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  1. Fraser and Hanley both out of play off with Serbia with hamstring injuries according to the BBC website
  2. Should that death rate not include those dead + recovered so 32,043/424,024 = 7.557% still high but slightly better
  3. According to UEFA website, as things stand just now, would be a draw between Bulgaria and Israel to see who would be playing us and who would go into Group A playoff https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuro-2020/news/newsid=2581807.html
  4. On SFA website as Moscow under the fixtures list but no stadium noted yet
  5. Hi Davy, could I book 5 seats from Larnaca and 2 from Paphos please
  6. We’re on that flight back to Edinburgh too, staying in Rimini Sunday night and 06.15 train to Milan via Bologna to catch the flight, booked train tickets from Milan - Rimini and back on Trenitalia website
  7. Hi Davy, just paid for 7 seats under my name via PayPal, thanks again
  8. Checked the Israeli rail website https://www.rail.co.il/en/pages/updates/nahariya_beer_sheva.aspx looks like direct train from Haifa to Ben Gurion airport isn’t running on Fridays and Saturdays due to engineering works but can still get train from Haifa to Tel Aviv Savidor Centre on Friday after game then there are free shuttles every hour from there to the airport
  9. bisland boy


    Don’t think the prices are too bad but surprised all 4 games are for sale at once and only for just over a week, not much good if you were looking to spread the cost over a couple of months
  10. Hi Davy, sorry but could you please take me off the list for your buses, I’m down for 1 seat on bus 10 but now going to Shkodër the day before and staying a couple of nights there, hopefully someone else will take my seat, thanks
  11. I’d be interested in 1 seat on bus, cheers
  12. Looks like SFA could have had more tickets if they wanted according to the Hungarian FA https://en.mlsz.hu/hir/press-release-concerning-ticketless-away-team-supporters
  13. This could be one occasion where it might be an advantage for your passport to say Uk instead of Scotland - if you buy a home end ticket and need ID that doesn’t show you as being from the country of the away team
  14. With the mess they have made with renewal process, new ticketing system and emails/info surely it would be in the SFA & SSC's interest to try and get some goodwill back with the fans by at least trying to secure more tickets for supporters heading out to Budapest. Going by last few attendances at Hungary's friendlies at the Groupama Arena this will be nowhere near a sell out and doesn't make sense to have a couple of thousand people willing to pay to get in but having to try to get home end tickets or wander about Budapest looking for a bar or pub to watch the game in. Still time
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