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  1. Sounds like Fraser might be struggling to keep his place in the squad for play offs
  2. According to FCO website looks like you can now get into Denmark ok but need a valid reason to get to the Faroes
  3. If you click on the link on attached FAQ page and login, should bring up your personal details and let you add passport details and SSC no once you tick that you are a Scotland fan
  4. I emailed the SSC with a ticket query and they confirmed that points system would be used to allocate tickets
  5. Does anyone know how tickets will be allocated if restricted capacity is allowed? As UEFA have already had a general sale will all original tickets be voided and new restricted capacity tickets allocated to SFA/FA to sell via their supporter clubs or will UEFA have a ballot between those that already have tickets for the games
  6. Fraser and Hanley both out of play off with Serbia with hamstring injuries according to the BBC website
  7. Should that death rate not include those dead + recovered so 32,043/424,024 = 7.557% still high but slightly better
  8. According to UEFA website, as things stand just now, would be a draw between Bulgaria and Israel to see who would be playing us and who would go into Group A playoff
  9. On SFA website as Moscow under the fixtures list but no stadium noted yet
  10. Hi Davy, could I book 5 seats from Larnaca and 2 from Paphos please
  11. We’re on that flight back to Edinburgh too, staying in Rimini Sunday night and 06.15 train to Milan via Bologna to catch the flight, booked train tickets from Milan - Rimini and back on Trenitalia website
  12. Hi Davy, just paid for 7 seats under my name via PayPal, thanks again
  13. Checked the Israeli rail website looks like direct train from Haifa to Ben Gurion airport isn’t running on Fridays and Saturdays due to engineering works but can still get train from Haifa to Tel Aviv Savidor Centre on Friday after game then there are free shuttles every hour from there to the airport
  14. bisland boy


    Don’t think the prices are too bad but surprised all 4 games are for sale at once and only for just over a week, not much good if you were looking to spread the cost over a couple of months
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