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  1. I would persevere with Fletcher. I don't think any of the fringe players advanced their case but Forsyth looked steady
  2. I haven't but this explanation of his omission is a pure riddy. It seems the SFA can't get through a a week without making a complete and utter khvnt of themselves
  3. There's no earthly reason to suspect a Rangers win, therefore I suspect a Rangers win!
  4. Stunning goal to win it m8. If I remember rightly the TV camera men were on strike so there's no footage.
  5. I like Ronny. He's seriously uncool and a bit of a geek but I like him!
  6. I'll add one more goal I ever saw at Celtic park was scored by Ralph Milne in a 3-2 defeat against Dundee Utd. I have nothing but respect for your club whether you think that or not
  7. Yip that was the midfield and the passing was pretty slick. Early days but Armstrong looks like a potential captain to me....leads by example.
  8. Am staying off club threads from now on. Some on here can't handle a bit of banter without resorting to insults and there are others who spend their time spoiling for a fight. A good win and performance today and at last no moans about the ref. Am away to drink a pint of Paul Paton's tears in celebration ;-)
  9. Clearly my banter isn't cutting it for some - c'est la vie
  10. I'll be at Hampden next week...come and introduce yourself and you'll see then ;-)
  11. Aye most years...not once in every 3 decades tee hee
  12. Cheers Wanderer. +4 eh? That plus alcohol has the potential to play havoc!
  13. Haha...that's me told.I'll need to remember this next time we pump one of our 'competitors' 4-0 ;-)
  14. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere....but, what time zone will we be in +2, +3???
  15. I actually agree with you on that one, but as I pointed out earlier he hasnt had the monopoly on talking managerial claptrap this past fortnight
  16. It says it all that Arabs just want talk about refereeing decisions. That's 3 goes you've had and barely laid a glove on us! Gauld and Robertson left some time ago....get over it lol
  17. Forgot about Dillons to be fair and I didn't see Stokes lash out...haven't seen TV pics yet
  18. If we beat them again on Saturday I state in advance we don't want to keep them. Even Shifty...they can keep him 'best player in Scotland' or not! We've had their best players and their ire should've directed at their chairman who has already admmited a boo boo! Still only seen 1 genuine redcard in all that and that was Ciftci kick out..the rest were yellows IMO. Oh yeah and Jackie definitely rivals Ronny for talking jive lol
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