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  1. MikeyGC

    Peru - Match Thread

    Ridiculous from Archer, hasn't looked comfortable since the beginning of the game. Shame as we were looking relatively comfortable.
  2. MikeyGC

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sidewards step but hey, could be worse, at least it's not Malky Mackay!
  3. MikeyGC

    Michael O Neill

    BBC's Chris McLaughlin reporting that Michael O'Neill is the man wanted by the Scottish FA. Not surprised at all!
  4. MikeyGC

    New jerseys?

    Wasn't planning on purchasing the new one however if that's it then I'm going to have to! Fantastic design!
  5. MikeyGC

    Match thread

    We need to now calm down and keep the ball. Slovenia looked threatening by the end of the 2nd half due to us being sloppy. Would possibly take Chris Martin off and take on another midfielder on?
  6. MikeyGC

    Match thread

    YAAAASSS!! Now just to wait for the Slovenia goal before half time ??
  7. MikeyGC

    Match thread

    Well, here we go folks, strap yourselves in, it'll be a tense one!!
  8. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    Cmoonn, full time! Over to you Scotland!!
  9. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    4-3!! ???
  10. MikeyGC

    Play off table

  11. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    3-2 BELGIUM!! ?? That *should* be that ?
  12. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    2-2 in Belgium vs Bosnia!!!
  13. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    2-1 Bosnia.
  14. MikeyGC

    Play off table

    1-0 Belgium ???
  15. MikeyGC

    Team for Slovenia

    Gordon Tierney.....Berra.....Mulgrew....Robertson Fletcher......McArthur Forrest.....McGregor......Anya/Phillips Griffiths If still 0-0 at half time, subs need to be used efficiently! No time for pandering about, its do or die now! Be brave, go three at the back if need be and be more attacking! However it's Strachan so everything will be done 10 minutes too late! Would love to see McGinn in there but feel this game is too highly pressured for him - personally feel like it would be throwing him into the deep end to play him from the start! McGregor possibly the same however, he's played in Champions League nights for Celtic so I trust him. Also, one mistake inside our half from a CM like McGinn could be costly.