - not enough detail and certainties set out by the the YES party. If we are going to do it - do it right. Negoitiate first with the EU or prove we can go it ourselves if they refuse. We were never going to be truly independent without a Central Bank - Be Brave and have our own currency. Chance is gone for another generation as there was too much tyring to have our cake and eat it. Too much emotional launguage in the YES campaign and asking pragmatic Scots for a leap of faith but not enough details. If there is a next time our standard reply cant be a dismissive "Oh thats just scaremongering" - as these voters were obviosuly genuinely scared.
  14. I'm really not trying to be so sceptical of a YES vote - this just happens to be an area i've done financial analysis on for these companies. The additional costs i;ve detailed above are undeniable. they may be cancel out Corp Tax or may not even be passed on to the consumers. Its the paranoia and the talk of boycotts that bothers me. How does the tory consipiracy theory explain the european banks having the same opinion, you cant tell me Cameron has influence over them http://en.ria.ru/analysis/20140911/192832246/European-Banks-Fear-Recession-Over-Scottish-Independence-.html the use of the word recession is just stupid journalistic boombast but the principle still stands